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I can't believe you

¬†I woke up to my alarm it was so lond then I got out of bed walked to my phone it didn't trun on but it only showed the battery seymbol great my phone is died I plugged it in then went to get my clothes umm were is my pink and black romber. Mother were is my romber!!! I screamed so loud. I don't know maybe your sister has it!!mom screamed back.UGH I hate that she always wears my clothes she has her own.i said then I just grabbed my blue and purple romber at lest this one has my fav colors. I put on my clothes and then went to my vendee and put on my makeup wait were is my lip gloss.that little brat she took it I know she did I just put on my other one and grabbed my phone and went down stairs and saw taylor I sat down by her. Hey Tay Tay. I said. Hey coco. Taylor said back. Ooo..I like your outfit were did You get it sis. I said. I got in this pace called coco's closest. Taylor replied. You little brat I told you to stay out of my closest you have your own clothes and were is my lightly pink lip gloss I know you took it. I said. You know it's funny I'm a 15 year old girl and your 17 and I can fit your clothes also I did not take your lip gloss maybe your brother took it. Taylor said. Why would Finn take it oh wait I know how took it.i replied. Girls just eat your Breakfest. Mom said. Ok mommy. Taylor said. Mom I'm doing this thing were I don't do dairy in the mornings so can I have fruit. I said. *sighs* sure said handing me a fruit bowl. Finn came down stairs he is my twin sadly but I'm the oldest by 34 mins. Hey guys. Finn said. Finn we are not guys. Taylor said. Oh I forgot to tell you guys something I'm going on a Business trip for 1 year and coco is incharge. Mom said. I'm leavening said. Mom we are both guys.taylor said.Why is coco incharge?! Finn said. Cause I'm the oldest and we all know you don't take care on tommy. I said. Your older by 34 mins and it's not my fault your more mutuer. Finn said. Omg I can't believe you said im more mutuer than you and if I leave you with tommy I won't have a good little brother anymore. I said. Rude much. Finn said. Guys you know mom just left right. Taylor said. No wait the babysitter just text me saying she can't babysit today what are we going to do now. I said. Idk.finn said. Well let's just stay home today. I said. Ok.taylor said. Someone knocked on the door I ran and got it. It was my friends. Hi girls what u doing here. I said. Come out here we need to tell you something. Brook said in a sassy way. Ok. I said closing the door and walked more outside. So... I don't know how to say this bu-.becky said. Your not are friend anymore coco we used you to be friends with the cool/bad kids. Brook said. The bully's. I said. Yeah it just your a nerd and your ugly we used you so your not are friend anymore. Brooke said. Then they left I started crying so hard I walked in side sobbing. What the matter sis. Finn said. I just ran to my room crying and slammed the door. Finn walked to my door. What's the matter coco. Finn said. Nothing just leave me alone!! I said crying.coco what is wrong. Finn said. My friends used me to be friends with the bully's that hurt- i mean don't talk to me and they beratdyed me and said I'm a nerd and that I'm ugly ok that what's wrong finnūüė≠!i said. Girls.he mumbled. I herd ¬†tommy crying so i opend the door and ran to his room I picked him up. What wrong buddy.i said wiping my tears. I had bwad Dweam. Tommy said. Aww it's ok tom. I said. I walked out of his room and went down stairs were Finn was and his friends must of skipped to cause they all were playing fortnite and screaming. Can you guys be quiet!! I said. Fine. Finn said. Finn were is Taylor. I said. I don't know. Finn said. Omg. I said putting tommy in his playpen. I ran up stairs I looked in her room didn't see her looked in finn's room then tommy's then mom's and then I just knew she was in mine so I looked and didn't find her but saw a note it read: coco I'm sorry for takeing your stuff I put them back and I ran away don't try to find me from Taylor. I ran down the stairs I walked to the tv unplugged the wire. What is wrong with you said. Look you guys are going to help me. I said. Umm....that Dosen't sound right sis.finn said. His friends laughed then I hit him on the arm. Taylor ran away and you guys are going to help me find her. I said. No way.finn said. Then stay here andwatch tommy. I said. No..I don't like Dinn. tommy said. I'm not watching him. Finn said. Then help me you jerk. I said. Fine.finn said.

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Were are you

 We looked everywhere and could not find her the only place. She could be is at brook's house so we went to brook's house I walked up to her door and knocked. Ughh what do you want brat. Brook said rudely. Is Taylor here. I said then Taylor walked down the stairs. Coco Finn what are you doing here. Taylor said. What are you doing here why did you run away. I  said. Cause of Finn. Taylor said. I turned around and looked at Finn. What did you do Finn that made her want to run away. I said.i....umm.....walked in on her.finn said. I just put my hand on my head. Finn were girls  you Knock we knock when we need to go to your room. I said.i know. Finn said. What did you walk in on. I said. Her singing when she was putting on your makeup. Finn said. I just wanted to scream but I didn't. stop using my makeup but im going to let this on slide let's go Taylor. I said. Fine. Taylor said. We went back home. FINN!! I said. What coco. Finn said playing fortnite. Did you leave tommy here when I said grab him. I said worried. Yeah why. Finn said. FINN HE IS NOT HERE!! I said really worried. WHAT!! MOM IS GOING TO KILL US. Finn said. No she Is going to kill you.i said. Well she left yo- fine said. Whatever finn.i said. Then I ran to every room then I went to my room and saw Tommy playing with my makeup I screamed then I picked up Tommy covered in my makeup and went down stairs to Finn and his friends. What hapned. Finn said. I took a really big brenath. He was playing in my makeup.i said. Finn and his friends started to laugh. You wanna luagh huh well guess what buy me more makeup or i will tell mom you have friends over. I said. No way.  I put down Tommy and took Out my phone. Were is mom's contact.i said. Fine your a brat. Finn said. Thanks I try. I said. Finn rolled his eyes. tay tay. I said. What. Taylor said. Watch Finn and his friends when I go clean Tommy  up.i said. Ok.taylor said. I ran up staris. Damn your sister is hot. harvey said.  Ewww. Finn said. I walked back down stairs and saw that Finns friends are staring at me. What. I said. Nothing. Jacob said. Taylor take him for me. I said giving her Tommy.

She ran up stairs then the door swing open  when I saw who it was i ran and hugged them.  

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