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He was gone 

Who killed him? 

Was it an accident?

I was on a walk and passed the convenience store. Sirens sounding all around me. I stand before a complete stranger 

Who was he? 

Why was there a substance running out of his body?

What was this substance? 

I looked at this man and I felt nothing 


He looked like me

I was confused 


I didn’t know what to do 

I ran

I ran far 

I stopped running at sundown. I walked into a convenience store, In hopes of getting food. 

My pockets 

Ah of course 

My pockets were empty 

Except for something covered in that substance that was running out from that man. I pulled it out. The worker at the store screamed and said he would give me whatever I wanted. Which I thought was strange. I took some food and left the store 

I walked to a little run down shack to stay the night. I opened my bag of chips. The smell must have attracted an animal. I looked down and a medium sized animal with a small black nose and long tail stood before me. I didn’t know what animal it was.

Why couldn’t I figure it out? 

I reached in my pockets and pulled out a granola bar I took from the store. When I reached in my pocket my granola bar rapper was covered in that red substance, But the animal didn’t run away from me. 


Why couldn’t I figure this out? 

The animal seemed friendly so I shared my food with it. I was tired from running so I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with the animal snuggled next to me. 

I decided to go on a walk. The animal followed me. I think I made a new friend. It was nice to have a friend to talk to. 

We walked by the same store, I must have gotten confused. The same man was there working. I walked in to apologize for scaring him. As I walked in he looked at me. 

He didn’t say anything 

Not a hi 


How’s your day 

Or why I had an animal 

He just stood there 


I said hi to the man

He didn’t reply 

I Couldn’t figure out why 

Another worker came in for work. She stood there in shock. They both looked at me like they’ve seen a ghost. The animal started making this loud yelling noise. The animal attacked the worker who came in for work. 

I walked through the store and I found a mirror. There was a tv playing in the back. The tv worker was a women. She was saying that there’s a murderer on the loose, possibly with a pet dog. 

As I looked in the mirror the substance was all over me.  



I was confused again

I turned around and the worker that was attacked was on the ground just sitting there looking at the other worker.  The worker finally asked me why I was covered in blood. I ask the worker what blood was. I told the worker I was covered in substance and I didn’t know were it came from. 

The worker demanded I empty my pockets. 

So I did 

The worker asked me why I had a knife covered in blood in my pocket. At this point I was trying to figure out what this worker was saying to me. 

What’s blood?

What’s a knife? 

The worker asked me some questions about myself. I explained that I remember standing in front of a man who I didn’t know and he had a substance running out of him. The worker stood there awkwardly again and didn’t say anything. So I asked him if I did something wrong. 

The noise of the sirens was back again. Only this time they were louder. I stood there with animal that the tv worker called a dog. 

Theses people in uniforms charged into the store. They yelled things at me like,

Get on the ground! And 

You are under arrest! 


What why? 

The uniformed man was being informed by the worker that he believed there was something wrong with me. Maybe some loose springs in my head. 

The uniformed man told me he was a police officer. He told me he saw my wanted sign on the news. He explained what being arrested was but I was waiting to hear what I had done. 

*bang *bang 

The worker had a secret weapon that they call a gun. The same awkwardness of silence returned. The workers (the man and woman)Began to look at me as if they knew me. The man approached me slowly and put the gun down. At this point I was scared. I’ve never felt this feeling before. 

I’ve felt confusion 

I’ve felt awkwardness 

But not scared 

I haven’t felt what it’s like to be scared 

The man looked at me and he told me this crazy story but I only remembered the most important parts. 

The male worker turned out to be my brother, the female worker was my sister, the dog was my pet and we were put in the system as kids and were separated. Our mother died and our father was still out there. They said that I was put into a mental hospital as a kid because I was doing things and then forgetting I did them. I had some rare diseases called amnesia vision and brain take over. Apparently the version I had of it was that I kill people and have no memory. 

They told me how they reached out to each other as they grew older and they were going to break me out of the hospital, when it was the right time. The most important thing I remembered that they told me was 

The man with the blood running out of him

Was my dad. 


They said I had an episode and attacked him with my knife. 

They saw me kill him in front of the store and they tried to cover up the murder so that I didn’t have to get sent away again. 

I got lucky with my dog

He found me when I needed him the most. He found me when I needed a friend 

My brother 

My sister 

My dog 

They protected me by taking down that police officer. 

The only thing I fear now is

Will I kill the rest of my family? 

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