His Or Her Gate


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His or Her Gate

 He was the gate to darkness. 

She was the gate to happiness.  

I was stuck in the middle of both gates. 

He was everything I wanted and more. 

She was a knew thought to me. 

I had to choose. 

The voices chanted,

Go with the boy!

Go with the girl!

I stood at the gates quietly. 

He said I can make u feel anything, I’ll show u the after life. 

She said I can be your sweet escape from reality and bring out the side of me I choose to keep hidden.

I was left with 10 seconds to pick a gate.


He said come with me I love you. 

She said come with me or don’t, I don’t want to pressure you.


I cry.


The voices are back. 


Go with the boy! 


Go with the girl! 


He said you don’t want the life of regret and anger I know who you really are.


She said your pure and beautiful I can show you love. 


I walk towards a gate. 


He looked good. 

She looked better. 


I wanted to learn more about myself and to try new things.


I walked through her gate. The gate my heart lead me too. The voices left but one stayed. She said I know your new to this and I like that you chose my gate. I hope you don’t have any regrets about not choosing his gate. His gate was a dark hole filed with darkness and power. Her gate was peaceful and light. 

Beyond her gate.... Part2 to be continued!!! 

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