You Were Like A Silver Tide


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Our silver spoons

 I’ve lost the shadow to my eyes The rays that glared you down The light within them slowly slipped away no faster than honey dripping off your silver Spoon 

Like a tear running slowly down my cheek 

Did you forget who I am 

The scars you left on me 

Became a reminder 

That I am who I am

A monster with a heart

A person 

A girl 

A person with human emotions

A person slowly aging that will accept her fate

As well as person recognizing my own spoon 

The spoon carried light 

A light that’s shinning through my eyes 

Once again 

I came back to life 


And I never once thought again 

Of the honey 

The tears 

Or the scars  

You left behind 

With me 

After you slipped away 

Through the shadows of my dry brown eyes

I began to realize 

You were just like a tide 

You once took me in 

But you also took me back out 

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Miss Midnight

Gosh, what a sad tale. It's well written. Almost feels like when you have that first love/crush going on. It's powerful and sometimes painful. Lovely!

Scarlett F

This is good. I can relate to that girl a lot.


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