Blood Isn't a Color


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As a preschool teacher, I have seen a wide variety of drawings. Most children, when asked, describe their work as being their family, an animal, or something from the most popular movie at the time - most recently, Frozen. It wasn't until last week sometime that a child in my class, Marcus, drew a very abstract shape in blue. When asked what color he had drawn with, Marcus said, "Blood." I told Marcus that blood is red and explained that he had drawn with blue. He kept insisting, "Blood." Just a little bit disturbed, I blew it off. He had probably watched a violent movie with his dad over the weekend or something and was just confusing his colors. 

I was in for a rude awakening the very next day when another child, Chelsea, drew a very similar shape to Marcus's, only her's was in green. "Wow, Chelsea," I said. "That is a very nice picture. What color did you use to make it?" Expecting her to say "green," I was caught off guard (to say the least) when she also said, "Blood." After I got my bearings I explained to Chelsea that "blood" isn't a color. Like Marcus, she kept insisting that she had drawn in "blood." This continued with each child in my class throughout the week. Noah drew in yellow, Samuel drew in purple, Jenny drew in black. Each of them stated, "blood" upon being asked what color they drew with. I knew by that point it was a coincidence or wild imagination. 

I was relieved when the weekend came. No more colorful blood puddles to look at for a couple days. Only those couple days didn't change anything. Things were only more creepy when I returned to work. At recess, Marcus scraped his knee on the sidewalk. He bled in blue. Chelsea suffered a paper cut. She bleed in green. Noah had a bloody nose, which of course, displayed yellow liquid. Samuel's purple blood seemed from his lip after he bit it at lunch. I didn't stick around long enough to see Jenny's blood. Hopefully whoever takes my place will be good with the abnormal. 


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