Angels Touch: A Short Story


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An Angel, And A Boy

      A long time ago, there was a lovely angel. The angel watched all the humans, and was in charged of certain ones. One day, she witnessed the birth of a young boy. The angel fell in love with him, so she followed him around every day, and watched him. When he fell down, she helped him up. There was rules to being an angel though. One of the rules is "you can't touch a human, for circumstances." Even though the angel loved this human, the angel could not touch him, because she knew the rules.

     All his life, she watched over this boy. When he was a young child, she would protect him when his mother wasn't in the room. Once, he almost fell backwards in the bathtub. The angel used her water powers to lift him up again. When he was a toddler, he got a hold of a knife. The angel panicked, and used her power of wind to blow it out of his hands. When he was about five years old, he fell on his knees and hurt them. The angel was sorry for the boy, and she used her healing powers on him.

     A couple times, the boy would mention that he had his own guardian angel with him. His friends would say that they had one too. This made the angel happy that the boy knew that she was always with him, no matter what. As the boy grew older, the angel would always stay by his side, and keep him company when he was alone. One time, the boy called out to the angel, "Hello? Guardian angel? I know that you are here. Will you talk to me?" 

     The angel was flabbergasted, What am I going to do? She asked herself. The angel took a piece of paper, and wrote a couple words on it saying, "Hello boy. I am your guardian angel. I have been watching over you ever since you were born. I have protected you your whole life." They talked for hours, nights, and days on end. Whenever the boy had a chance, he would talk to the angel. Tell her about his problems, and his worries. She would always reassure the boy that he was doing great, and that he had nothing to worry about.

     When the boy was a teenager, he was bullied a lot. He would trust the angel to scare off the bullies with her powers. Other angels started questioning her, that what she was doing was wrong, but the angel never got in trouble. She stayed by the boys side for all his life. While he was in college, the angel was always by his side, and when he didn't understand a concept, she would help him understand. They were buddies forever.

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An Angels Touch

     Then, the boy got his first job. The angel still truly loved the boy, with all her heart, too bad the boy was not an angel, and had not the slightest chance of loving her back. In the clouds, while the boy was sleeping, the angel got called up by god. He said to her, "I have been watching you with this one boy. Why have you not watched the others?"

     "Because I love this boy, and I will always love him. I took him over all else because he is the one that is most special to me," she replied.

     "However," God said, "You have other humans you should be taking care of. You may have only one more day with the boy, then you must go back to your work."

     "Very well," the angel said. She was very sad that she would have to say goodbye to the boy, but she had work to do. The next day, she told the boy that she had to leave for a while. The boy understood, and he thanked the angel for all that she had done for him through his lifetime. The angel was crumbling apart at the thought that she would never see the boy again.

     The next day, the angel left the boy, and went off to find her other humans. After years of watching human, after human, after human, after human, she saw that the next human she had to watch was the boy! The angel was ecstatic! I will finally be able to see him again! She said to herself. When she went back to the boy, they talked again, but this time, they talked for 6 hours. That's longer than they have ever talked before. She wanted to hug him so bad, so she did, but the rule was for a reason remember? He fell to the ground, dead, when she touched him.

     Seeing him on the ground, broke her. She fell on her knees, and started sobbing. God called her and told her of her mistakes. She understood greatly, and she mourned his death with all her heart. A couple more days of him being dead, she took care of her other humans, crying almost every day. One night, she saw an unfamiliar angel, so she went to him and introduced herself. Then she saw his face, and there was the angels boy. As an angel. She jumped in his arms, and they lived forever, together, as one.

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