Can't Help Falling In Love.


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Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot. The rest belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling.

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Wise Men Say, Only Fools Rush In.

Scorpius Malfoy was 6 when he first noticed his soulmate mark. The messy handwriting reading Wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you . He always loved the concept of having a soulmate, and was absolutely ecstatic when he saw his mark. It was all he could talk about for days on end, and soon, those few words were embedded in his mind.

Scorpius Malfoy was 8 when he first found his love for music. His mum loved music, and he naturally loved it too. He could listen to anything, from classical to rock, and it would always somehow manage to lift his spirits up. His mum started teaching him piano and he slowly started to learn how to play some of the songs he loved, falling in love with the way the piano sounded and the way he could create music from his fingertips.

Scorpius Malfoy was 10 when he realized what his soulmark actually meant. He had been researching a school project and listening to music, when a song he hadn’t heard before came on. Listening to it closely, he soon realized that a verse was none other than the words printed on his forearm. Naturally, he took it upon himself to learn how to play it on the piano, and he soon managed to play it almost perfectly.

Scorpius Malfoy was 11 when he made his first friend. Her name was Rose Weasley, and she was almost as big of a nerd as she was. She was the only person who decided to reach a hand out to him when no one would talk to him. He knew she had a cousin who went to a separate school, but she rarely mentioned him, focusing more on their shared interests and completing homework. He liked her company, and knew for a fact that she wasn’t his soulmate (her first words to him were; “Hi! You seem like a nice person want to be friends?”). In fact, Scorpius was quite certain that his soulmate was of the same gender, because there was a little blue mark next to his words, and according to a certain red-haired somebody, it was a gendermark.

Scorpius Malfoy was 12 when he first started singing. After a few months of Rose’s pressuring, he tried to sing and he found out that he loved it. Rose and his mother thought that his voice was amazing, but he soon realized that he never wanted to sing in front of crowds. He thought he was too shy for that.

Scorpius Malfoy was 13 when his mother died. They had always known she was frail, but it was still a shock when the inevitable happened. He could see that it broke his father’s heart, it always did, having your soulmate die. They held a small funeral for only them and close friends, and Scorpius felt emptier than he had ever been before, but he knew it was worse for his dad. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing your soulmate after finding them, and decided it was better to never find your soulmate at all then to lose them. He stopped trying to find friends, and focused only on his studies. He stopped listening to the song his soulmark was based off of, and left all that behind him.

Scorpius Malfoy was 16 when he discovered Albus Potter, a rising star among the music world, and basically everything Scorpius would have been if he had had the guts to sing in front of crowds. He had found his new favorite artist though Rose, who hadn’t stopped gushing about him, so much that Scorpius was forced to purchase the single album he had out. From the first note he sang, Scorpius had fallen in love with Albus’ songs.

Scorpius Malfoy was 17 when Rose posted a video of him on the internet. She had caught him harmonizing to one of Albus’ songs, and had quietly taken a video and posted it on her youtube channel. It soon went viral, and Scorpius had gotten a lot of attention, which he thoroughly despised. Rose soon dispelled the attention, to keep Scorpius comfortable, but it didn’t stop her from posting videos of him.


Rose Weasley quietly slipped through the door to Scorpius’ flat, not wanting to bother him. She wanted to talk to him, but she could hear his voice from the outside, and she had decided that this would be a great video opportunity. She took out her phone and started filming.

She waited until Scorpius was done and ended the video. She typed out a quick message to Albus and sent the video to him, like she had been doing since the first one two years ago.

Scorpius turned and saw her standing there. “Rose!” He groaned. “Don’t tell me you filmed that one too!”

She grinned cheekily. “Of course I did. Anyway, I have some great news!”

“Well let’s hope it’s not like the last time,” Scorpius smiled. “When you said those exact words then proceeded to show me that you posted my singing.”

“It’s not.” Rose promised. “But hopefully it will cause you to be more social.”

“Just tell me already!” Scorpius pleaded.

“Fine, fine.” She relented. “So you know how Albus is coming to London for his tour?”

“Yes! Don’t tell me you have tickets!” He exclaimed.

Rose grinned. “You’re exactly right! I have two tickets for the front row!”

“But how?” Scorpius yelped. “Those tickets have been sold out for months now! Much less the first row!”

She smirked. “I have my ways.”

Scorpius hit her on the shoulder. “The first row is the VIP row Rose! How did you get to be a VIP! Albus only gives VIP tickets to friends and family!” He screeched in her ear. “How did you become friends with Albus Potter ?”

“Don’t you have a problem with social events?” Rose teased. “If you don’t want to go I can have someone else take your ticket,”

“Of course I want to go! I can risk meeting my soulmate for one night! It’s Albus Potter !” Scorpius scoffed. “But how?”

Rose just smiled mysteriously. “I have to be going now! I just wanted to let you know. The show is in a week, unless I see you before, then I’ll see you then!”

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Shall I Stay, Would it be a Sin?

Albus Potter was 6 when he saw his soulmark for the first time. The neat, pristine, and formal cursive slowly spelled out; Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can’t help falling in love with you. He had known about soulmarks since he had been born, due to the fact that he had a older brother who would never stop talking about them. He knew that your soulmark first appeared on your sixth birthday, he knew that it showed the first words that your soulmate would ever say to you, and he knew that on your tenth birthday a mark that indicates the gender would appear.

Albus Potter was 8 when he discovered the song that his soulmark was from. His brother had found a album full of old music and had put it on and Albus recognized the words that the artist sang, the same exact words that were printed on his forearm. That one song sparked his endless love for music. From that day onwards, Albus Potter was never seen without earbuds in his ears. That song, Can’t help falling in love , was always at the top of his playlist.

Albus Potter was 10 when he started learning the guitar. After months of begging his parents, they had finally relented and given him lessons as his birthday present. He was what you would call a prodigy in music, and he mastered the guitar in 5 months. Of course, the first song he learned was the very song his soulmark was from. His family couldn’t deny his talent, and they supported him wholeheartedly. He also found out that his soulmate was of the male gender, and since James’ had been also, no one cared so much.

Albus Potter was 11 when he entered middle school. He was going to the same school that his brother went to, a fancy private school that he couldn’t pronounce the name of. He was quite disappointed at the fact that his cousin Rose, and his best friend, was going to a separate school, a separate public school called Hogwarts,  but he knew this could be a chance for him to find new friends, and possibly meet his soulmate.  

Albus Potter was 13 when his family started a band. After a few months of pressuring from James, the Potter family started a band. His younger sister, Lily, had just entered their school, and James had the brilliant idea of starting a band. Albus was to be the lead singer and main guitarist, James was to be the drummer, and Lily wanted to be background singer. He would have liked Rose to be apart of it also, but she had found another best friend, and Albus was very happy for her. Their trio was quite good, but Albus didn’t want to perform for anyone but family until he was ready.

Albus Potter was 14 when he had his first actual performance. There was a talent show at his school, and the first thing the trio had thought when they saw the notice, was; Get the band together. After convincing the headmaster, they got enough time to perform two songs. Naming their band Albus and the Potters, much to Albus’ dismay, they performed for people outside of their family for the first time.

Albus Potter was 15 when he found out that their performance on that summer's day when he was 14 had been posted on youtube, and had gone viral. He mainly blamed James, who had gotten the video from one of his friends, and then posted it all over the internet. Everyone had loved Albus’ singing, and soon, he felt inspired enough to try writing his own songs. They played at the talent show again, for it had become an annual event, and this time, they performed some of the songs Albus’ had written.

Albus Potter was 16 when he got his first recording deal. The deal had been for him, but he wouldn’t accept it unless they included James and Lily in it as well. They relented, and Albus and the Potters recorded their first album for the very first time. The album sold out in under a week, and the family knew that they were destined to be stars. James, however, decided that he wanted to focus on his studies before getting a career in music, left their band, but not after making Albus to continue singing. Soon after James left, he recorded another album, featuring some songs with Lily, but he had mainly sang alone.

Albus Potter was 17 when he discovered that Rose’s friend, Scorpius Malfoy loved his music and had sang covers of the songs he had written. Rose had sent him videos of his singing, and Albus fell in love with his voice. It sometimes seemed like Scorpius sang better than he did. Laughing at Albus’ reaction, Rose promised to send Albus all the videos she took first before posting them to her youtube channel.

Albus Potter was 18 when he went on tour for the first time. He had done three albums, and he was on the verge of releasing his fourth when he got an offer from his producer. Since Lily had been featured in most of the songs, he took her on the tour too. Together with his producer, they mapped out where he was going, and Albus realized that their last stop was his hometown, London. Instantly sending tickets to Rose, and telling her to invite Scorpius too, Albus couldn’t wait until he went back home.


“Albus hurry up! We’re heading to the next flight to London in under five minutes!” His sister called, standing in the doorway of  his hotel room.

“Lily I know! I’m ready!” He replied. Albus was exhausted after last night’s performance, and he was hoping to get some real sleep on the plane home.


“I can’t wait!” Lily exclaimed, while on the plane. “James said that for this last performance he can go on the drums again! Imagine, the old band back together again! Mom and dad and him are meeting us at the airport!”

“Yes Lily I know, you’ve repeated this 5 times.” Albus sighed. “Now please, can I go to sleep?”

Lily huffed and shut up. “Fine, but if crazy fans mob you again I’m not helping.”

“You seem like a crazy fan, with all the talking you’ve been doing.” Albus mumbled.


Albus walked out of the plane, rested and ecstatic. He hadn’t seen anyone in his family except for Lily in over a year.

“Look! They’re over there!” Lily called. She started running through crowds of fans to get to them, and Albus started running to catch up.

The two children ran into their parents’ arms, and enveloped them in hugs. When Harry and Ginny finally let go, James hugged them both, and Albus and Lily couldn’t have been happier.

“You’re actually performing with us? It isn’t a joke?” Albus asked.

“Of course. I’m done with school, so why wouldn’t I?” James joked.

The family darted out of the way to avoid the press, and then continued their conversation.

“So, Albus,” Ginny started. “Are you excited for the show in a week?”

“Am I ever! Rose is coming and I can’t wait.” Albus exclaimed.

“Is Rose’s friend going?” Ginny asked. “All of us have heard her endless theories about him being your soulmate.”

Albus blushed. “Hopefully.”

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For I Can't Help Falling in Love With You.

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