A Fiery Family


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Chapter 1

 (This story is based off of the franchise, Pokémon) 

Once upon a time, in the Johto Region along Route 32, a mother Charizard named Charla, with her 3 Charmander, Cody, Casey, and Cally, were having lunch under a tree. They weren't too far from their home which was deep inside Union Cave, where they could be safe and happy. Charla had bring her young delicious berries to eat! Oran berries, Lum berries, Razz berries, Bluk berries, and Pinap berries! As they enjoyed their lunch, farther out along route 36, a mother Typhlosion was carrying berries back to her nest for her egg, she was a few miles from her nest. Suddenly she smelled a scent she didn't recognized. It was a big truck a few miles out, Team Rocket's truck. She quickly stuffed her berries in her mouth and started running towards her nest as fast as she could. At Team Rocket's truck, they had a special machine that could track Pokémon up to 10 miles away, Typhlosion was about 2-3 miles from the truck. Team Rocket put the truck in hyper mode, so it could move really fast. They also ready their special net made out of Caterpie string shot, so whatever they could catch would stick to the net. Along with prepping the missiles filled with Butterfree sleep powder. Finally they got close enough to Typhlosion, she saw that they were near her and ran as fast as she could, her nest was about half a mile from where she was now that she was running. Once Team Rocket saw that Typhlosion was locked on target, they launched the missile. It hits Typhlosion, the missile is made out of a very light materiel so it can explode easily, and doesn't hurt Typhlosion. Her berries went everywhere, she tried to get up but within 5 seconds the sleep powder already was taking effect. Soon after Team Rocket launched the net, they got Typhlosion completely trapped. Even though she is getting more drowsy by the second, she still fights to get to her egg. Team Rocket reels her in and places her in a fire resistant cage in the back of their truck, and drove off. Leaving Typhlosion's egg all alone in its nest without a mother to see when it hatches.


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Chapter 2

 After their lunch the youngsters went to play in route 36, Charla watched them play while she rested under a tree. It was a wide open space, no trees, just small and big bushes. Like his father, Casey is a shiny Charmander, so his coat is a lighter color. Cody, has a regular Charmander coat, except he has a little extra patch of fur on his head. Cally, who is a few inches shorter than Casey and Cody, also has a regular coat, she has a pink bow around her neck that she got from her mother. Her mother got it from her Husband's trainer who visits them from time to time bringing them gifts. Casey started to walk more quickly.

"Slow down Casey!" Yelled Cally,
"Let him go Cally, you know he's never gonna slow down." Said Cody,
"Yeh I know." Replied Cally. Then Casey smelled something he never smelled before.
"I got something!" Cried Casey who started to run towards the scent.
"Wait for us!" Said Cody and Cally as they ran after Casey. They ran and ran until they found a medium sized bush, with a hole in the ground under the bush that was twice their size.
"It's coming from down there!" Said Casey.
"That's a nest Casey," said Cody, "You don't know what's in there and what could attack you at any moment!" Said Cody nervously.
"Well I'm going anyway! Besides I don't smell any other Pokémon that's down there, maybe there's food!" Replied Casey while licking his lips.
"We just had lunch!" Cried Cally, "You never get full!" 
"Who cares? If there's more than we can eat then we can bring the leftovers back and show Mom!" Said Casey.
"First of all, that's called stealing, second of all, if whoever lives in that nest finds their food gone your gonna end up in a river somewhere dead." Explained Cody.
"Plus Mom and Dad always taught as to never EVER steal!" Said Cally strongly.
"Both of you are such goody-too-shoes! You got to learn to take risks in life if you're ever gonna make it in this world. I'm going." Said Casey, he slid down the hole as Cody and Cally watched him.
"Should we go back and tell mom?" Questioned Cally.
"No, she'd probably want us to go with him so he doesn't get himself hurt, or worse killed." Replied Cody. They both slid down the hole and into the nest. The nest was big and dark, and lots of leaves on the ground. 
"Hey guys!" Called Casey, "Look what I found! I think it's an egg!" Cody and Cally followed Casey's voice to where the egg was.
"Wow I've never seen an egg before!" Cried Cally.
"Yes it's an egg alright, this egg has a turquoise color and red spots all over, and the bottom is tan-ish looking. We have a lot of Pokémon friends and I've studied eggs before but I've never seen one like this." Explained Cody.
"I wonder where it's Mother is?" Questioned Cally, "I know a Mother would leave and find food for her egg but if she came back and found us here we're dead meat! Guys seriously I think we should get out of here!" Suddenly the egg began to glow, it got brighter and brighter! 
"What's going on??" Questioned Casey.
"It's going to hatch!" Said Cody. Then the egg slowly formed into a body like figure, then the glow went away and a new Pokémon was born! TO BE CONTINUED..... 
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Chapter 3

 Casey held the newborn Pokémon in his paws.

"What the heck is this thing?"
"It's a baby you idiot!" Cried Cody and took the newborn into his arms.
"Aww! He's so cute!" Said Cally.
"It's not normal that the baby has hatched and the mother isn't around, plus I can't pick up a scent of any Pokémon around besides Mom's. What about you guys?" Everyone else sniffed the air.
"I got nothing." Said Casey.
"Me neither," Replied Cally, "What should we do? A scary Pokémon could come and snatch it away without its mother around." The 3 of them thought for a moment.
"I think we're going to have to take him home with us, it's not safe here without his mother. Plus he's even more vulnerable because he's just a baby, you know babies have that baby smell that everyone can smell?" Explained Cody.
"Yeh that makes sense," Said Casey," I don't see why Mom would have a problem with it, but what about Dad? You know him and his trainer are guarding The Johto Region Secret Police Base, you know to keep Team Rocket out? Plus I think their trying to track down Team Rocket too, at least I think that's what Dad said the last time we saw him." Explained Casey. 
"I forgot about that..." said Cally sadly. 
"Yeh, you know how Dad gets when he's under pressure, the last couple of times he was here he was happy to see us, but he always seemed worried and stressed all the time. This is the last thing that he needs right now." Replied Cody.
"I'm sure Dad will understand if we explain everything to him." Said Cally smiling.
They all gave it a quick thought.
"Ok let's do it!" Said Casey, they all agreed to take the baby with them. The baby looked very confused, probably because he I was wondering which one was his mother. Then he started to sniff and whine a bit.
"UH OH!" Cried Everyone. The baby let out the loudest scream they had ever heard in their lives, tears running from the baby's eyes and nose, they quickly started speed walking while trying to calm down the baby. 
"What's wrong with him?" Asked Casey.
"Obviously he's wondering where his mother is, and he's probably confused because the first thing that he ever saw was 3 things at one time. Cody started to pat the baby while Casey and Cally tried making funny faces to make him laugh, he was still crying but the screaming had gone down a bit.
"Just keep doing what your doing, he's ought to calm down soon, we're almost there anyways." Said Cody. The youngsters finally got back to their mother. 
"MOM!" They all called,  Charla rushed over and took the baby from Cody's arms.
"Oh it's a baby Cyndaquil! Where's his mother?" Charla asked.
"A Cynda-what?" Casey asked.
"A Cyndaquil, I grew up with a few Cyndaquils when I was your age. This one looked like it just hatched, he still has that baby smell." Explained Charla.
"Yeh, we were exploring, then Casey found this nest but we didn't smell any other Pokémon around. So we found this egg and right before we we're about to leave, it hatched right in front of us. Then it started crying and we knew we couldn't just leave it with no one watching it." Said Cody. 
"Please don't get angry Mommy." Begged Cally with tears in her eyes.
"You all did the right thing, no ones in trouble I promise. He needs milk from his mother, but since you said his mother is gone he's going to need something and soon." Replied Charla.
"So what do we do? He's hungry." Said Cody.
"I'll mash up some Oran berries until it becomes a liquid so he can drink it. His teeth hasn't grown in yet so he will have to live off liquids for a while." Explained Charla. She took the baby with her to get some Oran berries from her picnic basket. 
"I'll make a bed for him so you can make the berries mom!" Said Cally.
"Ok Cally you do that." Replied Charla. Cally made a bed out of leaves and grass so it would be extra soft. Charla put the baby in the bed while the youngsters tried to distract the baby while Charla made the berries into liquids. Finally once she was done making the liquid Oran berries she put it in one of her small wooden bowls she brought it over to the baby.
"Ok I need to hold him in one arm and hold the Oran juice in the other." Said Charla. 
"I'll help you hold him Mommy while you pour it in his mouth." Said Cally.
"I'll help hold the bowl," replied Cody, 
"And I'll hold onto the extra Oran juice in case he wants more." Said Casey.
"Great! Ready guys?" Asked Charla. The youngsters nodded, Charla slowly and carefully poured the Oran juice into the baby's mouth, he immediately started slurping from the bowl. 
"Wow he must be really hungry." Said Cally. 
"I hope that the Oran juice has enough nutrients in it, a mothers milk has lots of nutrients for the baby to grow and develop, so let's hope he'll be ok." Said Charla with a sad face.
"What's his name?" Asked Casey.
"Yeh what are we gonna name him? His mother isn't here anyway, and we can always look for his mother tomorrow." Replied Cody.
"I don't want to call him 'baby' the entire time he's with us. Please
Mommy?" Asked Cally desperately.
Charla thought for a second, and thought a little more.
"How about.....Charlie?" Questioned Charla. The youngsters looked at each other then back at Charla and nodded. 
"We love Charlie! It's like having a baby brother!" The youngsters replied.
"Alright then, we will all look for Charlie's mother tomorrow first thing in the morning. A least his mother will know that her baby is in good hands once we find her." They all nod in agreement as 
 they all looked at Charlie after he finished the Oran juice, and smiled as he was fast asleep.

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