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Chapter one: Apocalypse

Once upon a time, earth was a peaceful place, people would enjoy life without fearing death. People were happy, children would play, life was great. That was until the alien invasion 11 years ago, now all that’s left is fragments of those good times. I can wish as much as I want but it won’t help, nothing will change, not until every single alien is dead. They will pay for what they did to my mother. As I picture the image in my mind someone calls out from the truck, “Looks like we’re here, don’t let your guard down.” My father speaks with a gruff voice with a lot of pain in it, pain he didn’t have before the invasion. I look out the window at the deserted wastelands with strange alien life. I don’t think invasion is the right word, apocalypse is more like it. Five people including me get out of the army-like truck, some of us with alien weaponary that we stole. My father squeezes my shoulder, “You got this Tristan, make sure you stay safe.” My father always wants me safe, I’m his only child, next in line to lead the rebellion. He’s proud of me, he trust me and I want to keep his trust. I look next to me at a girl that was my neighbor, she’s 3 years younger than me but she’s tough. Her name is Emery, she’s had a crush on me for a while even though she’s 18 and I’m 21. I don’t like her, I have more important things to focus on than love and romance. The apocalypse isn’t a time for romance, you gotta fight to survive. While the others make sure the area is safe I look around, I find an abandoned underground parking lot with some cars. There are alien crystals protruding out of the ground and roof making it like a cave. I take a closer look at the rocks, they glow and look like they have barnacles on them. I gently touch it and those barnacle looking things stray a strange smoke. I back up coughing and fanning it away from my face then I notice that everything looks like it’s spinning. "Damn it", I fall on the ground breathing heavily then I notice someone next to me staring at me. She looks like an angel with pure long black hair, two bright different colored eyes and milky white skin. She cups my face with her soft hand and smile,"I’m Gemma." I hardly hear what she says but I heard Gemma so I guess that’s her name. I finally pass out and find myself on what seems to be water with a sky full of stars. I see the same girl from before, her dark hair now partly glowing dark purple swaying with the wind. Her back is turned to me and she wears a long flowy dress covered in stars that seem to move. I try and reach out to her but I can’t, "Gemma…". She turns around but then fades into stars as I stare then I start sinking into the water. I’m drowning, save me…Gemma. I wake up back in my room with an ice pack on forehead and beams of sweat all over my body. I get up slowly and my body feels like I was stabbed. I see the nurse in the corner leaning on a table watching me, "You okay?" She asks I look at her and try to speak but my voice is so hoarse, "I’ve have better days." She smiles, "Haven’t we all. You should rest more, you father said so." I nod and close my eyes still thinking about that girl, was I just hallucinating or was she really there? She was beautiful, I feel a strange connection to her but I don’t know who she is. I go back to sleep and her name and voice echo in my mind making me question more. I need to find her, I need her.
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