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 Highly regretful, if I hadn’t have done what I had done then I wouldn’t have been sitting in my room sobbing for hours on end. Going to University was a big mistake.

For years, university was what I had wanted, but that changed the moment I stepped into West Yorkshire ( my uni city). I thought that it would be a splendid and exciting journey where I had the freedom to do whatever I had wanted. Boy was I so wrong!

 My name was Millie Stewart and I’m going to fill you in on what happened and how I involved my life full of drugs, alcohol, thugs,gangs and betrayal.

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Chapter 1

 My face had swelled up and was red and my eyes were burning from all the arguing. My parents argued because they didn’t want me to go West Yorkshire for my university. They said that it was a dangerous place where you were twice as likely of being a victim of a stabbing.

I could not take it anymore I was going and that was final. This was my freedom. Doing anything I want. Being an adult for once and making my own decisions. After all I was 18 and a legal adult, did I not have that right?

After hours and hours of arguing on end, they finally managed to agree. Not to pree but we lived in Devon a wealthy place. My parents only lived there for me as it was a safe place. I was the only sibling and safety was their top priority!

That night neither of them came into my room. Heartbroken, at first I thought they were mad at me but when I checked  in their room, they were fast asleep. Relieved, I too decided to go to sleep as it was pretty late. After all tomorrow was a big day ahead of me. Tired and weak, I snuggled in bed and my eyes closed as I drifted into a deep sleep.

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