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How to build a messenger app


With having a huge base of dedicated users globally that reaches the dazzling number of 2 billion active users for WhatsApp only in 2020, the presence on the chat app market seems appealing. Without a doubt, knowing how to build messenger properly and provide users with secure and reliable messaging service, you are highly likely to enjoy the wide-reaching popularity of chatting app makers. 


The increased availability of broadband services and the need to have secure communication drive the growth of messaging app market. For instance, WeChat app value (the Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp) reached $500 billion as of mid-May 2020.  

Additional benefits like group chat, voice calls or video conferencing make messenger apps well-suited for both personal and business needs, and the rising popularity of apps like Slack, Hangouts, Flock, Stride alongside with familiar WhatsApp, FB Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, etc. confirms versatility of messaging apps.

Read on to know how to build a chat app that users will love.

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How to create a food delivery app

Before you start to create your own food delivery app, it is a wise move to explore the market that is now actively searching the adequate response to bans on dining in restaurants, and define what niche of food delivery service suits your business goals.

Below, you find stats and factors that are worth considering.  


Food delivery used to be a traditional extension of restaurant business to remove location constraints on reaching new customers. But now food delivery segments expanded and include the delivery of meals provided by restaurants either via special platforms or a restaurant website. Another considerable segment includes on-demand food delivery apps that operate as courier service.  

According to McKinsey, the food-delivery market is growing faster compared to other sectors of delivery service industry. The popularity of the trend for food delivery app development is determined by:

High demand on delivery service corresponding to the idea of maximum customer convenience

Search for ways of maintaining the restaurant business under the conditions of social distancing and global lockdown.  

Recent market overview demonstrates staggering numbers: according to Statista, the revenue in the online food delivery segment reaches more than $136 million in 2020 and is forecast to grow by 7.5% leading to increase of a market volume of over $182 million by 2024.

Read on to know everything about food delivery app development

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How to create a dating app

So, you want to create a dating app?

Of all similar platforms out there, Tinder is probably the most successful dating app, and has compelled many entrepreneurs and software houses to make a dating app that would be similar and yet unique.  

The reason behind such a great interest is the size of the target audience: 57 million users spend over 1.5 hours on the app on a daily basis. Definitely generating user engagement, it offers potential revenue streams if effective and successful matches are created.

Indeed, dating apps are socially acceptable and in demand these days. The market reacts by being flooded with a variety of dating apps. 

Fact # 1

In 2019, approximately 30.4 million U.S. users accessed online dating services, including 25.1 million smartphone dating app users. The rise of single people is a worldwide trend. With the number of singles reaching in US 117.9 million as of 2019, we can certainly expect the popularity of bespoke and custom dating apps to increase further.

Fact # 2

84% of people who use dating apps do so to get involved in a stable romantic relationship. 43% do so for making friendly initiatives with like-minded and interesting individuals. 24% use dating apps for sexual needs.

Fact #3

Dating sites are used more by men than women.

When designing the app, take care to introduce elements that attract all those beautiful and charming ladies out there. Come up with an intuitive interface, offer attractive features and launch a well-crafted, targeted marketing campaign.

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