December Magic


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Chapter 1 My Backround 

Hi My name is  Diana Mendoza. I am 17 years old and I live in Forte Wayne, Indiana. I go to Forte Wayne High School. I live with my mother Kira Mendoza.

My father died a tragic death. He was murdered in his car late on September 12, 2004. On my birthday. He just got off work late and had my birthday present with him. He was sitting in the parking lot calling my mom. I must have been like 4 years old at the time. Anyways My dad called my mom saying that he might be getting home later than he thought. Mom said it was okay and that she was done making the cake. Then my mom screamed in horror. I could hear gun shots on the phone my mom was using. Then the line went blank. She scooped me up in her arms and started to cry. I remember asking her

“Mommy why are you crying?”

“ You'r father is not coming Diana" Mom cried

“ Sure he will” I said and remembering getting off her lap and sitting by the door. Til that night I waited for minutes,hours,days,years. Til one day I decided that He really wasn't coming back.


“ Diana?” some one called

“ Oh sorry Hannah” I said. I always seem to black out when she is talking. “ Are you going to play?” Hannah asked.

“ Oh yeah we are playing Secret Santa right?” I asked

“ Yes remember!” Hannah yelled as she shook me

“ Okay are we adding boys?" I asked nervously

“ Oh yes we are”

“ No I am not playing then” I said

“ Oh get over it Diana” Hannah laughed. I hate it when she does that. We walked outside to our usual lunch spot.

“ Diana I think somebody likes you” Hannah said. I looked over to where she was looking. Ugh. It was Seth Anderson. He it so cute but he hates me and I hate him.

“ Hannah? No not in a million years” I said

“ He's coming over” Hannah said

“ Oh fix my hair,do I look okay? do I”

“ Diana, you look fine now shut up” Hannah said and spun me around. “ Hey?” Seth said

“ Hey” I said nervously. To be honest I don't know why I was being shy. He is my enemy!

“ So I was wondering if you, I mean you both would like to come to my Christmas party tonight?” Seth asked. He knew he hated me. He knew that I hated him. Was he trying to get on my good side or what?!

“ Sure we would love to come” Hannah said. I turned around to look her dead in the eyes. “ What are you doing?!” I whispered.

“ I am trying to get us into a party” Hannah said. Hannah is the type of person who loved parties and everyone wants to invite her. But I am the problem. Most of her friends don't like me but we get along fine.

“ SO is that a yes from you Diana?” Seth asked

“ Yeah sure I'll come” I lied. I had a plan I was not going to go to that stupid party and skipped out to watch a movie by myself.

“ Here are the invitations” Seth said and handed them to me

“ Thanks” I said. I looked up at him. He wouldn't let go of the invitations. His eyes were so smooth and soft.

“ Oh um here” Seth said and handed them to me then left

“ Oh honey?! what was that??” Hannah asked

“ Nothing I don't know what you are talking about” I lied

“Diana?" Hannah asked

“ Yeah” I said and turned around to face her

“ You like Seth Anderson” Hannah said

“ No I don't” I said. To be honest I don't know because he's cute but annoying and mean to me. Maybe he changed. And maybe we have a chance.

“ I saw the way he looked at you Diana” Hannah said

“ Yeah okay maybe but no, like I said never in a million years” 

“ Okay?” Hannah said and turned around to face Seth

“ See Diana! He's looking over here at you” Hannah yelled. I turned around for like the 6th time and saw Seth still looking.

“ Ugh!” I yelled and got up and walked away

“ Hey Diana!” Hannah yelled after me

“ I hate it when your always right!” I yelled

“ Well it's a gift” Hannah said

“ Shut up” I laughed. School ended pretty fast. I walked to my car. Hannah was waiting there in her spot where she usually parks.

“ Okay we are all coming over to your house so we can pick our Secret Santa!” Hannah yelled

“ Awesome" I said sarcastically

“ Cheer up” Hannah said and hopped into her car. I got into mine. I drove home and I saw like 9 cars in front of my house. I guess I got home last. I opened the front door and walked in.

“ Hey Diana” Kelsey said. Kelsey was one of my other friends

“Hi” I whispered

“Come over” Hannah yelled. I walked into the circle that my friends made.

“ Where are they??” Kelly asked. Kelly is Hannah's cousin

“ I don't know, Diana do you know where they are?” Hannah asked

“ Where who is?” I asked 

“ They boys?" Kelsey said

“ Oh, no” I said. As I said that the door opened. Seth, Jake,Austin, Oscar, and Edward. 

“ Really?!” I looked over at Hannah. She smiled her annoying smile.  "Hey are we late ladies?" Jake asked

“ Nope just on time” Kelly said

“ Good can we join the circle?” Seth asked

“ Yeah sure” Hannah said. Wow sense when did Hannah become in charge of my house?? Jake sat next to Kelly. Edward sat next to Kelsey. Austin sat next to Hannah.Oscar sat next to Madison. And last but not least Seth sat next to the other side of Kelsey. Just across from me.

“ Okay lets begin” Hannah said and passed the bowl towards Seth on her right side. The bowl came to me. I picked one very wisely. We finished.

“ Okay see you all tomorrow!” I yelled as everyone left. I was scared to know who my Secret Santa was. I opened the little piece of paper. The name was…. Seth?! Are you kidding me! I hate my life!!!!!! 

I woke up in my bed with my room as a mess. I heard footsteps.

“ Hey honey you up yet?” Mom asked

“ Oh yeah come in” I said

“ Oh dear what did you do to your room” Mom asked

“ I destroyed it” I smiled in pride

“ Okay well I got you an early Christmas present” Mom said and handed me a small box. I opened it. It was a necklace with my name on it.

“ Oh Mom I love it!” I hugged her tightly

“I'm glad you do” Mom said

“ I wish Dad was here to see me where it” I said

“ Yes your father would have loved to see it on you” Mom said. She hugged me again and then left.

“ Get ready for school okay?” Mom said

“ Okay” I said as she shut the door. I got ready and left the house. I got into the car. I saw a box in the passenger seat. Oh great my Secret Santa probably put it there. I opened the box. It was a snow globe. It was the scene from last night. Me and all my friends where in the circle. I wonder who it was from?

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Kalayla Seehafer

I really like this!! I am very interested in what is going to happen!! I only thin I would suggest is the formatting is off a bit which makes the story harder to follow. Also, it seemed a little rushed and fast-paced. Other than that I love it so far!!

If you could please read some of my books and offer some feedback that'd be so, so appreciated, I'm debating on if I should keep writing them or not and could really use the feedback!! Thank you!!


Do you know who Diana's Secret Santa is??

 Chapter 2 My Secret Santa

I have been asking everyone! and now its lunch. I saw Seth walking down the hallway. I tried to walk faster so maybe he wouldn't recognize me.

“ Hey Diana can I talk to you?" Seth asked. Dang it.

“ Yeah sure, what's up?” I asked

“ Can I know more about you?” Seth asked

“ Huh?” I asked

“ I want to be friends and I want to start out right and know more about you” Seth said. Okay this was really weird.

“ Sure what do you want to know?” I asked. We walked across the campus.

“ You like photography?! Me two” Seth asked

“ Yeah I have always wanted a Canon Eos Rebel T7i DSLR” I said

“ Really would you want that for Christmas?” Seth asked

“ Yeah, I was really hoping that my dad could get it for me” 

“ Well maybe your dad needs to work for more money” Seth said

“ Yeah I wish, if he was still here” I whispered. I looked up at  Seth. His smooth and careful eyed were watching me slowly.

“ Oh I'm sorry Diana” Seth said

“ Oh no it's fine he died when I was like four” I said

“ Oh.. well if it helps you feel better I lost my mother in a car accident. I was six and I was cute." I laughed." Well anyways I was in the backseat. I was getting hungry and my mom had the snacks in the front. I asked her for some and she got it. She wasn't paying attention to the wheel and a big truck hit us. I was hospitalized for three weeks." 

Wow I felt bad. He had it worse than I did.

“ I am sorry” I said

“ Your good” Seth said

“ That is a beautiful necklace you have” Seth said

“ Oh thanks?” I looked down at my neck and saw the necklace that my mom gave me.

“ Well it was nice talking to you best friend" Seth laughed and punched my arm lightly.

“ Yeah it was nice talking to you” I laughed again

“ You have a cute laugh” Seth said

“ Really?” I asked

“ Yeah” Seth said. I looked at him slowly. His adorable slim smile and his cute dimples. He was smiling so adorably I couldn't resist. I was leaning in. I was about to kiss him. He leaned in to. Our lips almost touched when someone interrupted it.

“ Hey ya'll ” Hannah said

“ Hey why are you here?” I asked

“ Well it's school and I go to this school” Hannah said

“ Oh right, well I will catch up to you later” I said to Seth

“ Yeah sounds good” Seth said. Me and Hannah walked back to our 7th period.

“ Hannah I was busy” I said

“ Oh yeah like what?” Hannah asked. I wasn't really going to tell her that me and Seth Anderson were about to kiss.

“ We were talking about chemistry” I lied

“ You hate chemistry?” Hannah said

“ No not anymore I am starting to appreciate it more” I lied again

“ Okay, well I am getting checked out early” Hannah said

“ Why?” I asked

“ Remember my Pageant?" Hannah asked

“ Oh yeah right” I said. Hannah was those types of girls who are very beautiful. She has silky black hair and beautiful light green eyes. Her skin is soft and the color of caramel.

“ Good luck” I said as she left. I was all by myself for 7th period. No Hannah, and no Seth. School was slow today. I got into my car. I saw another gift. It was wrapped in silver wrapping. I was opened it. It was a hand made bracelet. It said “Your beautiful”. I put on the bracelet, and then the weirdest thing ever happened. I had a huge smile on my face. I turned to look out my window. I saw Seth smiling and then walk off. How long had he been there? And why was he there?

I got home I little late that night. I had to work.

“ Hey honey dinner's on the table” Mom said as she was watching the Bachelor.

“ Mom what have I said about watching that?!” I asked

“ What it is interesting” Mom said

“ Whatever mom” I laughed. The phone rang.

“ Can you answer that?” Mom said

“ Yeah” I ran over to get it. “ Hello, is this Diana?” someone asked. 

“ Yes this is her speaking” I answered

“ Hi it's Seth” Seth said

“ Oh hey?” I laughed. My mom looked at me with a weird look.

“ Hey yeah um I was wondering before the Christmas party… I was wondering if you would like to go on a walk with me?” Seth asked. Oh why is he asking me this?! I did not see this coming.

“ Oh yeah so… like a date?” I asked

“ …. Yeah, only if you want it to be like that” Seth said

“ Oh yeah it's fine” I laughed again

“ Yeah so in two days” Seth said

“ Okay sounds great” I said and hung up. I was smiling a big smile.

“ Okay who is he?” Mom asked

“ Who nobody mom” I lied

“ Honey I know that look from anywhere” Mom said

“ Okay fine” I said and skipped to the couch

“ Okay his name is Seth” I said

“ Okay” Mom said

“ And he asked me to go to his Christmas Party in a month” I said

“ Aw keep going” Mom said

“ Okay and he asked me on a date in two days!” I screamed

“ Oh honey that is wonderful! do I need to buy a dress for you?" Mom asked. “ No mom you don't have to” But I knew my mother and she wasn't going to listen to me.

“ Well yeah that's it” I said

“ Wow true love” Mom said

“ Hold on mom it's not true love, it's like best friends” I said

“ Okay, I am going to keep watching this and you can go eat if you want" Mom said. She turned it up loud and I got up and left. I looked at what was on the table. Pizza again mom? I didn't bother making anything so I just went up to my room.

I woke up. I heard the door bell ring. I was so not getting that. I could hear the door open. My mom screeched loudly then slammed the door. I could hear foot steps. Mom opened the door and peeked her head in.

“ Hey honey someone dropped this off for you!" Mom nearly blew my ear drums out of my head.

“ Nice who dropped it off?” I asked

“ Your Secret Santa” Mom said

“ Who? What did the person look like?” I asked

“ Oh well the person looked like… not telling you” Mom said

“ Ugh Mom please?” I begged

“ No, Diana that is the point of the game” Mom said

“ Fine get out so I can get ready” I groaned

“ Okay” Mom said and left. Who knows where I live and who my mom got excited about coming here.

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Kalayla Seehafer

Super good!! I love all the suspense so much!! Again, I feel it is very fast-paced and just needs to slow down a little. I feel like Seth and Diana and moving way too fast, but then again, I don't know their whole backstory. Other than that I really like it!!

Chapter 3 Seth was the one who pushed me?

I got to school late and I was so tired.

“ Hey Diana you okay?” Hannah asked

“ Yeah, I'm fine” I lied

“ My secret Santa is so nice! They got me a cute key chain!” Hannah screamed. I had enough of people screaming for one day. I spotted Seth on my way to calculus.

“ Hey Diana” Seth said cheerful

“ Hey” I groaned

“ I like your bracelet” Seth said looking at my wrist

“ Oh yeah my Secret Santa got it for me” I said

“ Yeah I think it looks pretty on you”  Seth blushed looking down

“ Thanks” I said blushing too

“ So are we still going out tomorrow?” Seth asked

“ Yeah, My mom wants me to wear a cute dress but I don't know” I said. I wasn't going to dress up anyway.

“ Well I think you look good no matter what” Seth said and rubbed my shoulder and left.

“ Hey Diana?” Hannah yelled

“ Yeah?” I asked

“ I heard you are going on a date with Seth Anderson?” Hannah asked. Ugh when is she not in my business?

“ No I don't know what you are talking about?” I lied

“ Oh don't you dare play dumb with me, tell me all the details" Hannah said. She always thinks I am interested in guys.

“Fine he asked me then I said yes” I said

“ Yeah go on” Hannah said

“ There isn't anymore” I said

“ That was the worst story I have ever heard” Hannah said

“ Oh well I guess I am not into love” I laughed

“ I know you like him Diana” Hannah said. I had no idea what she was talking about. 

“ What tells you that?” I asked

“ Well you seem happy all of a sudden. You always blush in the hallway when we pass him. You always glance at him when you get the chance. It's like you can't live without him and that you are his magnet.” Hannah said

“ I think you are overreacting ” I said

“ No the way he looks at you is the way I wish he would look at me” Hannah said. Oh my god? was she jealous of me?

“ Wait the way you want him to look at you?” I asked

“ Yes I like Seth. That is why I really wanted to go to his party and i am going to regret saying this but.. I am really jealous” Hannah said

“ Hannah you are the most prettiest girl most amazing friends anyone could have asked for. I am jealous of you Hannah. You always get the guys and I never do” I said. Hannah took my hand.

“ Diana in Seth's eyes you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. You are like his angel. You are like his stars.” Hannah said.

“ Okay no more poems” I laughed

“ What they're good” Hannah laughed. School was over. I had  lots of homework to do.

“ Hey honey?” Mom asked

“ Yeah?” I asked

“ Are you okay?” Mom asked. I wasn't really sure on how to answer that.

“ Um yeah why?” I asked

“ Well I invited someone and I don't know if you want me too” Mom said. I wasn't sure what she was talking about but it.

“ Who Mom?” I asked nervously

“ I invited Seth and his family?” Mom said like she was in trouble. She started to walk away.

“ Oh no you don't!” I yelled after her

“ Why did you invite them??” I asked

“ Because I really wanted to meet your boyfriend” Mom said

“ Mom he is not my boyfriend!” I yelled

“ Well you want him to” Mom laughed and walked away

“ They'll we here in two hours” Mom said as she was already gone. The more I thought about the more I was mad. I didn't want him to be my boyfriend. Or do I?

I got ready in jeans and a shirt. I pulled my hair back and put in some earrings. I came downstairs and the table looked like my mom was planning to go on a date. I looked to the left of the table and Mom was in a dress that looked like she was going to a bar.

“ Mom?!” I yelled

“ What?” Mom asked

“ You look like your going to a bar!” I yelled again. And then there was a knock at the door.

“ I'll get it” I snapped. I opened the door.

“ Hey?” Seth said and hugged me. He acts like we are a couple.

“ Hey?” a man said behind him. Seth moved out of the way and this huge buff dude came walking in.

“ Good evening Mrs. Mendoza” The man said. I stared at him.

“ Hey this must be the cute girl you were talking about?” He said

“ Ugh Dad  this isn't her” Seth said. My hear crushed. I wish I had just sunken into the floor and never came out.

“ Yep just Diana” my Mom said. I glared at her

“ Well hello Diana? I am Seth's father” He greeted me with a smile. He stuck out his hand to greet me. I rejected it.

“ Nice to meet you too” I growled and headed to the table. Seth was by my side.

“ Are you okay?” Seth asked

" Yeah I'm fine I said as I slammed my hands on the table

“ Well you don't look fine?" Seth said

“ Well can you at least say something to my dad?” Seth asked

“ Fine but why don't you spend time with the cute girl!” I yelled and walked up to my room.

“ Seth where's Diana?” Mrs. Mendoza asked

“ She's in her room” Seth said

“ Go up and check on her” Mrs. Mendoza said. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Someone knocked on the door.

“ What?!” I asked. Seth peeked his head in

“ Can I come in?” Seth asked

“ Sure why not” I said

“What's wrong?” Seth asked

“ Well have you ever had the time when you think someone likes you but then they don't. And then it feels like your whole world is gone and you can't breath well?” I asked

“ Yes actually I have. Since this girl came to our school I have been in love with her ever since I…” Seth stopped talking.

“ Ever since what?” I asked

“ Well I bullied her and I pushed her hard so that her nose started to bleed” Seth said shameful. I looked at him with fire rising in my throat. But I kept calm.

“ Okay keep going” I asked

“ Okay so after that day I have felt guilt for not saying sorry. I gave her flowers,chocolate. But then I soon find out that she was lactose. So then I made her something. I made her a ring. It was really hard but I did it. It had a blue crystal on it and something on the inside of the ring.” Seth said. Wow that girl must be really lucky to have gotten that. 

“ But now she is so beautiful and she is smart kind,and also has an adorable laugh” Seth laughed. I wondered if she went to our school.

“ Does she go to our school?” I asked

“ In matter of fact yes and you know her very well" Seth hinted

“ Really oh my god it's Hannah?!” I asked

“ No think really hard” Seth said

“ I don't know maybe I will text it to you later if I figure it out” I laughed. We walked downstairs and ate dinner. 

Seth and his Dad left and I was on a search for answers. I asked everyone and nobody said that they got pushed down. But then I realized that I remember that I had a memory. It was like I was going back to the past. I was little and I had a crush on this kid named Seth A. He never said his last name.

But anyways I liked him and for Valentines day I remember that I got him a gift and I walked up to him.

“ H-hey” I said shyly

“ Oh hey it's the girl whose father died” Seth A laughed

“ I-i got you something " I said

“ Oh how cute” He said and grabbed it from me

“ Ha ha she got me a bear with hearts” Seth A laughed and then turned and pushed me down to the ground.

“ No one likes you and you are a nobody” He said and threw me the bear that his friend just got down ripping it's head off. Oh my god. Seth A was Seth Anderson?!




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Kalayla Seehafer

WHAT!!!!?? Okay this chapter was GOOD!!!!!
There were quite a few grammar mistakes, and it was hard to follow but other than that, again I love this!! Please, keep writing you have a great imagaination!!

Chapter 5 He left me

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