The Blue Eyes


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Chapter 2

 Hannah looked out the window, not a sign of life for miles. Only a lone gas station lay in the distance and only a rusty red truck lay next to it. “ why don’t you check if theirs anything in their still, well I fill the tank up” Brandon said “ Hannah entered the dark gas station, suddenly she heard foot steps. Hannah grabbed her gun walking down each aisle until she saw a trio of stage 5 infected growling at her. She shot and killed all of them. She could see the bumps and their bald heads and their eyes completely black. Stage 5 infected walk on all fours and became for like savage monsters. Hannah quickly exited the door. “anything?” Brandon asked “ some stage 5 infected” Hannah said  Brandon went quiet and they both entered the car and continued on. “ Do you remember your family still” Brandon asked       “Those people that turned their back on me, ya I remember them” She said angrily. “Well anyway I was just asking because I forgot what my sister used to look like, I just remember brown eyes and red hair, and remember they didn’t know was they were doing to you and lily, it was the spark.” He said “ Well, I’m with you I remember his eyes  and his brown hair and  his brown eyes and his beautiful dark tan skin” she said  “Maybe their still alive, maybe their living in the Capitil Nero, my sister never got it and neither did your oldest brother” He said. The City of Nero was created after the spark. Their are 7 cities total around the world. But Nero is the largest with 50 foot walls, with a population of nearly 30 million.   

“ Come on their dead, and you know it” Hannah said  “ Have Hope” Brandon Said. They drove for several more hours in darkness. “ Look!” Brandon shouted and pointed to a dark warehouse. Hannah looked up and saw couple cars outside, Hannah soon was overcome with pain and anger as she saw the car with the shiny gold bumper, the car that took lily in the first place. Brandon pulled the car over and grabbed his sniper and pistol. They both got out of the car. “ We’re coming lily” Hannah said under her breath

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Chapter 1

 The World went upside when the nano virus called the spark ravagaed earth but their are some immunes and many who live in military controlled cities. Anyone who has blue eyes is immune. Many Non blue eyes have hunted the immunes for their blood to help fight the virus and create immunity for themselves. Many cities  have shoot on site policy and to bring blue eyed people to the local government. Many blue eyes now run alone on the now hostile earth searching for safety and this is where are Story begins one boy and two girls and their journey for survival. 

The Hot blistering sun shined on the rugged Jeep. Hannah looked outside with her dark blue eyes and saw the now entering New Mexico sign. The car went silent. A gun shot was heard and hit the back of the car. The glass shattered and lily screamed, she was only 9 now but 5 when the the spark hit earth. “ Everyone heads down, Hannah get to the guns, I’ll get you a good angle” Brandon said  “ Lily Call for back up” Hannah said. Lily crackled the radio “ hello if anyone at the community can hear us please me us at the  North border of Albuquerque” The community was only around 50 people are numbers were once 500, but when everyone wants you dead, well you know. We all found the community when are own brothers and sisters tried to turn us in to get treatment for the virus. We fled intill we heard news of a community of blue eyess who would help us. We now live in the caves of New Mexico hiding out intill the world finally goes quiet. “ Their stage 1 of the virus” Hannah said” Hannah could see the brown car with a shiny gold bumper. Five gunshots rang out from Hannah’s gun. But they all missed, just then an explosion was heard,the car toppled over. Brandon and Hannah both fell unconscious. Hannah woke up to hear the roars of Jesus’s truck. Jesus was the leader of the community who was in the army before the spark. “she’s gone” Brandon shouted “ who-“ Hannah said “ your sister she’s gone,they took her” Brandon shouted undoing his seatbelt. Hannah looked it the cracked mirror of the car and say gunshots being heard from both sides and then saw the unconscious lily being pulled by two men who threw into the car. Hannah desperately tried to undone her seatbelt. But another explosion hit the car. Knocking Hannah and Brandon unconscious again.     

Brandon woke up to Jesus’s Wife Nancy, th doctor of the community tending to his wounds in the community’s hospital. “For 14 year olds, you guys sure are tough” she said “ How’s Hannah?” He asked “ just some scratch’s and a 3rd degree burn on her arm, but other than that she’ll be ok”she said “ And lily?” Brandon said nervously, “ I’m so sorry, they took her before they could save her” she said. Hannah limped into room. “ We have to go after her Brandon!” She demanded “ you can’t, theirs no way every rescue mission we’ve ever sent has never turned out successful”  Nancy said “ Maybe we can be the first” Brandon said “ well let’s go then Hannah said. Brandon shuffled out of the bed and walked with Hannah to their dwelling. As they entered they gathered some food and supplies. Their wasn’t much only a couple of cans  and a gallon of water. A knock could be heard on their door. Brandon answered the shabby red door. Brandon looked outside only to see Jesus with A pair of car keys swinging around his finger. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He said grimly “Were certain” Hannah said exiting the dwelling. He handed Brandon the keys and guided him to a dune buggy. “It’s  fast and it’s bullet proof” Jesus said “ take these too” he said “Their contacts to disguise your blue eyes, so you can sneak in undetected, “ Also do me a favor find my sister Maria she’s not immune but will help you guys.” “ Is their anything else?” Brandon asked  “ Nope just come back alive” he said.  He went to hug Hannah but she stopped him. “We’re coming back” she said. Jesus grinned. They entered the car and left the cave they’ve called home for 3 years and drove off into the hot dying desert.

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Chapter 3

 Hannah and Brandon entered the warehouse with a nervous grin on their face. “Let’s head upstairs” Brandon whispered. Hannah nodded her head and the followed brandon quietly up the stairs. They took no surprise when they saw four men torturing an innocent little girl. They were beating and whipping her. She was almost dead. Brandon whispered for Hannah to stay hidden behind a small box on the steps while he went and sniped the four men. Hannah plugged her ears for the gunshots and then in a second it was over. Hannah looked up, saw the 4 dead people, and then dashed to the little girl. She said trembling, that her name was Lucy. Hannah gave her a hug and said “go to the dune buggy outside, we will be back in a minute”. Brandon and Hannah headed back downstairs noticing a small staircase which looks like it leads to the basement. They head towards it. When the y reach the second flight of stairs Brandon hears shouting and whining banging on some sort of cage. They encountered two security guards. Brandon tackled one and Hannah shot one in the head. Brandon finished off his guy with a punch in the face, knocking him out. The building went on lockdown while Hannah and Brandon shot the few scientists and doctors in the room. There was one doctor left. She put her hands up and said “please, don’t kill me i’m one of you”. The blue eyes people in the cells started screaming saying that she killed our people, she’s not one of us. Brandon and Hannah began to feel confused. “The virus has gone airborne, everyone in the city of Nero will be infected in a year”. She ripped out her contacts revealing her blue eyes, saying “see i am one of you”. Brandon presses the yellow button releasing the prisoners from the cells. The blue eyed doctor begs for mercy but an angry looking man grabs the gun from the security guard and shoots the lady. The prisoners break open the doors leading them back to the dune buggy. “Has anyone seen a bleach blonde, 9 year old looking girl?”. Everyone shrugs and nods their heads, except for one woman. She says “Yes. I heard them talking about bringing her and a couple others to the city of Nero for harvesting and extraction”. “Thank you” Hannah says sadly. Brandon begins giving coordinates to the community’s location. Hannah grabs Lucy  , kisses her on the cheek and sends the damaged girl on the back off he pickup truck with some strong teenage boys. Hannah and Brandon say their goodbyes and get back in the dune buggy. They head off to the city of Nero in hopes to once again being reunited with Hannah’s little sister, Lily.

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