Distractions and Inspirations


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Distractions and Inspirations

I lightly tap the keys as I stare at the white screen. I’m sitting on the foot of my bed with my laptop; pretending to write and hoping the guy doesn’t notice.

I glance to the chair on the other side of my room, at the guy in question, Sonic The Hedgehog.

Seeing me looking at him he smiles, which only makes me mad.


He lifts an eyespace. “I’m not doing anything.”

“You’re distracting me.”

“Me just being here is distracting?”


He frowns. “Since we’d been friends for so long I thought I’d come back to a warmer welcome.”

“The keyword there is “back” as in you left!” I turn to my screen and feel a gust of wind go by.

Now lying behind me he leans on my pillow, his hands folded behind his head. “I think you want me to distract you.”

“Excuse me?!” I turn to him with the most confused glare I can muster.

Despite my anger he just smirks, his lids pulling halfway down his eyes. “I know you’ve been slowing down, now that you’re doing everything you’re supposed to it isn’t fun anymore.”

My glare falls, he’s right. “How do you know that?” I suppose another voice in my head told him but instead he answers “I’ve known you a long time.”

Slowly my gaze finds the floor as I consider everything. I’ve always been too distracted to do what I’m supposed to do, I’m starting to think I like it that way.

He scoots to the edge of the bed to sit next to me.

Turning to him I see a more genuine smile. “Being a responsible adult is hard,” I frown.

 He looks down at his swinging feet and leans back on his hands.

After glancing around my room I sigh and lean my arm on his, staring at the side of his face. “Say something inspiring.”

“Huh?” he looks back at me.

“Like that line at the end of Black Knight.”

“Live life to the fullest-”

“No, not the line from Black Knight, something like it.”

He tilts his head away from mine and thinks for a second. “Sorry, I must be out.”

I sigh again. The silence is already driving me crazy so I keep talking. “Well if you’re not going to be inspiring at least explain something that’s been bugging me.”

He raises an eyespace, telling me to go on.

“How do you run like that without getting sore feet?” My voice gains an attitude.

With a snicker he says “you keep running.”

I narrow my eyes at him because I’m pretty sure that would just get you sorer feet. So apparently he isn’t going to be any help at all? I turn my back to him annoyed, which would probably have a greater effect if I wasn’t still leaning on him.

  The white screen seems to stare up at me, accusing me.

“I need to write and if you’re going to distract me anyway you might as well be useful,” I turn to him with an aggressive poke to his chest. “Give me an idea.”

“How about Project Sonic 2017?”

Interesting he’d bring that up. “Hey,” I smile “isn’t it funny you came back with the kind of game I’ve been wanting for a long time?”

He looks uneasy but tries to hide it. “Does that give you any ideas?”

I flash a smirk. I’m not actually sure if he doesn’t want to tell me that the game is for me or that it isn’t; so I’ll make up whichever I want. “I am curious how your world got that way.”

His smile brightens and I turn to fill that blank page. The words aren’t coming as fast as I’d like but at least I’m writing.

And now I’m not.

I emptily stare at the screen. Only a hundred words, and they explain nothing but how Sonic got where he’s standing in the trailer, really they’re nothing but him walking in dramatic fashion.

I see something in the corner of my eye and my head whips to face it.

He’s leaned forward to look over my shoulder, giving a similar look I had at the screen. “I really am just distracting you aren’t I?” he looks at me and I lean away slightly.

I just stare back, my eyes never quite managing to meet his.

Leaning back he looks away before sliding off the bed. “I’ll leave you to your work.”

He’s trying to look and sound casual now but I don’t forget what I saw a second ago. He’s walking for the door, I know I should let him go but I don’t want to yet.

“Can you…” I trail off not sure where I’m going with this.

He pauses, his hand on the doorknob.

“At least answer the question? How do you run without getting sore feet?”

“I told you,” he looks over his shoulder with a sad smile. “You keep running anyway.”

I gape slightly. As my eyes go out of focus I don’t see him leave, just hear the door close behind him.

I pull myself back before getting too lost in thought, but now I know what to do, of course working will wear me out but I have to keep running anyway. I look back at my computer with a smile. Now I have the inspiration I need, now I have no distractions. My fingers stop above the keys. Now I… really want him back.

“Sonic?!” I race after him.


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