Don't Panic


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Don't Panic

            Wheatley’s gaze swept over the dark room. He was only able to see what his light was shining on so he had to glance around swiftly to make sure nothing was lurking in the darkness. He inched forward on his rail, the thought that something was there slowed him to a stop. His inner workings started to shake, his handles pressing in on him.

            “Ah!” he screamed as something tapped him. He turned and Chell had to hold her hand up as his light hit her face. “Oh sorry,” he looked indirectly at her to keep from blinding her, “I didn’t realize it was you.”

            Her eyes were wide with worry, trying to ask him “What’s wrong?”

            “You just scared me is all.”

            Her brows furrowed and he realized why she’d tapped him in the first place.

            “It seems…” the light danced around the room as he was unable to keep still, “the scientists made me just human enough to be afraid of the dark. I don’t understand it really, why it makes my gears rattle, my circuits overheat, and I can’t move. I’ve been scared before, not a lot mind you, but enough to know this is different,” his voice shook, “I just don’t know why.”

            She gave a sympathetic smile, she knew why, he was panicking. Gently she placed a hand on his side and turned him to face her, squinting as she looked him in the eye. She looked understanding and sure to tell him it was going to be OK; then stepped closer, wrapping her arms around him as she leaned the side of her head against the ring around his optic.

            He glanced from her face to her arm. Gradually he felt his inner workings calm down. “I… don’t know what you’re doing but keep doing it.”

            With a bright smile she nodded.

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