I Won't Leave You Lonely


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I Won't Leave You Lonely

            Reflections of midnight stars twinkled in Chell’s eyes, the lights blurring as her eyes teared up. She sat with her knees under her chin, her arms wrapped around them. Her bare toes were just out of the reach of the tide.

            She glanced to either side at the long beach, so beautiful but so lonely.

            Sighing she lowered her knees to the side. She absent-mindedly ran a finger through the sand beside her as she gazed across the water.

She tried to determine just what the problem was, she was alone but why was she alone? Now that she was free she could meet people, start a new life, but she’d barely even tried, she didn’t even want to try but here she was lonely. Lines formed in her forehead as she was unable to make sense of her own thoughts. What was it she really wanted?

            Chell looked down at what she’d been drawing and glared, hating herself.

            Beside her rested a deep circle. It looked innocent enough but she knew it wasn’t just a shape.

            She pulled her hands into her lap as she scowled up at the sky. She felt ridiculous, missing someone who’d betrayed her. She could move on but apparently she’d rather cling to the past and hang on to the small hope that it hadn’t really been him; that they were still friends, that they’d been friends in the first place.

            But what difference would it make? Either way he was gone.

            The tide brushed her knees, bringing her to attention and making her realize that her eyes had glazed over, now that she was actually seeing the sky she saw a falling star. She scooted back from the water as she watched it.

            Wishing on stars had always seemed silly to her, having relied more on logic and science, though science was something she’d been distancing herself from here lately; and be sad enough and you might do any silly thing. So she closed her eyes and made the same wish she’d already been making all night.

            After a minute she opened her eyes then lowered her brows.

            The star was falling into the atmosphere, red and yellow bursting around it. When it broke free she realized that it was closer and smaller than she’d thought. The red wore off and she saw that it was actually bright blue.

            She was to her feet in a second, her eyes wide.

            The supposed star landed in the ocean a few miles away.

            She just stared for a moment. Was he OK? How could he be after going through fire and water? Her eyes narrowed, determined. If he wasn’t she would fix that.

            Her gaze swept over the beach, finding a shadow in the distance she thought could be a dock.

            Chell stepped into the tide, her feet sinking a little in the wet sand, and stared where he’d landed. I’m coming, she wished she could send the thought.

            Taking a few steps back she turned and ran along the shore. I won’t leave you out there alone.

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