Love Your Enemies (Sonic Boom Christmas Special)


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Love Your Enemies

            It was Christmas Eve, a time for relaxing with loved ones; instead everyone was rushing to get last minute things done.

            Lady Walrus was coming out of the store when a blue blur went over her, leaving Christmas lights behind it.

            Sonic ran along the wall, leaping to the next building and stringing lights all around it before leaping to the next one. Coming to the final yards of lights he headed for the village center. As his feet hit one building he bent his knees, fastened the lights and leapt off, making a zigzag pattern over the street. He landed in the square where his friends were waiting and handed the end to Tails.

            He plugged it into a generator. “With this high powered generator the lights will be super bright!” He switched it on.

            They all looked at the lights when they took a moment to come on and were blinded as they did.

            “Tails!” Amy held a hand over her eyes.

            He winced and quickly shut it off. “Maybe just regular lights this year…”

            “I can’t see!” Knuckles yelled distressed.

            Amy looked at him annoyed. “That’s because your eyes are closed.”

            He opened them and grinned.

            She turned back to her decorations. “Sonic, hang these up around town,” she tossed a stack of wreathes at him. “Tails, put that star at the top of the tree.”

            He grabbed the large tree topper and flew up while Sonic dashed off.

            “Don’t you just love Christmas?” She gushed.

            Knuckles thought. “Is that the holiday where the old man sneaks into my house and leaves me presents?”

            Sticks recoiled. “Someone’s going to break into my house? I better go secure it!” she ran off.

            “I wonder what he’ll leave me this year,” he clasped his hands together as he looked up hopeful. “I hope it’s a new set of weights.”

            “Knuckles,” she scolded gently, “Christmas isn’t about presents.”

            “But…” he pouted, “I want presents.”

            She stepped up in front of him. “It’s about when a baby was born 2,000 years ago, he-”

            His gasp cut her off as he stared over her head. “It’s the new scooter everyone’s been talking about!” He pushed her aside as he ran passed.

            She grunted, turning to watch him. “Since when did Christmas get so materialistic?” she asked as Sonic stopped behind her.

            “Didn’t you buy yourself presents last year?”

            She turned to him, her fists on her hips. “Only because you never get me what I want.”

            “How am I supposed to decipher your hints?”

            “Guys!” Tails landed between them. “Eggman’s attacking!”


            Robots were coming out of houses carrying presents.

            Knuckles gasped as the four stepped into the street. “We have to stop him, he’s stealing Christmas!”

            Amy growled.

            Sonic stepped closer to where Eggman floated above in his Eggmobile. “What’s the matter Eggnog, did Santa put you on the naughty list?” he smirked.

            “If no one will give me presents, I’ll just steal them all for myself!”

            “This isn’t good,” Sticks dropped in the line with Tails, Knuckles and Amy. “Next he’s going to steal everyone’s chimneys!”

            The three looked at her.

            Sonic jumped into the air, rolling into a ball.

            “Nah, ah, ah,” said Eggman, “not unless you want to break these presents.”

            He unrolled, landing back on the ground. He watched the motobugs rolling away with gifts precariously balanced on their backs and crabs with boxes in their pinchers. “Guys, get the robots, I’ll get the presents,” he dashed forward.

            Sticks threw her boomerang, knocking over a motobug.

            Sonic ran around it to catch the present as it fell off.

            Knuckles leapt, slamming his spikes down into a crab.

            He ran in front of it swiping his hand under the box before it hit the ground. Running behind his friends he set down the gifts before going to catch more.

            Amy picked a box off of a motobug and held it behind her for Sonic to grab as she smashed the robot.

            Tails saw a buzzbomber getting away with a tiny present on its back. Flying after it he swung his wrench like a bat, knocking the bee into the Eggmobile.

            It hit one of the jets; the mobile sputtered and fell. Eggman was knocked onto the console as it crashed, when he looked up all the robots were destroyed and all the presents were safe. Growling he jumped out and stomped on the ground. “I hate you! I hate this village! And I especially hate Christmas!” He kicked the Eggmobile. “Ow!”

            “How can you hate Christmas?” Amy’s eyes went wide. “It’s a day for peace on earth.”

            “Hello,” he gestured to himself, “villain!” He grumbled, mostly incoherent, as he walked off. “And now I have to walk home…”


            “The decorations are all hung,” Amy went over her checklist, “the table is set, next we need to gather the food.”

            “I thought after defeating Eggman we could take a break,” said Sonic.

            “We can take a break once everything’s ready for tonight!” she yelled before immediately calming. “Will you get the cookies from my house?” As he ran off she saw Sticks passing the edge of the square. “Sticks, gather the carolers, we need to practice.”

            “No time,” she stopped, looking serious, “I’m gathering information right now.”

            “On what?” Tails asked, genuinely curious.

            “The man who sneaks into houses at night.”

            He muttered “Sorry I asked.”

            “According to the kids he wears red, eats cookies and travels to every house in one night.” She looked distressed as she asked, “How could he do that?”

            Sonic zipped passed setting plates of cookies across the table, nabbing one as he turned away.

            “Hey!” Amy glared at him.

            He paused as he saw Sticks eyeing him suspiciously. “What?”

            She glanced from his shoes to the half-eaten cookie. “I’m on to you!” She walked off.

            “What’d I do now?”

            Amy walked up behind him, surveying the table. “You know what would make this look really nice? Hollies!”

            “Where are you going to get those?” he turned to her.

            “I’m not, but you could run to the jungle and find me red berries and foliage,” she said in a sweet tone.

            He just stared back bored.

            “Because I really want them.”

            Still staring.

            “Because you want to be helpful.”

            Still bored.

            “Because I’ll give you more cookies.”

            “Fine,” he ran off.

            Her smile widened after him. “Tails,” she turned around, “are you done recalibrating that generator?”

            “Yup,” he patted it, “The lights should be normal now.”

            “I got the mistletoe!” Knuckles yelled.

            “Took you long enough,” she grumbled. Looking at him she gaped and dropped the checklist.

            He came up and set a large metal piece down, leaning against it and smiling proud of himself.

            Tails stood looking concerned. “She didn’t mean the bottom of a missile!”

            “Oh…” he stared at it “I was wondering how anyone was going to stand under this.”


            Sonic looked around at the plants trying to figure out which ones Amy would like the best and which ones were safe to touch. He stepped closer to the edge of the jungle, stopping as he heard panting outside it. Dashing behind a tree he peeked out and saw Eggman. His eyes narrowed to slits.

            He stopped to catch his breath.

            “Hey boss!” Cubot floated up with Orbot beside him.

            “We were worried when you didn’t come home.”

            “The Eggmobile crashed, go to the village and retrieve it I have to hurry to the lair to start my next scheme, I’ve already come up with three on the way.”

            The robots looked at each other.

            “What?” he snapped.

            “It’s Christmas Eve,” said Orbot. “Shouldn’t you take some time off?”

            “And do what?”

            “Celebrate with friends and family.”

            He stomped passed them. “You’d have to have some first!”

            Sonic’s suspicious gaze turned to surprise. As he watched him go he felt a weight inside.


            Once it was dark Tails stepped up to his generator. “I declare this Christmas party,” he flipped the switch, the whole village lighting up, “started!”

            The villagers started following the lights towards the square.

            “Phew,” Amy breathed, smiling warily. “I’m surprised we got it all done.

            “It wasn’t that hard,” Sonic told her.

            “Maybe not for the one running around but for the one organizing everything…”

            “Or the one recalibrating a generator twice,” Tails added.

            “Or the one keeping you all safe from invaders,” Sticks crossed her arms.

            “Or the one who had to dismantle a missile,” said Knuckles.

            Sonic blinked, his eyes going wide. He looked to Tails.

            “Don’t ask.”

            As the villagers arrived the five dispersed to join various festivities.

            Amy was enjoying her cookies when Sonic met back up with her. “Tails has been working hard on something lately huh?” he asked casually.

            “Oh no, I’m not telling you what he made you; you’ll have to wait tomorrow morning like everyone else.”

            “Amy,” Zooey waved at her.

            “Looks like the other carolers are ready.” She looked to him with a slight smirk. “It’s not too late to join in.”

            “No thanks; my singing career is over.”

            “We’ll see about that,” she said before running off.

            At the other side of the party Sticks found Knuckles doodling. “What are you doing?”

            “Making a last minute wish list,” he looked up with a smile, “I don’t have to bother sending it because Santa’s always watching.”

            “What?!” She crouched, glancing around. “He must have spies everywhere.”

            Sonic found Tails by the table. “Something wrong buddy?” he asked when he saw him frowning.

            “I think I ate too many cookies.”

            “How many did’ya eat?”

            “I tried them all.”

            He turned around, looking over the buffet of cookies. “Oh… So which ones are the best?”

            He pointed to a plate.

            “We wish you a Merry Christmas,” the carolers sang, “we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!”

            “Actually,” the beaver looked down, “I don’t celebrate Christmas…”

            Sonic leaned back on the table as he snacked. As he looked around the party his gaze followed the sound of the singers and ended up stopping on Amy.

            “What’cha looking at?” Sticks popped up beside him.

            “No one,” his eyes widened, “nothing!”

            She tilted her head to the side as she looked him up and down, making him feel even less comfortable.

            As she walked around him he stepped closer to Tails.

            “Eh,” she resigned, “you’re not round enough.”

            He lowered an eyespace. “For what?”

            “Cookies!” Knuckles ran up to grab fistfuls of them.

            Sonic turned away from Sticks, deciding he didn’t want to know the answer.

            A round of applause caught their attention.

            Soon Amy was running up. “How was that?”

            They gave her various praises while smiling overenthusiastically.

            “You weren’t listening were you?”

            “Ahem,” the mayor said to get their attention, since no one noticed that he was next to them. “I wanted to thank you all for protecting us by giving you this present on behalf of the village.”

            Knuckles gasped as he held out the shiny round package.

            “Thank you sir,” Sonic took it, “and you’re welcome.”

            “Don’t open it till tomorrow,” he pointed at him before walking off.

            “Let’s open it!” Knuckles said excitedly.

            Sonic held it to his ear and shook it.

            “Hey!” they both said as Amy swiped it.

            “He said not to open it yet.”

            Sticks sniffed the package. “Are you sure it’s safe to open it at all?”

            “I was just shaking it,” Sonic said defensively.

            “And then poking and peeking?”

            He grinned. “Maybe.”

            Tails leaned towards him to whisper. “I’ve already calculated what it most likely is by the size and shape.”

            Knuckles reached for the present and she pulled it away, using her other hand to block him.

            “I want the present!” he whined loudly.

            “For the last time, Christmas isn’t about presents!” she struggled to keep him back.

            “So you’ll stop telling me now?”

            She growled.

            “Amy, are you ready for the next song?” one of the carolers asked impatiently.

            She turned quickly, accidently making Knuckles fall. “Just a minute!” Looking down she sighed and helped him up. “I know you like presents, everyone does. But do you know why we give presents?” she asked once he was to his feet.

            He shook his head.

            “Because we’re celebrating a birthday.”

            Sonic turned to get more cookies.

            “God came as a man: Jesus; and he was born to sacrifice himself to save us, all of us, rich and poor, good and bad.”

            At those words Sonic felt the weight from earlier return. He looked up at the top of a lair in the distance.

            “Oh…” said Knuckles, “then why aren’t we giving him presents?”

            Her smile went blank.

            “What’s wrong?” Tails asked when he saw Sonic staring off sadly.

            He looked to him. “Just something I heard earlier…”


            As the sun was coming up Orbot and Cubot were goofing around.

            “Hey why do you get the Santa hat?” asked Cubot.

            “Because I’m red.”

            He pointed to his antler headband. “But this was made for a round head.”

Hearing footsteps approach they quickly knocked their hats off behind them.

            “Prepare my Egg Cannon!” Eggman said as he passed them.

            “But sir…” Orbot watched him sadly.

            “They won’t expect me to attack on Christmas, they’ll be so surprised!” the doors to his living room whooshed open as he approached.

            “SURPRISE! Merry Christmas!”

            He stepped back, gaping at the tree surrounded in presents, the lights around the room and especially the five animals smiling at him. “What are you doing here?” he sounded mad.

            “Everyone needs a friend on Christmas,” Sonic stepped forward and held out a gift, “even you, Eggman.”

            He looked unsure but took it and opened it. “Scrap metal?” He looked back up surprised. “Even though you know I’m going to use it to make a weapon against you?”

            “Yeah,” Sticks put her hands on her hips, “not his best idea.”

            Eggman stared at the room in awe. “You really did all this for me?”

            He rubbed the back of his quills, feeling awkward. “Tomorrow we can go back to fighting…”

            “Of course,” he laughed.

            Orbot and Cubot floated in, and seeing the Christmas party, put their hats back on.

            Tails took them a present while Amy sorted the rest, Sticks looked over them, and Knuckles sat on the couch.

            “I have a present for you too,” Eggman handed Sonic a box he didn’t have a minute ago. “Today there can be peace on earth and tomorrow I’ll destroy you,” he said happily before sounding more serious. “You might not want to open that till tomorrow.”

            He rolled his eyes and tossed it over his shoulder.

            The robots looked confused at the box of tools and various electronic parts.

            “Think of it as a first aid kit,” Tails explained.

            Amy walked passed them to the couch. “What’s wrong Knuckles? You’ve been sulking all morning.”

            “I don’t sulk,” he sulked.

            She raised an eyespace.

            Sighing he said “Santa didn’t leave me any presents. I guess I should have mailed those letters.”

            “It’s OK.”

            “I know, Christmas isn’t about the presents.” He straightened. “I’ll be happier giving anyway.”

            “That’s great!” She smiled, proud of him. “But I was going to say because I found the letters,” she motioned to a large box behind her.

            Gasping he ran to rip open the paper. “A new weight set!”

            Sticks crossed her arms as she looked at the tree. “Where’s mine?”

            “At the back,” she said. “We didn’t wrap them because we know you don’t trust packages but I still wanted them to be a surprise.”

            She ran around it and gasped.

            Amy smiled proudly.

            “A new knife?!”

            “What?” she looked worried.

            “What?” asked Knuckles. “She likes weapons.”

            While Sonic, Tails, Sticks and Knuckles opened their presents Eggman left briefly.

            “Um,” Sonic looked from the palm of his hand to Tails, “hearing aids?”

            “They’re remote headphones,” he said excitedly, “so you can listen to your music without wires slowing you down.”

            “All right!”

            His eye ridges lowered. “You didn’t really think I made you hearing aids did you?”

            He smirked as he put one in his ear. “Just prompting you to explain.”

            “I have hot chocolate,” Eggman said as he returned.

            Tails picked up a lumpy present. “Now would be a good time for you to open mine.”

            He sat down and opened it to find a bag of marshmallows.

            Amy watched everyone else open their gifts, smiling as it made her feel warm. “OK,” she frowned, “where’s mine?”

            As a burst of air hit her Sonic was standing beside her with a box.

            She pulled a sweater out of it to hold it up.

            “Is that what you wanted?” he smiled nervously.

            “No,” she lowered it and turned to him, “but I love it.” She smiled and his unease faded to return it.

            Eggman stuck up behind them and reached up to the ceiling.

            “What are you doing?” he looked up.

            He jumped back, motioning to them. “Look who got caught under the mistletoe!”

            “Caught?!” Sonic glared. “I just watched you hang that!”

            “Yes, I caught you with it,” he crossed his arms and looked triumphant before frowning. “…Why am I never this good at catching him with a net?”

            Sonic and Amy looked at each other and quickly glanced away.

            “Come on,” Knuckles said in a teasing tone, “unless you want me to call you Sonic the Hedge-Chicken!”

            He glared at him, it fading as he looked at Amy. He planted a kiss on her cheek and was immediately sitting by the tree, his elbows on his knees, his hands on his cheeks as they grew warm.

            She covered her mouth to hide her giggle. Sitting by the tree she opened the rest of her presents.

            “Thanks Sticks,” Tails smiled unsure at the unidentifiable object, “for the… this.”

            “You’re welcome; it keeps sprites out of your cupboards.”

            “Aww,” Knuckles looked disappointed, “but I like Sprite.”

            Soon there was only one present left, the one from the mayor. Gathering in a circle around it they opened it to find a cookie tin. Their excitement fell as their stomachs grumbled in a not good way.

            “I was afraid of that,” Tails’s ears drooped.

            “Eggman,” Amy took it and walked over to where he sat on the couch with his cocoa. “We want you to have this.”

            “Thank you!” he took it.

            They gathered behind Amy, smiling at him.

            He held up a cookie. “I’ll remember this day while I’m destroying you.”

            “We get it,” Sonic’s ears flattened in annoyance.

            He bit it. “Mm! I love Christmas cookies.”

            Sticks gasped, looking from the cookie to his red coat. “I’m watching you.”


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