Another Post-Apocalyptic Utopian-Turned-Dystopian Society with a Female Lead who Saves the World and Gets a Boyfriend Novel


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It's the year 2079. Many years ago, the human race lived in relative peace.

But then aliens attacked.

The united powers of America, China, and one of those rich African Countries no one knows the name of defeated the extraterrestrial enemies. But then there was a great war between the humans. It was bad. The fraction of the population that survived all moved to North America to make the plot of this story more relatable to the majority of its readers. They then were victims of a terrible plague. Even more died. Then there were zombies for a little bit. Once we got past that there was a swarm of giant bees that terrorized the remains of the human race. Only the people who weren't allergic survived. At least we cut that out of the gene pool. And of course the entire time global warming had been slowly and annoyingly taking over the world's climates.

The people of earth had become a depleted, bedraggled, and generally sad group, spread across the remains of the United States of America. Some areas had more resources than others, but no one had enough. Whatever entity it was that kept the internet running had presumably been killed somewhere along the line because that was also out of play, which sucked. Maybe that's why everyone forgot about the great and terrible force that had somehow survived the succession of apocalypses, that had rounded us all up, organized us, and created what they call a utopia, but what many call an inconvenience:

The Australians.

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