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 Toby Parker was a very peculiar and strange 10 year old boy. Close friends and family who knew him would say that he is very smart but in an unusual way. He had frizzy brown curly hair with light strands of gold hair barely visible. For anybody who knew him well would know that he always wears a selection of mismatched clothes with strange looking shoes that made look like a ridiculous elf. He had olive skin that made him look more elf like. 

"Sweetie, guess what you won't believe it Benny is back from his holiday, come quick", Yelled Toby's mum. Toby left his bedroom which he shared with his little sister Matilda. He raced towards his door, down a long corridor which was set up with with enchanted decorations that danced, moved and talked. He finally came upon his beautiful brown haired mother named Jane who had blue crystal eyes and Olive skin liked Toby's. Along with his mother was a boy who was a it taller than Toby with pure blonde hair and pale skin he was very handsome because he was quite muscle like. "Benny". Toby leaped to him and gave him a warm massive hug which he was especially good at. Benny hugged him back with joy. They walked down the hallway, then into Toby and Matilda's bedroom. "I have to show you the waterslide Kitty and Karma's mum made", exasperated Toby. "It's so cool". "That's so cool but I have to say hi to Matilda first. Where is she?", asked Benny. "She went to play with Melodie". "Melodie, Well can we just go to kitty and Karmas house. They're all brothers and sisters after all". 

"But Melodie is really sick and I don't think she wants to be disturbed, I, uh, guess, well I think she's got rellasskin measles".

"What's that?"

"You don't know what rellasskin measles are"

"Uh, no"

"Well, do you know what's rellasskin is"

"Aren't they those pearls that live in a shell or something"

"No, that's a sutherbud. A rellasskin is a really small and skinny red beetle that looks like that Norman( normal person or non magical person) bug thing-"

"A cricket"

"Well yeah"

"You can't expect me to know all this stuff. I'm born to Norman parents. You need to give me a definition"

Toby gave him an annoyed look while Benny shrugged a little about his response.

Fine, you now know what a rellasskin looks like so now you need to know what it does. It's really burning hot so predators won't eat it. If you touch them they can sting you instantly if they do they either kill you or give you rellasskin measles. If they kill you it takes a week for you to die if they give you rellasskin measles you get massive purple warts all over you that randomly explode"

"Oh, thank god Melodie has only got the measles"

Toby swallowed hard with tears in his eyes.

"Kitty and Karma's parents don't know wether she got the measles or if she's going to die", choked Toby.

Benny could not barely imagine the beautiful black haired infant dead.

"Why is Matilda at Melodies then. Isn't it contagious", cried Benny.

"No, of course not, I think she just wants some company"

"Right, well why don't we give her company then, we can also see Kitty and Karma while we're there"

"I don't think Melodie really likes me" laughed Toby.

"Same here"

Benny and Toby trotted outside sadly thinking of poor Melodie lying in bed, coughing, sick, barely alive, barely even breathing. They were so sad that they didn't even talk to each other on the way to the waterslide. 

"Well here it is"

Before them was a tall oak tree with twisted and turned roots leading down to a swirly slide that was trickling with water. It was just as tall as Toby's house. Toby climbed the tree while Benny just stood there in bewilderment. Come on Benny, get up here it's so fun. Benny hurried towards the tree and climbed up its rough branches and rusty roots. It was so tall. They jumped into the watery slide and slid down crazily. The roots lifted them up and down in strange directions that made them stumble and fall. "Benny" whispered Toby. "There's somebody over there watching us". They both looked and sure enough there were two young boys staring at them. They both looked exactly identical. There jet black hair stood out from their snowy skin. They had Aqua eyes that shone from their face. 

"It's Kitty and Karma", gasped Benny. 

"Hi Benny, Hi Toby, how was your holiday" shouted one of the twins from a distance. 

Yeah, it was alright. It was just a bit too choppy", Benny continued. Kitty and Karma walked towards Toby and Benny.

 "What does choppy mean?", asked Toby.

 "It's a Norman term for a lot of waves". 

"What does that have to do with your holiday then" 

"I was on a cruise" 

"A what" 

"a cruise" 

"what is that", asked one of the twins. 

"You don't know what a cruise is?" 


It's a really huge ship where you stay on with all this rooms and water slides, it's like a hotel expect it travels the seas" 

"That's strange but-"  opinionated Kitty. 

"Norman's can be so smart", interrupted Toby.

Toby and Benny slowly started to go up the slide again.

"Guys stop, don't there's a curse on the end of the slide"

Toby immediately jumped off the slide most unusually. 

"Awwwwwww", screamed Benny.

He clumsily reached the bottom of the slide. Suddenly he fell to the cold, dusty round so solemnly still. It was as if he was an ice block.

 Toby, Kitty and karma ran to Benny's side. 

"Benny" Toby went to touch his cheek but Karma put a stop to it. "Don't touch him" mumbled Kitty sternly. "

Never touch anybody who is cursed, its highly threatening" Benny eyes suddenly glitched  into a bright purple. He stared at them wildly. "I'm Terry sapphire, the one they all fear to speak of" spoke a voice of a man through Benny. 

"Give me the necklace Cassy's, give me the necklace, give me the necklace" The mans voice slowly drowned out. Toby was frightened with bewilderment while the twins sat there just as frozen as Benny from fear. Benny's eyes grew back to there normal crystal blue colour, but he was still sitting there frozen. 

"He was possessed what do we do", panicked Toby. 

"Calm down I've got the perfect healing stone. Karma picked out a stone from his little black bag. It was black with clear patches whilst a glistening red was inside it which was outshining the black. 

"This is a garnet. It can heal possession curses. I read about it in a book called-" 

"There's no time for that, okay, quickly, give to him please", begged Toby. 

"There's no rush, we just need to boil it" 

"where are we going to boil it, we are not going all the way back home" 

"Calm down Toby, I've always got the essentials packed" This time Kitty drew from the bag a jar that was labeled ' hotshious liquid, water that never looses heat' Kitty passed it to Karma carefully. Karma slowly tipped the water on the stone. A storm of red mist evaporated from the stone. Karma forced the stone down Benny's throat gently. "Huhhuhhuhuh", panted Benny. 

"Wow guys, you should be maginurses" 

"Benny" yelped Toby. He gave him a massive hug that almost made Benny choke. 

"Guys, I'm feeling sick, I need water" 

"don't worry, we'll take you home to my parents because your parents are Normans after all", replied Toby. He didn't answer because he was in so much pain. His lips were quivering uncontrollably whilst he was tossing and turning as if a rellasskin was crawling all over him. Kitty, lifted Benny over his shoulders as they were sprinting. They accidentally tripped over a perfectly shaped flat dome with words carved into it. 

"What is that", trembled Toby. 

"I, I th-think i- it's uh, a g-grave st-one", shivered Kitty. The words written in it said Romeo Sapphire, a valiant enchantman. Suddenly a blood streaked, dirty hand shot out of the ground. It twisted and turned for a while but finally it faced towards the boys. "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn",the boys all yelled together. 

"Not so fast boys" spoke a voice from the grave. Instantly a group of old tree branches wrapped around their ankles. They tried to escape but they couldn't because the branches were so tight that there ankles turned purple. 

"It's Terry Sapphire again, give me the necklace, give me the necklace", spoke the same deadly voice that possessed Benny. "Never", bellowed Toby. Toby picked up a rock sitting beside him. Toby, don't do what you're thinking, please", begged Karma. Toby ignored him and tossed the rock with heavy force at the grave. 

"He ha", barked the voice. 

"Parker, you are loyal, brave and chivalry". The voice was swimming closer to them. We got to do something quickly. Karma fumbled his hand into his bag and found a red flaming stone. 

"This should do it" Karma threw the rock at the branches be holding their ankles. The branches snapped, turned black, and died. 

"Go, quickly", demanded Toby. They all sprinted with Benny on his back tangled in spiky thorns. 

"So sorry Ben". They sprinted even harder whilst Benny was getting tangled into more thorns.  Grey smoke was emerging from the chimney. 

"There's home". Finally they got to Toby's front door. 

"Let us in, let us in", they all ordered while furiously banging on the door. The door finally creeped open. Jane was at the front door. "What's got into you boys, anything wrong". 

"Nothing" they replied guiltily. 

"Only Benny has had a minor accident it's all good". 

"Oh where is he" Kitty put Benny into his arms and showed Jane. 

"Oh gracious me, this isn't minor, what happened". 

"It's a long story but I'll tell you all of it. He went down the waterslide which was cursed. He fell of it very painfully and then he got possessed. 



"that's all" lied Toby. 

"Barlow Frankit, he is so hurt", 

"what does that mean when you say Barlow Frankit", asked suspicious Kitty. 

"Oh, it's an old saying for like OMG, is that what Normans say?" "Barlow Frankit is a good man", 

"oh yes he very well is" 

"Mum, enough about that Barlow guy, you need to fix Benny" 

"I know sweetie, yes, you guys go do something in your room" 

"so we can stay" asked bewildered Karma. 

"Yeah of course, you can sleepover as well", replied Jane so matter of factly. 

"Yes of course, thank you". They walked down the magnificent hallway  then into Toby's marvellous  bedroom. There were layers and layers of stacked up books in his room. In his room was a bunk bed which he of course shared with his sister. On the bottom bunk( Matilda's) was a bed cover with owls all over it coloured dark blue with the words bearing Flusterwing. Flusterwing was a team house at a school of Magical Education called Crystallis School of Magical Education. Matilda was obsessed with Flusterwing. She was very most fond of it.  

"Matilda isn't even back yet", gasped Toby. 

"Well she absolutely loves Melodie". 

"Oh, uh how is Melodie", Toby questioned nervously. 

"She's actually a lot better", exclaimed Karma 

"that's good" 

"the good news is that she's just rellasskin measles" 

"good, that means we can play on the wate-" Toby paused and stopped regrettably. 

"You know the voice that possessed Benny" Toby continued 


"he said that his name is Terry Sapphire, who is he?" 

"No clue, all I know is he's an evil man and we should bother him in any way, and also lets not mention him again?" 

"We can't let him posses one of us again though so we have to stop him" 

"listen Toby, I admire your courage but we need to make a wise decision, just have nothing to do with him then he will have no reason to bother us, okay" 

"okay but can I ask you one more question" 


"he mentioned that you two had a necklace he wanted, is that true" Kitty's face went red. 

"I have no clue, maybe my parents have a necklace or something I don't know", acted Karma. 

"I wonder why he wants it"

"Guys, Matilda is back", yelled Jane.

"Coming mum"

"Hi mum, hi Toby, hi- Kitty, Karma what are you doing here"

"Matilda, that's so rude, what are doing here", imitated Toby.

"Leave her alone", complained Jane.

"She didn't mean it", spoke Karma.

"Thank you", acknowledged Matilda 

"BENNY", screamed Matilda. She ran to his side immediately.

"What happened?"

"Nothing for you to know, just tripped over a bit"

"I don't believe you"

"It's true" Matilda ignored her and stormed off.

"The room is reserved for us, DON'T GO IN", yelled Toby.

They heard Matilda turn away from the room then she started sobbing. 

"Toby stop it, she had a little talk to me about you yesterday, how you are being terribly mean"

Jane ran off to go comfort Matilda. 

They walked back into the bedroom feeling a bit guilty.

"It's not my fault she's so annoying", complained Toby.

"No wonder nobody can trust her"

"I think she's really nice", opinionated Karma.

"You don't know her well enough then"

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 Benny soon became well again with the help of Kitty and Karma's experienced parents who are magical healers. Benny was although still really petrified from the experience so he didn't talk about how he felt about it that much. Now that Benny's tragic event ended they were extremely and highly excited about something very special. They were going too soon get there invitations to the magical school in France called Crystallis School of Magical Education. At Crystallis there are six team houses. Flusterwing, Brindlefur, Hazelears, Woodiamond, Wildousclaw and Pearltail. It was Toby's most fond hope that he was either in Flusterwing ( his mum's house), Hazelears ( his dad's house) or Brindlefur since it had a really good reputation. 

Toby woke up to the sound of chirping birds flying through the whistling wind on the foggy morning. He could faintly here Matilda still crying underneath her bed sheets. 

Toby went down his ladder and ducked into Matilda's bed. I'm really sorry about last week, I was distraught about Benny, I was very honestly sad", apologised Toby. "Go away", cried Matilda


He walked out of his bedroom and down his long hallway. He slowly entered into the living room since his parents room was right next to the room he was in so he wouldn't wake them. In Toby's house and most magical families house they have a magical mail fly box which sends mail and receives. Toby crept over to the table where it was sitting at. He dipped his hand inside the receiving box and found a diamond shaped letter with the Crystallis coat of arms on the side. 

"Mum, Dad, Matilda", called Toby. 

"Come here quick"

His parents came instantly rushing through there bedroom into the lounge. 

"What is Tobs, what is it", asked Toby's dad Arnold who had long brown hair which resembled Toby's along with olive skin and deep blue eyes. 

"The letter for Crystallis, it's here"

"Matilda", yelled Toby but she still didn't come.

"Toby, I think you should just leave her alone", insisted Jane

Toby didn't respond but gulped guiltily. Jane and Arnold stared over Toby's shoulder as he teared the letter open carefully. Inside it contained:

Dear parent or guardian,

Congratulations, Toby Alfred Parker has been invited to Crystallis School of Magical Education. In closed will be a list of materials and where to get them for the 10 year students, a must read copy of  the code of conduct, a quiz which will tell you what house you're in and an enrolment form. Each student will purchase a magical stone which gets inserted in their hands when they arrive to school. School begins the first of February. There will be more information about how to get to school when you get sorted.

Yours sincerely,

Jemima Pearl Helen Grace Nicole Garnet (Head Magictress at Crystallis School of Magical Education, Member of PMP ( Powerful Magictors Protection) Member of the House of Magical Law)

Toby did the quiz that they gave them. He soon did it and at the bottom of the paper appeared the house he was in- Hazelears.

"Barlow Frankit, your in my house Toby I can't believe it", exasperated Arnold. 

Arnold pushed Toby into one of his massive, warm hugs. Toby thought he literally felt that his breathing stopped. 

"Oh sweetie, no wonder your in this house because you're so loyal", complemented Jane. Hazelears's quality is loyalty, the representing animal is a rabbit and the colour for the house is purple. Toby absolutely couldn't believe it, he got into one of his favourite houses. He sure hoped that Benny, Kitty and Karma were in the same house.

Later in the evening he went to meet them all at the twins house.

 "I'm in Brindlefur", Gasped Benny. 

"Oh that's great", murmured Toby in disappointment. 

"What are you in Kitty and Karma", 

" Flusterwing " they replied. 

"Listen I know your disappointed Toby but we'll all stay friends", Benny told Toby. 

"Yeah I no", replied Toby in annoyance. 

"On the letter it said to choose one extra subject". 

"What did you choose", asked Toby. 

"I chose mind flying", answered Benny. 

"Magical healing", then answered Kitty and Karma. 

"How about you?" "Enchanted food", said Toby. 

"We have our differences", shrugged Toby with anguish.

"At Crystallis we all get to sit together on one big long table", explained Kitty. 

"We should all sit together", gasped Benny

"Yes but we all have different timetables which will make it very confusing", spoke Toby.

"That's only for lunch though, everybody has breakfast, dinner and dessert together"

"Well what time do you guys have lunch"

"2:15", answered the twins.

"1:30", said Toby.

"12:00", exclaimed Benny

"Great we always have differences", Toby concluded grudgingly.

"Toby, it's fine, we still get to see each other heaps"

"It could be worse, we could've gone to different schools"

"So you're saying it's already bad"

"Barlow Frankit, Toby, No, what we have is so good".

Toby was really annoyed at them at this point so he walked away secretly. 

"Toby, where are you going?", queried Kitty.

"I have to have lunch now, it's 12:00", lied Toby.

"Well can you come back after lunch"

"Sorry but no, because I think Matilda just wants me to play with her"

"I thought Matilda wasn't talking to you"

"Well now she is, bye", Toby lied again.

Toby walked back to his house sad and disappointed but he tried to hide it with a spring in his step.

"Toby has been very odd lately, hasn't he", muttered Kitty.

"He's just sad I guess, he probably thinks that we're going to make new friends", Explained Benny.

"Maybe, but I think it's something we don't know about".


Toby finally saw his house from the distance and ran strait to it. 

On the front porch Matilda was playing with her pet Hozaleap which is a little animal that has 16 arms and 1 leg that looks like a flower.

"Hi Matilda"

Matilda got the shock of her life. She quickly picked up her hozaleap and ran for the door. 


Toby sprinted behind her into the house which made Matilda cry again.

"TOBY", yelled Jane out of nowhere.


Toby stopped immediately.

"But mum you don't understand I was-"



Toby trotted over to his mother half heartily.




"What's that"


"How do I get rid of them"



"Yes mum", cried Toby.

Tears where streaming down his eyes as he did the tangle weeding. He absolutely hated it when Matilda got the better of him. "Hey son", greeted Arnold. "Barlow Frankit Toby, why ya do in the weedin". Toby didn't answer since his tears where still choking his voice. "Toby, why ya weedin"

"I got into trouble, okay"

"Oh Tobsies it can't ave bin that bad" 

"I'm givin ya a chance Tobs, go outside and go play on the water slide, no drama, mum won't mind"

"You're going to actually let me do that"

"Yeah, of course, why not, ya grandpa you sta get me out of punishments"

"Thank you dad"

Toby jumped on to him and gave him a massive hug.

"Go quickly, mums coming"

Toby raced around the back fence quickly. The fence was locked with one of his locking charms. His mums footsteps were creeping closer.

"How do I open this, how do I open this"

Toby tried shoving and banging on it but the charm was to Strong. 

 "OPEN", yelled Toby.

"What was that", asked Jane.

"What happened",gorged Arnold.

"I just heard a voice from the back fence"

"Oh dear Jane, I think it was just your imagination, nobody said anything except you"

"You're just the one who's deaf"


"See honey you need your hearing fixed"

Toby was frozen. She was going to come and see him any second. But that's when Toby realized that there was a hole underneath the fence. Once Benny came over when both Toby and Benny were four. They were playing hide and Scare with Kitty and Karma but the door was locked so they dug a hole of what they thought was a massive hole ( what they think is tiny now) so they could hide elsewhere. 

"Honey you're imagining things like you always do"

"Barlow Frankit Arnold, I am definitely not imagining things. There's something over there"

Toby squeezed through the tiny hole that was so small that he could barely fit his feet through it. Once he got out Toby raced into a random path that lead him to a dark wood. "I can see you", sang a voice from a hollow. Toby was shivering with intense fear. This was the haunted forest of  Abraham Thomson. It was a forest that no one entered because it was scarcely haunted by an old ghost with gray rags and circled spectacles. He wore green gloves with blood stains splattered across them. Toby new this because it's a true story in the big book of children's magical tales. "Look behind you" sang another voice. Toby did not dare to look behind him. It's the last thing he'd hope to do. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Toby ran for it. He heard a loud voice cackling behind him. "Hahahahah" "little boy went to the wrong place"

Toby's heart pace was beating three times faster. A cold heavy feeling was weighing on him. He finally made an exit to the first house he saw. He lost the spirit. At least he thought so. He knocked on the door desperately. 

"Please, please open the door, someone's after me"

The door suddenly swung open but he couldn't see anybody. A transparent figure grew from the dark. He had sharp bloody teeth that smiled so widely. His head wasn't any better. There was a knife stabbed into his skull with black piercing eyes that resembled ashes. 

"You should know that I don't like prank knocking, little sweet boy"

"Barlow Frankit"

Toby made a quick getaway running through bushes and itching shrubs. From the distance he saw the door slam shut.

"I'll never go there again", screeched Toby.

"Why are you talking to yourself", questioned a voice.

It scared the living day lights out of Toby that he jumped so high in fright.

"It's just me Matilda"

"Mum said that you have to come back, she knows you're missing"


Matilda raced of crying again. She was absolutely annoyed with him.

"Matilda, wait, I'm sorry, you just gave me a shock"

"Stop making excuses"

"I'm not"

Toby sprinted towards her immediately.

"Listen Matilda, I love you and I never meant anything I said to you, you just always come in on the wrong times, I'm so sorry"

"It's alright"

"I want to have a good last day with you before I leave for Crystallis tommorow, give me a hug"

Matilda leapt onto him and gave him one of her throat choking hugs.


Matilda gave a little weeping chuckle.

"Ok let's go play with your hozaleap, Charlotte", suggested Toby.

"TOBY PARKER, YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE", yelled Jane from the front porch of their house.

"How did you escape?"

"Wait, Matilda, where you in on this"

Matilda gave Toby a wink.

"Yes I was"


"I told him that if you go hide I will give you my hozaleap"

"He certainly didn't want to but I forced him to"

"I'm so sorry Toby"

"MATILDA ANNA PARKER, you never go missing like that again so close to your curfew let alone making Toby get into trouble"

"Go to your bedroom now"

Matilda gave a little proud giggle and walked inside to the bedroom

"I have to go do the weeding don't I"

"Oh no honey forget about that you can do whatever you want INSIDE THE HOUSE"

"Yes mum"

Toby walked inside quickly he went down the great hallway then into the bedroom.

"Thank you for sticking up for me there Tilly"

"I owed you"

"You certainly did not, I owed you"


Matilda's hozaleap Charlotte was sitting beside the doorway.



"Can I pat Charlie"

"Of course"

Toby slowly moved towards the hozaleap but it just ran away from him.

"She doesn't like me doesn't she"

"Of course not because I'm her owner and she doesn't let anybody else touch her"


Toby and Matilda soon fell asleep exhausted. But Toby's thoughts were swirling inside him. Tommorow was going to be the big day. He was heading to Crystallis on the large animal of there house. Hazelears was a Rabbit. Toby still couldn't read probably so he read this tale from The Big Book of Children's Magical Tales. 

The Owl and Dove

There once lived a beautiful and brave maiden in the 1400s called Amethyst Pearlina Flusterwing. She lived with her two parents Griff and Lilac along with her siblings Luis and Rose. One thing they all had in common was that they were all nouls (a person that can turn into another animal) and there's were owls. The eldest of the three, Luis soon married a maiden called Felicity Kate poleford, Rose was the founder of Flusterwing at Crystallis School of Wizadry in France then soon married George Jack Giraffelina. Amethyst was of course the youngest sibling. Years and years past by but Amethyst still didn't marry a man while Luis had children. She wanted love so badly but no man would fall in love her, her soul was a empty room of melancholy. She knew that no one will fall in love with her. Once she was reading the book of gaining someone's heart and she read that doves were a symbol for love. She tryed to become another noul along with her owl. Less than 1% survives making them self into two nouls but that didn't worry her. She attempted it but passed away because of the horrible pain it was. Louis and Rose found out soon and fell to the ground in a puddle of streaming tears. Amythest Pearlina Flusterwing was remembered for her knowledge and bravery. Her body still lies in the beautiful house of her parents which the whole family still live in.

By Anthony R Ximena

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 Toby woke up very early to get ready for Crystallis. The mist was foggier than usual, the sun was as blazing as a light and the air seemed very silent.

"I've got all my clothes", checked Toby.

"How about you're books and equipment, have you got those", asked Matilda who was very keen to help Toby pack. She wanted to go to Crystallis more than Toby but she still had five years to go until she was ten.

"Yes I've bought that"

"Have you bought The Big Book of Children's Magical Tales"

"No, you keep it, they probably have it at the library"

"But everyone will borrow it"

They've got more than one copy, they've probably got like twenty copies"


"Toby, the rabbits here", called Jane.

Toby and Matilda quickly locked the suit case and ran outside.

"Oh Toby, I'm going to miss you so much" cried Jane

"Remember to write to us okay", reminded Arnold.

"Oh and tell me how the school looks now, especially Hazelears"

"And Flusterwing", added Jane.


"You've got thirty seconds", interrupted an annoying conducter with brown greasy hair and a very bushy mustache  on the rabbit.

"By mum, by dad, by Matilda"

"Toby gave them all a hug"

"I'll see you on April break"


Toby hopped onto the ladder and started to climb onto the rabbit. The rabbit started hopping away quite quickly. From the distance he saw his family waving. He waved back sadly but he was so happy that he was going to Crystallis. He was waiting quietly at the rail on the edge. Everybody was going crazy and running around.

Toby really wished that Benny, Kitty and Karma were here on the rabbit so he could do the same thing. He had no friends in Hazelears.Their was a beautiful small girl with curly brown her and wide engaging eyes standing beside Toby. 

"Hi I'm Ella", greeted a very pretty girl with long, curly brown hair and Hazel eyes. "Oh nice to meet you I'm Toby"

 "That's so funny that's my cousins name. You live in a very nice town"

"I've lived there my whole life, it's quite nice but their is a lot of haunted places"

"Your lucky"


"Because Crystallis is haunted and you'll be used to the rest of the ghosts"

"True, but the ghosts at Crystallis are friendly, well I think so"

"I'll be quite scared because I live in a Norman house"

"Are you born to Norman parents"

"No, I was adopted because my mother died"

"That's so sad, I'm sorry"

"It's alright, she died when I was born so I don't who she is"

"Wait how about your dad"

"He divorced my mum before I was born"

"Oh, right"

"Well anyways I went to an orphanage and when I was five I got adopted by an evil lady in my opinion"


"She makes me do chores all the time and same as the others, she also gives you terrible punishments"


"Oh I have 12 brothers and sisters who aren't related to me but they were adopted as well"

"What does she do exactly"

"Whenever we accidentally interrupt her she strikes us in the face, she then locks us in our rooms, well actually room, we all share a tiny room"

"Barlow Frankit"

 What does that mean"

"Doesn't matter just continue"

"And we have to starve for six days straight"

"You should report her"

"To who"

"I don't know, anybody"

"There isn't much choices"

"Yes there is"

"Give me a suggestion"



"Yeah you're right"

Soon the sky become darker and the air grew colder as they got closer to Crystallis. They could faintly see rose gold lights flicker from the distance and pastel blue towers sorted oddly.

"It's beautiful isn't it"

"Yes very"

"It's nothing compared to my house"

"Ouch", everyone shouted.

The rabbit stopped at the palace grounds but stopped directly at a pot hole. 

"What was that for you idiot", yelled a girl with black hair and a long, flared nose her eyes were so small but they looked very square like.

"You're so stupid", teased a boy with thick orange hair and a deluded expression.

"That's a great first impression", screeched a child who looked like neither a girl or boy. They looked like a little elf.

"Guys, stop teasing, it was just an accident calm down. You'll probably be the one who's laughed at next", summoned Toby. Ella blushed at his response. 

"What's your problem", asked the orange haired boy.

"You guys are my problem"

"Guess what, you're my problem so move"

"There's no need to be so mean", backed Ella.

"Don't talk to me you filthy orphan"

"Don't you little scab", exasperated Toby.

"The boy studied him for a little while and stopped at Toby's ankles"

"What's your name"

"Toby, Toby Parker"

"Barlow Frankit, everyone listen here"

"This is Parker, that stupid Arnold boy's son"

The crowd started laughing historically.

"Don't say anything about my father"

You're father was a terrible man, he murdered non other than the great Heather Gilbert"

Toby w a s bewildered at this fib.

"That's a complete lie, my dad was a great man and he would never kill anybody"

"Come on Toby lets go", Ella demanded.

"We don't need to listen to these guys"

Toby and Ella ran down the ladder very quickly. They ran into a crowd of people talking and yelling, it was so loud.

"I think there's about seven hundred kids here". Estimated Toby

"More than that", emphasised Ella.

"Um Ella"


"I need to tell you something"

"What is it"

"The people on the ride all said that my dad murdered a girl, do you think that's true"

"Of course not, they just want a reason to tease you, it is so ironic that they are in Hazelears, don't you think"

"Very ironic"

They both laughed simultaneously.

"One more question"


"How did they know that you're an orphan"

"Ella gulped fearfully"

"He lives near us, I never new his name, he is quite nice to Normans but he hates orphans. I have no idea why but rumour has it that that his parents are strong followers of Terry Sapphire"

"You know who Terry Sapphire is"

"No clue, only thing I know about him that he is very dark and powerful who's lived for centuries"

Toby looked down disappointed 

"My friend Benny got possessed by Terry Sapphire"

"How, what happened"

Toby told Ella the whole story. She was obviously dying for more details about the story. She was very talented at magic.



"Terry Sapphire obviously really wants the necklace for a reason. It must be very powerful I think otherwise why would he want it"

"I don't know"

"I think that we should ask Kitty and Karma"

"And Benny"


"I've already asked them and they said that they have no idea about this necklace"

"You know that they might be hiding it"

"But they would never lie"

"If it's necessary they would"

Toby didn't agree with that but he didn't argue back.

"Can we go and find Benny, Kitty and Karma"

"Yes that will be great"

They searched around the palace front were everybody was crowded. People were pushing and nudging each other trying to reach friends.

"There's Benny" 

They raced over to him. Beside him was a tall sandy blonde haired boy with green eyes. On the other side was a tall girl with wavey, red Ruby hair with wide engaging hazel eyes and Pale snow skin. She was absolutely beautiful.

"Hey Toby how was the ride"

"Good, this is my friend Ella I met"

"Hi, Toby's told me all about you Benny and we need to ask you-"

"Not know Ella"

"Hi Ella", greeted Benny.

"This is Bixie"

"Hi Bixie pleasure to meat you", said Ella.

"Hi, I'm Toby Parker"

"Oh yeah, you're the son of that Arnold Parker who killed that princess, well I better go than"

"Come on Annie"

"Bixie kicked her in the back of her leg"

"Well nice meeting you Toby and Ella"

Toby stared at her in awe. Her beautiful Ruby hair swaying back and forth with her pale snow skin.

Annie walked away with Bixie guiltily.

"Why are you friends with them", asked Toby.

"Well they're really nice"

"No they're not, Bixie told a complete lie"

"Um Toby well the rumour-"

"So you believe it to, you know my dad, he would never murder anybody"

"You think I believe it, of course I don't I'm just saying that-"

"You do believe it, I know you do"

"Stop interrupting me"

"I don't want to hear anything about the rumours though"

"Leave me alone"

Benny stormed off angrily in hatred.

"Why didn't you let me ask him the question"

"We need to ask them all together"

"Oh yeah I forgot about that"

"I really don't like the lot of them"

"To me Benny is quite nice but I do see what you mean. Annie on the other hand is so loyal and friendly. Bixie though seems like a really mean person"

"You're right actually Annie is really nice"

"I bet you that Bixie is a Wildousclaw"

"No he's a Pearltail, I saw his uniform"

"Oh. Can we try and find those twins you were talking about"

"Kitty and Karma"

"Yeah, but we need to ask them all together"

"Let's just forget about that for now"

"But we could've asked Benny then"

"He knows nothing about the necklace"

"You could of said that before"

"But I thought you said we're going to meet Kitty and Karma so that's why I added Benny"

"Oh right, sorry"

"It's all good"

"We'll have to ask the twins"

"Let's go find them"

They scattered through the crowd trying to catch the twins jet black hair.They finally spotted them sitting on a seat, reading books.

"Hey guys how was the ride", asked Toby. Kitty and Karma lifted there books.

"Barlow Frankit",screeched Kitty. He put his book up to his sight again.

"Hi Toby, the ride was really nice",greeted Karma. He put his book back to his nose.

"We're really sorry that we can't talk because we have to study something really important"

"I'm sorry too but what we're about to ask you is more important than reading", muttered Ella.

"I'm sure it's important but we can't study any other time but you can ask us so,etching any time"

"Fine then, come on Ella let's go"

Ella slowly started to walk away in disappointment.

"We're really sorry"

"It's fine we understand"

They ran away from all the crowds, trying to find a good place to talk in peace. They ducked in to a little cave underneath a pair of glittering opal stairs.

"The twins are really sweet", complemented Ella.

"Oooohhhh somebody's in love", teased Toby.

"I'm not, saying that someone is sweet is a synonym to nice"

"I'm just kidding but yeah you're right they are really nice"

"Nicer than Benny"

"You can say that for sure"

They stared at the sky because they were so bored but finally Ella started a conversation.

"Did you bring a pet to school"

"A pet"


"I never knew we were aloud to"

"It said on one of the notes"


"I bought a pet, it's in my bag"

"Isn't it going to suffocate"

"No, of course not it doesn't need to live on oxygen"

"What animal is it"

Ella searched into her bag and found a cage which the pet was living in.

"This is a miniature horned exobreather "

Inside the cage was a small, fluffy animal that looked like a furry amphibian with claws, horns and wide almond eyes.

"It's adorable"

"I know"

"I found it on the streets"

"How do you know if it's a magical animal then"

"I looked it up in one of my textbooks, I'm doing Education of Magical Animals as my extra subject"

"Oh cool, I was going to do the animal one but I chose something else"

"What is it that you chose"

"Enchanted Food"

"Nice, I was going to do that as well but I think I'm better with animals"

"I'm going to do the animal one next year"

"Do you have any pets at home"

"Well kind of, it's my sisters pet hozaleap Charlotte"

"I love hozaleaps, wait you have a sister"

"Yeah, she's five and her name's Matilda"

"Nice name"

"I'll tell her that"

There backs started hurting from getting squashed into the hole under the stairs so they moved out of it and headed into the big crowd that was still super busy.

"I'm so hungry"


"I wish we could go inside and have dinner"

"It's not fair"

"ALL TEN YEAR OLDS FOLLOW ME PLEASE, ALL TEN YEAR OLDS", ordered a tall, skinny man with a long, craning neck. He had ridiculously long finger nails which was a wonder how he could grab things. He also had thick white and brown, bushy eyebrows that was way over grown. Toby and Ella followed him while trying to hide from Benny, Bixie and Annie.

"Where are we going", asked Ella.

"I hope we're going to have dinner", chortled Toby.

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