International Women's Day


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Chapter 1

March 8th is International Women's Day: Do not forget to pay tribute to the women of your life! March 8th is an important day, a moment of collective reflection to remember how much we still have to do to ensure equal rights and dignity for women in all areas: in the family, society, work .

Women's Day is an opportunity then to perform acts that honor the presence of mothers, sisters, daughters and girlfriends or fiancée of his wife, the companion of your life. Each of them welcomes you with joy, even a simple greeting from you.

If you are so kind to think of a little gift, remember that the tradition is to donate mimosas. A branch is already a symbol of celebration and good wishes, do not hesitate to offer: the bright yellow color, the colorful and fragrant clusters announce the spring and bring a breath of joy. If you opt for a bouquet demimosas or a fine mixed composition, you will have very happy recipient of the wreath.Mimosas, you can combine chocolates or stuffed animals, a card with a special message or a gift card. The top of the list of the most appreciated gifts are also the favorite author's latest book, a DVD, a good music CD, a voucher for a spa or a new spring-summer accessory to show at the earliest opportunity .

If you need advice and inspiration, visit our website where we offer flowers and gifts for all occasions. We have also prepared a page dedicated to the celebration of the woman, mimosas, bouquets of flowers, bouquets and many other gift ideas you will be spoiled for choice! Visit Here for more information.

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