grown men don't cry


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grown men don't cry

something was missing 

i saw the look in your eyes

as i told you i couldn't do it anymore 

i never meant to hurt you 

but i have to put myself first sometimes 

your eyes were glossy

bloodshot; as you looked right through me

i knew they were lying when they said

grown men don't cry


i was sick of lying to please you

it's not my job to tease you; it's hers

she's exactly what i'm not and i'm confused

i'm honestly just going through it

i can't explain my thoughts about you

i'm sick and i need time to get better

my mind is wounded; give me time to heal


loving you as a friend drives me crazy

you mean too much to me

i need a break

i need some space

cut me a break

i'm sick of always acting fake 


you're not a brother; you're like a father to me

you could read my lies through my lips as i spoke

so softly as not to slit your throat

i regret my choice of words, but i don't regret my choice 

i apologize if you never understand my intentions

if you never realize that i despise our status


i sat not across from you but adjacent 

i'm afraid one day you'll replace me with a better friend

someone who knows how to be a good friend

i don't know how to treat a man and

you sat there listening so patiently


my words burning through your chest as fire

my words soaking through your veins like poison

your body was with me, but your soul had gone on

i killed a part of you i didn't want to deal with anymore

i killed a part of you i knew i couldn't heal anymore


it was time for us to sort out our emotions alone

as in on our own because i can't do this with you

i love you like no other, and i don't wanna say goodbye

i know they were lying when they said

grown men don't cry

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