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It's just sad with all the time we shared 

All the memories we made in such a short time

Maybe that's why you forget to call sometimes

I figured I'd cross your mind every few months 

Every now and then I think about you too much 

My heart aches as if I made a mistake


Somewhere down the line 

I wish I could turn back time 

I'm overthinking it yet again 

You told me you'd always be there

Even though I've never really needed anything 

Hopefully one day we'll make up for the lost time


Maybe next time we'll click for good 

All the things I could've confessed when I had the chance

Time isn't on my side, no it isn't

I never took the time to tell you how I'm feeling

Now I feel like I'm missing someone; something 

I feel like I’ve run out of time

But I just have to trust God's timing 


I want to beg him for another chance with you 

Another chance to express true emotions to you 

Another chance to support you in tough times

Another chance to say what's really on my mind

Another chance to not be afraid of the real you

Another chance to really fall in love with you


They say if you love something let it go

But I can't bear the thought of you forgetting me

So I let go with all my hopes, dreams, needs

You made my fantasies so clean and wholesome

It was amazing getting to know someone like you

I just wanted to get to know you better

There was no lust within your heart

And that gave me life that I can't describe

All the laughter and the awkward silence


I remember the first time you got mad at me

I remember the first time we made up 

I remember the first time I made up my mind

I remember the first time I thought you lost yours

I remember when I finally had to let you go


Distance is a blessing and curse within itself 

We're both living life and experiencing things

Making money, buying things, killing time

I'm just afraid we don't have enough of it

What if you find someone more to your liking? 

Is her connection stronger than our struggle?


I'm just thankful we met at such a crazy time

I'm just thankful I got to spend time with you 

I'm just thankful I felt safe when you were with me

I'm just thankful I forgave you and you forgave me

I'm just thankful that I was given any time at all


The stories you'd bring to life in motion

Your emotions so organic and virtuous

It was my eyes looking through yours

Of course I never wanted to look away

Still wishing I had more time to say how I really felt

This isn't any feeling I've ever dealt with


All summer long wishing you'd take the time to call

Now it's going into the fall and still time flies by

I'm waiting for time to pick me up along the way

Take me on a ride back to a brighter day

Not knowing or caring when I'd see you again

12 hours away realizing you were such a real friend


I know this can't be the end of our friendship 

If I had the chance, I still couldn't change a thing

Now I've returned and I heard you're leaving soon

I let go and never got to say what's on my mind

I guess that means I've run out of time 

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