Vampires Untie


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Chapter 1: Meet The Vamps

 Hi! My name is twilight vamp. If you didn’t know i’m a vampire! I’m going to tell you my family names and personality! 1: my mother. 109 years old. Loves to drink blood and eats popcorn. Hate to get in the sunlight and hate to do laundry. 2: my father. Age: 1067. Traits: loves to swim at night loves the moonlight hates to clean up and do not like smokers. 3: my sister moonlight. Age: 11 traits: loves to sing vampires songs and loves to jump. Hates to hide hates to smile. 4: Me! Age: 14 traits: loves to hide and turn into a bat. Hates to eat bacon and hates to smile. Now you know us. The next episode will be on 10/10/17

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