Rules you should know before writing a fiction story


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Chapter 1

Fiction is basically the content fashioned from the imagination of the fiction writer. It can be a mystery, a fiction of science, it could be romantic, fantasy, or even thriller. These all are the types of fiction stories. As it is an imaginative one, it is necessary for a writer to have an ability to overthink. It seems hard to write a fiction story but it not if it is written with following rules.

1.       Transformation of imagination into reality

People love to see fantasized stories or the stories that don’t exist but exist in their imagination due to the book or short story they are reading. It is the responsibility of a fictional writer to maintain their expectations. Mostly, it is innate in a fiction writer to create an environment for the reader to imagine the fictional story as real. The best thing about a fictional story is the idealism, it presents a story which is the fantasy of every person. This is why it is adored by many readers, it makes them happy and they easily get connected to the story.

2.       Complete Knowledge

Before writing a story, it is necessary for the writer to know about the story completely. It is not necessary to have the idea that doesn’t exist before but you can take help from the stories that are presented by many fiction and nonfiction ghostwriting or direct authors. It will expand your thinking and you will be able to think on a wider level. If you already have an idea, then researching about the already made stories will help you transform your story into a completely new level.

3.       Trust your instinct and knowledge

After researching, in the end, it is you who have to decide about the story. Taking knowledge is enough but follow what you think will be good and attractive to the reader. Trust your own judgment, it will be more beneficial for you because it if the writer is comfortable with the stuff he or she is writing then the end result, is most probably the best one.

4.       Project planning

Before starting any project, whether small or big, it is necessary for you to plan things out. What will be the time period of project execution as it will continuously motivate you to complete the project on time? Moreover, you should set some standards that you want to incorporate in the story in order to have the outcome same as you expected. 

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