Harry Potter and The Tale Of Death


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Chapter One: The Dark Mark Resurrected

              Summer came and went as the breezy Autumn cooled down the incredibly hot weather that was overwhelming all the people who worked outdoors. The golden leaves of the trees at the gracious Avenue had  fallen at once as a strong breeze came and swept them away lazily. Miles away from rows of glowing trees stood a tiny mansion surrounded by gigantic trees that completely obscured this building. A massive garden planted with the most exotic and the magical plants which you could only find here are built at the backyard of the house. The strange thing is that all Muggles (non-magical people) who happened to get near the mansion do not notice the mansion. Well you see, the Potter family, the resident of this mansion, are wizards and witches. This mansion was enchanted to keep out  Muggles. All they could see is the ruins of an ancient house with a warning sign telling Muggles to keep out.

             Although it was only dawn, the Potter family had already woken up and had ended the delicious breakfast with an animated conversation. "Harry, are you alright? You looks... horrible!"claimed Ginny, as she glanced at Harry's face."Haven't slept well in days...""Is it because of the mysterious wizard attack again?""Yeah, The attack is pretty much happening once in every hour."Harry sighed. "Well, good luck"  He nodded as he grabbed a handful of Floo Powder.  “Good day, Master Harry!"sqeaked Kreacher in the kitchen as he finished off washing the dishes. "Good day to you too" said Harry kindly and with a swift toss of the Floo Powder into the fireplace, turning it emerald green, he stepped into the flames, shouting 'Auror Office' clearly.

              The next second, he had found himself in his familiar office decorated with paintings and portraits who love to visit their pals in Hogwarts. He waved his wand and a teacup, a packet coffee powder, a spoon, along with a mini kettle soon began brewing coffee. He seized the cup and grabbed a seat as he scanned through headline making coked and gaped at the Daily Prophecy: You-Know-Who is back?! He sipped his coffee as he sped off reading the newspaper with such speed that he wasn't even sure whether he was reading at the right line of the report.

               The Dark Mark, known as the sign of You-Know-Who, had been sighted at Hogwarts, causing worries in the wizarding world. Aurors had been sent there with nothing remaining besides a couple of charred and burnt marks on the ground. We  had later been informed that along with The Dark Mark being sent into the sky, there was a attack which occured this dawn."I saw The Dark Mark hanging high at dawn, which the sky was still engulfed by darkness. I rushed to the open ground of Hogwarts along with other professor who also saw the Mark. When we approached the location where it was lit, we saw a couple of hooded and masked figures firing off curses and hexes towards us."said Mrs McGonagall, the headmistress of Hogwarts.

                  She did not gave furthermore information about the battle but it had been revealed that the intruders were after something of Dumbledore's which is difficult to determine as it is known that Dumbledore possessed a lot of mysterious equipments. More information on Page 2.

             As quickly as he had been here, he stood up, seized a handful of Floo Powder, threw them into the fireplace and once again shouting 'Dumbledore's office'. He got out of the fireplace, only to find Hermione discussing something with Mrs McGonagall."There was an attack?"questioned Harry before any if them could open their mouth.

 "Yes, and a very strange one indeed."answered McGonagall.

"Why's that?"

"Well, not only were we attacked, but also Dumbledore's office and coffin was searched..."

 What?! thought Harry, flared up at once. "Was  anything missing?"Mrs McGonagall shook her head. Along with the anger, Harry also felt perplexed: What was the object that the intruders had desired? Surely there wasn't anything valuable in Dumbledore's tomb? Unless...

              "Hermione! The Elder Wand! It's in Dumbledore's tomb!" Hermione looked baffled at first, but also like Harry, jumped up aggressively, causing the objects on the dest to flip and fell."What do you reckon?" "One way to find out!"Hermione waved her wand randomly, restoring the desk and all other equipments and instruments before zooming out of the office, ignoring the startled and confused look on Mrs McGonagall's face. Anxiety and fear swallowed Harry's heart like black hole as he and Hermione sprinted along the corridor at breakneck speed, passing by portraits saying thing like,"That can't be the well-known Harry Potter?"-or-"Is that the Chosen One?". It can't be missing thought Harry.

               Moments later, Harry, Hermione and Mrs McGonagall all sat quietly in the office, all trying to admit the ugly truth; the search had comfirmed his worst fear: The Elder Wand was missing...


                Mrs McGonagall was the first to break the silence."How did the Death Eaters knew that you buried the Elder Wand in Dumbledore's tomb? I mean, you didn't everyone that you placed the Elder Wand in the tomb, did you?"Harry was thinking the same thing, too. After all, he had only confined it on Hermione and Ron...

                Without warning, the slowly dying fire turned into high emerald green flame for the second time, and Ron stepped out of the fireplace the next second. Panting, Ron shrieked,"Harry, Hermione, there is a Dementors attack at the Atrium, you have to get back, NOW!"


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This chapter is fine except that its strange that Harry, an Auror, found out about the attack from a newspaper that he got this morning, but the article was published at around the same time. I don't think that's how newspaper works, even in HP's world. Pretty sure the Aurors, being the police, would know about crimes from their own internal system instead of the news.

Chapter 2: Double Dementors Attack

                   The first thing Harry saw when he got out of the fire place was a pair of Dementors gliding towards him. Without hesitation, he took out his wand and yelled,“Expecto Patronum!". A silver stag soared from the tip of his wand, causing the Dementors to retreat backwards. The once freezing cold Atrium filled with dispair and been replaced instead with a warm, hopeful feeling. The Patronuses of Ron's and Hermione whirled towards the Dementors, melting them into darkness. 

                Other wizards and witches who had trouble getting rid of the Dementors all cheered at the sight  of their new savior. However, Harry had noticed that although his Patronus had been able to keep them out of range, they remained lingering around the elevator for the visitors instead of vanishing. “Why are they still here,"questioned Ron with a frightened tone," when we did..." A flash flicked through his mind as he interjected,"Our Patronuses is not doing the job. Too many of them."

"Do you mean to say that...we...we are getting everyone who here doesn't know to conjure a Patronus to do one?" stammered Ron.

"Unless you want to get your soul sucked out, yes, that's what we will do."retorted Harry.


Hermione turned around, and announced nervously but confidently,"All of you, like us who have just done it, to cast a Patronus. There isn't enough to deal with the horde of-""Hermione, HURRY UP!" warned Harry as his stag vanished with pop, and all the Dmentors took the perfect opportunity and all gilded towards them."The spell is 'Expecto Patronum', and remember to have happy thoughts when casting one. Okay, let's go! Expecto Patronum!" The next moment, as Harry had expected, the Atrium was filled with smoke vapour soaring out of wands. What he didn't expect is that the in the next moment, the not completely formed Patronus merged together, forming a mighty wyvern bared with shiny, glowing scales and horns, glittering as the beautiful creature soared gracefully across the Fountain of Magical Brethren, along with a terrier, a stag, an otter, a hawk, a bunny and an owl.

                  The Dementors vanished with such speed that Harry pondered whether the attack was nothing but simply a  hallucination. The second the workers of the Ministry realised that all the Dementors were all gone, they cheered and whooped and dashed around squeaking stuff like-"Did you see that wyvern and the stag?"-or-"Merlin's Beard I couldn't believe it! I managed to perform a Patronus spell!".  

                    "Where did that wyvern come from?" asked Ron blankly. "It's the... the Merging Charm. It's one of the spell for N.E.W.T.s Level, not to mention part of the list for the most difficult spell ever known. Even I have to practice until midnight. And that's just three and four spells." said Hermione shockingly,"I doubt whether even Dumbledore could merge so many Patronuses in a row-""Hang on," gaped Ron with his mouth opened,"are you saying the Merging Charm could mix different spells together and-""No, it has to be the same spell that you are merging. It's the Principal Rule of..." But Harry wasn't listening. He and Ron shared a look that evidently revealed they were both think the same: If Hermione is finding something difficult, neither will they make an exception.

                     "...So the person must be really outstanding in Charms to perform that."finished Hermione as she galnced around, clearly trying to figure out who did it. "What's the reason for the no-mixing-different-spells law?"asked Ron. "Well, because...for example, hexes and jinxes have alternative ways of casting them-""I don't understand."said Ron flatly."-Look, you know for some curses requires you jabbing at the target and some needs you to wave your wand? Anyway that's just an example so basically it's because in most cases they clashes and repel against each other."

                     "That make real sense."said Ron sarcastically but Hermione seemed to lost patience and gave on exaplaining futher more. However, Harry wasn't paying attention. He was in lost thoughts of imagining how Avada Kedavra, the killing curse's power will increase if that many of te curse was merged...

                      Harry was brought to reality when Ron gave him a tiny nudge. "We have here, mate." Harry drew his hand to pull down the handle, attempting to open the door, only to find it locked. "Locked?"whispered Hermione. Harry nodded and she flicked her wand, and the door opened,  and they found a cloaked man standing in the middle of the room with a surprised face. Harry reacted instinctively, grabbed his wand and said,"Impedimenta!". The man flicked his wand twice, one to Stun Hermione and Ron and a second one is to deflect his jinx. ""Legilmens!" and his memories, one by one were being read...

                     "No,"moaned Harry,"Protego!". The spell was repelled on the man, and Harry saw flashes of his mind: a man surrounded by wizards was being tortured with the Cruciatus Curse and a lady laying dead on the floor with a boy crying beside her... and Harry was brought to reality again. Ge stared at the man, looking at demented face.“Stupefy!" but it was still too late:  the mysterious man had Apparated. Harry flicked his wand again, and both Ron and Hermione opened their and got up. "What the-"said Ron as they entered the room; it was rummaged and looked as if it was robbed. "Harry! Chack if anything is missing!"gasped Hermione. But none possession of Harry was. Even though he only managed to take a glance on that man, he was sure that he had seen him somwhere before. He stared around as his mind resumed racing. Then without warning, Hermione jumped up and shouted,"Harry! Where's your Invisibility Cloak?" 


                       "James had it, but why?""Harry, hurry up! There are in danger now! That man just now, possibly one of the invaders which assaulted Hogwarts, is after both of them!"

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Some weird logic is the MoM workers being there. If they were Aurors, wouldn't Aurors know how to cast a Patronus, and if they weren't, why were they there?

The whole explanation of the Merging Charm and the Laws were kind of redundant and doesn't make sense to be in there since they were in the middle of a situation. Also, what room were they in?

I like the idea of the mysterious person casting the Merging Charm, as well as the realisation that Hermione had about the Cloak. I'm assuming she realised they were after the Hallows, and good on you for not giving another long drawn out explanation of what Hermione realised.

Chapter 3: The Thief

                           A man with wearing a travelling cloak had just emerged out of the dense, bushy Forbidden Forest. He marched silently towards the humongous castle glowing under the scorching sun under a Disillusionment Charm so strong he looked as though he was invisible. He was pondering whether he should sneak into the castle or be open of why he is here. He glanced around as more and more memories poured out: The Quidditch stadium, The Greenhouse, the lake and Hogmede...

                       He stared admiringly at tower before and transforming into a raven in a whirl. He flew and soared around the castle, searching both the castle and his memories as he seeked for the Gryffindor dormitory. At there he found his target and in just a blink of an eye, he dived down, towards the transparent window with a wooden boarder. Just when he was inches away from hitting the window, he transformed back and clutching his wand, he yelled,"RUDUCTO!". And the wall, together with the window, was blasted into debris and pieces. Just about time, he landed rough on the marble floor. The man knew clearly the little mayhem he caused was going to attract some attention and so he had to hide as quick as possible. He brandished his wand and muttered,"Reparo.", and the debris and pieces all sealed and repaired itself incredulously. Sure enough, the door burst opened and Mrs McGonagall, the headmistress and a couple students came in. "Where? Didn't you lot say that there was an explosion?"demanded Mrs McGonagall, not before glancing around. "Yeah, there was! I heard it in the Great Hall," reassured a student with hilarious little green lime hat on his brown hair,"Wasn't there? Pequish?" The student, who was shot with a warning glare, agreed though with less certainty.

                      "Well, I could see no sign of an explosion. Maybe you three was simply misheard. "I suggests you sleep early tonight. And,"added Mrs McGonagall sternly as they showed signs of interrupting,"you better hurry up with your lunch, next lesson will be in less than ten minutes." She turned and left, leaving the trio behind. The trio, too, got out of the dormitory, cursing under their breath. The man looked around, and finally he found a trunk with a name tag of 'Sirius James' on it. He flicked his wand, and the trunk split into two ways, revealing the content of the trunk. And there, the Invisibility Cloak stayed, glittering under the sunlight. He grabbed the cloak, which felt as light as air and as soft as water, and another flick of the wand the trunk remained cloased again.

                       When he was just about to leave, he felt his pocket burning and knew immediately something was wrong. He took out a paper roll, untied the knot and the piece of parchment rolled out, entitled 'Aurors are on their way. Harry James Potter had arrived'. He edged back to glance through window and sure enough, Aurors after Aurors came into the castle. Silent cursing for his bad luck, he gave his wand another flick and left.

                        "Albus! James! Where are you?" shrieked Harry as barged into the Great Hall packed with students all finishing their lunch."Dad! What the-what happened?""Haven't time got time to explain. Where's the Cloak?"said Harry, avoiding the word 'Invisibility'. "In my trunk but wh-”Harry had already starting to drag both of  them before out before he could complete his words."Dad, or anyone! Please explain to me what is going on!"shrieked Albus. "The invaders of Higwarts earlier on are after the Cloak so we have to get it before them and, get both of you and Lily to safety."breathed Harry as he followed the lead Albus and James, dashing by portraits and painting. Just after he completed his sentence. he collided with something right when he began picking up speed.

                         Something flicked through his mind as he brandished his wand. He flicked and shouted,"Albus, go and get Mrs McGonagall! James, find and inform Hermione and Ron.". The wall was and the Invisibility Cloak was, too blasted away, I  revealing the thief clutching the Cloak whom Harry recognise as the man back in his office. "Stupefy!""Ennervate!" Both of the spell collided in the air, sending sparks everywhere."Stupefy! Protego!""Impedimenta! Incendio!"All nearby students' head popped out of the classroom with excited and frightened faces, watching the ultimate duel. Harry and the man began casting jinxes and hexes one by one non-verbally without noticing and suddenly-“Brachiabindo!", and the Bounding Curse shot towards the man he was dueling. The man deflected the curse, while saying calmly,"Mrs McGonagall." Harry turned around, just in time to see Mrs McGonagall sprinting towards them, armed with her wand with a startled face."He...Heron, is that really you? But how? I thought you were dead-""Nearly, indeed."replied the man called Heron, who resumed deflecting jinxes and hexes fired by Harry.

                         "Where have been all these years? There had been rumours that you were dead. And why are you here now-""To get revenge, of course,"interjected Heron, as his face slowly turned into a inhuman face,"All of you do not understand the pain and agony I have experienced throughout these years. I was totured I couldn't even feel anything anymore. Where I was, I did not know. Why was I here, I know not, too. But still, I remained alive. The reason I know not, but I was sure that one last thing I will do is to get revenge. I shall, and must let them have the pain I undergo." 

                         The duel had lasted to the Great Hall, left with a couple of students rushing towards the exit, only to find the famous Harry and the headmistress battling with a man who seemed merely bored and troubled.

                         Harry waved his wand, and the forsks and knives soared through the air, thrusting towards the man in front of him"REDUCTO!" yelled the man, and the army of cutlerieshad been blasted into pieces. He conjured an enermous Shield Charm to block all jinxes casted by both Mrs McGonagall and Harry, while saying,"Harry Potter, Mrs McGonagall, please. Minerva, you know perfectly I do not want to fight you. Especially you, Potter. I have respect on you. I am begging you.""I won't give up unless you do. Heron."retorted Harry, finally breaking the Shield Charm. "Give up? Give up on my plan which I have been working for years, you mean? Never-""Heron! You foolish child! I am here to inform you that the families who have been involved in that incident had been sentence to death! Is that not enough-""THEY TORTURED MY BROTHER TO DEATH, CAUSING MY MOTHER TO DIE AFTER SUFFERING ALMOST AS MUCH I DID AND MY DAD'S BODY HAD BEEN FOUND IN THE FOREST OF ALBANIA, WITH HIS SOUL SUCKED OUT BY DEMENTORS! And you tell me to forgive them? After all they had done to me? Very well, If that's your answer, I shall fight you both to death."

                          "Crucio! Crucio! Incendio!" . Curses after curses went after Mrs McGonagall and Harry like sea waves, resulting both of them to retreat. Harry dived down just in time to avoid the Cruciatus Curse and-"Avada Kedavra!". Harry jumped up, sent a Stun Spell and both of the hex collided in mid-air. "Harry! Mrs McGonagall!" The trio turned, all shocked to discover Ron, Hermione and an army of Aurors sprinting towards. "Seize him!"yelled Harry, pointing his at Heron and the army immediately surrounded the man. Heron seemed to have only reveal his real skills and power now. He waved and whirled his wand wildly around, sending jinxes everywhere, as if he doesn't even care about the target. The Aurors circled around the man, deflecting curses after curses and suddenly-"RUDUCTO!" and half of the ceiling collapse down, showering upon everyone. When the vision was finally clear, Harry realised that Heron had escaped away.

                           "He's there!!"hissed a heavily bearded Auror, Harry glanced at the direction where he was pointing, only to find Heron waving his wand, and the window beside him was blasted opened. He transform into a raven and flew out of the castle, towards the Forbidden Forest.


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My only issue with this is the part where Heron gives a huge shout and conveniently explains how his family died. You don't need that, mainly because we already can see it from the part where Harry deflected the Legillimency Spell back at Heron, which showed us the part where he sees his family die. Once you tell us something which basically is "TLDR The incident caused my entire family to die" part, the readers can just connect the dots. If you want, you can expand on the Legillimens part.

Also you should probably just add in a part where the Aurors and everyone had casted Protego, if not I don't see how everyone can survive a ceiling collapse.

Chapter 4: The Forest Again

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Chapter 8: The Wand Maker

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Extra: Feedback, please!

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Chapter 6: A Visit to Huffletown

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Chapter 7: The Twisted Mystery

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Chapter 5: Descendant of Helga Hufflepuff

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Chapter 10: Dudley Dueling

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Chapter 9: The Fourth Hallow

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Chapter 11: The Five Howlers

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Chapter 12: Tale of Heroin Huffle

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Worst Christmas

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