Murder mystery


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Hello, detective!

 Hello detective, I am Hayley. Who am I? Well my sister got murdered last week and I need your help finding out who murdered her. I got a book of information for you to flip through to help solve the murder. If you find the murdered please contact me with the phone I left in page 6. Good luck detective!

The book:

Page 1: My sister’s name is Molanie Loa, she is 15 and you can ask her best friend Mooka Pika for more Information about Molanie. However, Mooka has 3 other twins who pretend to be her. The real Mooka will know how to pronounce Molanie. It is pronounced Mow-Lun-Ey

Page 2: On the night she got murdered she was with her other friend Kiya Fud, you can ask Kiya about what happened. Kiya should be at 123 Goodya Rd Cloverdale California. Yes I know, California is 5 hours away! Don’t worry, I left a plane ticket for you on page 7.

Page 3: Right before Molanie was murdered she texted me that she was going to the bathroom. So I am assuming she got murdered in the bathroom. It was a bathroom in her school. The janitor said she found blood in the bathroom. I have also found suspects for you and what they said is on page 8.

Page 4: The prize if you find out the murderer is 500k.

Page 5: The next three pages is infomation. Good Luck!

Page 6:📱Phone number is 7268 9926 0127        

Page 7: 💳 Flight is in 2 hours get to the airport now. Airport address is 45 Sizzo Rd Canada

Page 8: This is what the first suspect said: The first suspect (the janitor): I did not murder Molanie. I was just simply cleaning and doing my job! I found blood in the bathroom 15 minutes after the murder happened so I did not do it.

Second suspect (Kiya Fud): We were walking in the school talking about class then Molanie said she wanted to go to the toilet. I was then waiting outside the toilets talking to my friend Lisa Yi. Then Lisa wanted to go to the toilet too. So I was waiting for them both.

Third suspect (Lisa Yi):

I was doing a favor for the principal then I went to chat with Kiya Fud. Then Kiya wanted to go to the toilets with Molanie because Kiya was scared of the toilets since Tina Bruce, Eetha Yup, Sinclair Poof and Willa Urari were spreading rumors about ghosts being in the toilets.

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 Location: Airport

Airport: Flight to California leaves in 30 minutes please board the plane carefully.

You step in the plane

Flight Attendant: Hello, please show me your ticket

You:  💳

Flight Attendant: Great. Please go to your seat and have a great flight with American Airlines.

Five hours later. You arrive in California.

You: Awesome! Im in California! Now I need to flip through the book again and find Kiya’s Address.

Kiya’s Address is on Page 2 of the book.

You: Great. I better use the phone Hayley gave me on Page 6 to call the Taxi. Wait, I dont know the number of the taxi since Hayley only put her number in the book. God dammit! Guess I have to walk. Ill search Kiya’s address on Google and see how many hours it will take to walk there!

You type Kiya’s Address on the Google Search Bar.

Google: 123 Goodya Rd Cloverdale California is 3 hours away.

You: Seriously? I have to pull this heavy suitcase for 3 hours? Ill just call Hayley and see if she can help.

You take the phone out and call Hayley.

You: Hey Hayley. I just landed


You: Hey, Calm down I didn’t

Hayley: 😐

Hayley: So what are you calling for?

You: I need some cash and the Taxi number

Hayley: Taxi number is 2964 4529 6237

You: Cash?

Hayley: Snuck some in your suitcase

You: How much?

Hayley: $30

You: Should be enough thanks

Hangs Up and you call the Taxi 

Taxi Arrives

Taxi: Get in

You: What about my suitcase?

Taxi: Chuck it on the roof

You: Oh damn

At Kiya’s House

You: Knocks

Kiya: Hey! Who are you?

You: A Detective. I am here to ask about Molanie

Kiya: Molanie? She’s long gone

You: What was she wearing?

Kiya: A blue dress up to her knees, sunglasses, a green bow and high, black boots.

You: Ok thanks. Do you know a Mooka Pika by any chance

Kiya: Mooka Pika? Ya! She was Molanie’s best friend

You: Well do you know where she lives?

Kiya: Ya!

You: Where?

Kiya: She used to live across the road but she moved to Las Vegas because Molanie died.

You: God dammit! Does Molanie have another close friend?

Kiya: Yes. Cira Hidj, she lives in Hollywood because apparently she wanted to be a famous singer. She already wrote a song about Molanie called Dear Molanie. Want me to sing it to you?

You: Uhh... Sure I guess?

Kiya: Molanie (Oh, Molanie)

You were my friend

Stuff the murderer

Stuff the murderer

To the murderer

Burn in hellllll

Burn in hellllll



You: Not bad, do you like the song

Kiya: Not at all I hate it but its a bit catchy

You: Aha ya. Better get going, Hayley said the quicker I find the murderer the bigger the reward (Excuse to get out)

Kiya: Ok bye. Come to my house sometimes we can be friends

You: Uhh ya ya haha ok shut up bye

You never returned to Kiya’s place again after you found out how annoying she is


You (In your mind): Maybe she could help?



You: Who?

Kiya: Well I remember hearing a boy say “SHUT UP AND LET ME KILL YOU” then I heard screaming.

You: Who did it sound like?

Kiya: The janitor...

You: That’s sit! It was the janitor! Thanks

You call Hayley

Hayley: Hi who is it?

You: The detective you hired

Hayley: Oh ya what do you want this time?

You: I found the murderer!

Hayley: OMG! Who was it?

You: The janitor!

Hayley: Thanks! Come and get your 500k! Actually 600k since you found it so quickly!

You: No. I should not get 600k. I deserve 300k

Hayley: Why? Who’s getting the other 300k?

You: Kiya

Hayley: Kiya? Why? What did she do?

You: She told me who the murderer was and other info.

You: In fact she deserves all.

Hayley: No! Kiya is annoying!

You: That’s what everyone thinks when they talk to her. Get to know her and she is pretty awesome!

Hayley Hangs Up

You: I don’t care that i didnt get a cent. What really matters is that I made a friend, Kiya.

Moral of the Story: Money can make you happy. But awesome friends make you happier.

-Hayley Jedlicka

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