chasing dreams


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Chapter 1

Hi, I'm hazel i've always dreamed about having a horse, i was 13 when i got my first horse it might sound boring but it was my thirteenth birthday and we lived at a farm in Nebraska, my parents had always been sneaky around the farm. I had just opened my last present well at least i thought it was my last present my dad blindfolded me and took me into the barn i honestly thought it was a pig, my dad put me in front of the stable door and as i was standing there i got goosebumps, i took off my blindfold and as soon as i saw him i asked to ride him he was a dark brown horse with white spots on his face and he had the softest mane and tale in the world i had to think of a name so my parents didnt name him, and as soon as people were about to leave i quickly yelled out loud “his name is lightning” and personally i thought they would hate it but who cares its what i wanted, everyone smiled so i think they liked it, i hope they liked it. Once they left we went to go buy saddles and stuff for him i planned on showing him, when we got home i got to finally ride him i felt like i was in heaven i kept riding and i was shaky at first but i got over that. “ its time for bed get inside” my dad said, “ can i play a few more minutes” i said my dad said “ sure” a few minutes ended up as a few hours it was close to midnight when i went inside my dad was sitting on the couch he locked me out i guess he forgot i was outside with Cappuccino i rung to door bell twice he was sleeping so i went back to the barn and we keep blankets in the barn so i got two blankets and i layed on lighting he was so soft i loved him so much. The Next Morning,my dad went to wake me up and he noticed i was gone he rushed outside and there i was laying on lightning he woke me up and asked me what i was doing i told him the whole story but kept out the part that he told me i could stay a “little longer” i think he forgot but it was not that cold of a night so i did not really care much i told him to help me tack him up and he said later and i said pleaseeee he said fine but dont go far, i did go a little far tho but he did not know when i got back he said how did it go i had to tell him it went great but it didn't a guy told  he would kill lighting if i came back to the end of his property i said ok and rode back home i was only gone for an hour but it was fun. once i put lighting back in his stall i gave him food and water. i went back in the house and ate lunch and enjoyed the rest of my day.

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