mazel - based on a true love story


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the begining of a whole new relationship

Once upon a middle school… There were two young girls, one named Hazel, and the other named Morgan. Both girls were soon to find out that their fate wasn’t to be best friends but to be more… 

So let’s get started, Morgan oh yes that was her name. Morgan was a shy, kind, sweet, loving and very caring girl. She was never really known as the confident type, in fact she was more insecure than anything.

                  Let's talk about Hazel yes sweet Hazel, she was always cheerful, happy, ongoing, crazy, loving, and caring. She was so confident and had always tried to keep people happy in fact, she made a lot of people smile.

In the middle of break Hazel and Morgan thought they were just friends before they confessed their crushes to one another. Hazel realized they can't be friends but maybe more, they stopped texting each other. Overnight Hazel could not sleep thinking about Morgan. 

Morgan on the other hand shut her chromebook and sat there thinking about hazel. She couldn’t prevent the love she felt for her so she wrote in one of her check books, “date Hazel…”. Along with other things like, lose weight because yet again Morgan was very insecure about herself but soon after she dozed off to sleep. 

           Meanwhile Hazel, still thinking about Morgan, thought about her being Hazel's girlfriend. Soon… the next day comes and Hazel tells herself “ i'm gonna ask Morgan to be my girlfriend”.

Morgan was thinking about Hazel later the next day and wondered if she was only pretending to like her because Morgan liked her or if she had actually liked her back. That’s just how she thought it was until later that night… when they joined on google meet.

While Hazel and Morgan were both ecstatic to start to talk to each other. Hazel knew that if she were to ask Morgan out that night that she would have to break up with Makayla… although Hazel was very nervous she broke up with MaKayla she really quickly emailed Morgan and asked her to be her girlfriend “ omg she said yes!!” she was so happy..                        

Morgan left the call because of her chromebook dying… it may sound silly but, she was awfully sad because Morgan loved talking to Hazel… she had no other option but to try and fall asleep.. She couldn’t stop thinking about her new girlfriend. She was happy for the first time in awhile… Morgan was kind of a depresso espresso if you couldn’t tell. Not quite confident either…

The next day Morgan woke up excited about having a charged chromebook.. She went to grab her chromebook and do her schoolwork before twelve so she could talk to Hazel for as long as she could. When Hazel emailed her to get on their meet that Morgan had called youpretty she instantly.. And trust me…. when I say instantly I mean instantly got on. Morgan got on and talked to Hazel for hours and hours and hours! Morgan didn’t want to go, but knew she had to get off eventually after the meet Morgan finally fell to sleep… happy

         That same day Hazel was thinking about how beautiful Morgan was and that she was so excited that she had to be on a google meet with Morgan as they talked she played sunkissed by khai dreams the song Morgan asked her to sing and she said “I can relate lol” and Hazel started singing along and when yellow hearts started playing she showed her weird side by weird I mean weird but that's not the point she could not stop smiling either

Morgan liked to sing but was always scared of judgement. But she decided to sing for Hazel because she trusted her. Morgan always had semi- trust issues with most people. One night on google meet with Hazel they brought up how they “both liked” Raven… when Morgan told Hazel that she “used” Raven to get closer to her.. She loved Raven as a friend but not a lover… Hazel told her  “ I used her as a way to get closer” Morgan felt bad for not catching on or they could have been dating for much longer at least in Morgan’s mind.

            After the call hazel wrote down in her notebook “ let Morgan say I love you first”

Turns out Morgan did after they say I love you, Hazel mutes and turns off her camera and she told herself “OmGGgG” for the first time Hazel found someone she loves and trusts.

That same night before Morgan got off the meet Morgan typed in the chat, “This might be weird but.. Uh I love you?” she was scared Hazel might not have wanted her to say that. But Hazel seemed pretty happy to hear Morgan say I love you, she replied, “lyt”. You have to remember at this point Morgan has had turned off her camera for like the past two minutes blushing. And smiling. It may sound weird but she didn’t want Hazel to think she was weak... 







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the next few days were lonely and quite Hazel and Morgan were barely talking and it was killing Hazel so she emailed Morgan and said “Not so long ago I was alone and lost, and then you came along and I was home. ... I crown you the Queen of my heart"-waifu and morgan said 

“<3 Whyyyyy dooo youuuuu keeeeppppp dooooiiiiinnnngggg meeeeee liiiikkeeeeee thisssssss (i do luv u thoooo)” but the reason hazel said that is because she loved morgan more then you can imagine


that very night morgan asked if her and hazel could go on a google meet and hazel had to say not rn maybe tommorow as much as she wanted to say yea definitly she couldnt because she was grounded.

three days later hazel sends a link to morgan for a google meet and hazel never got on the call she felt bad.


next day they finally get on a call its like the heavens put wings on them and gave them the right timing for the call, even though it lasted a few mins hazel was happy it was like her bad thoughts disapeared and it felt like everything was gonna be alright


why am i making it seem like she came back to life? oh wait thats because her life was so much better when her and morgan got together. honestly there both really happy.





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