Life In Her World


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 Once upon a time in the Modern World where problems and fear run with power, a naive girl named Kendall Amelique Eliana lived a very lucky life as for others perspective. 

She is the daughter of the most popular company holder. Many thought she was the luckiest among the lucky. She studied in East Kingston High for free which is because the owner of the school is the sister of her father. Everyone in the world would agree to the fact that she's the luckiest girl whoever lived.

Born with beauty and brains, wealth and power, morals and traits, Kendall had no problem living life as for what others say. 

As time passes by, Kendall changed little by little. With all the expectations she receive from people, all the problems that stacked up, is she the same naive little Kendall that everyone know or is she the Kendall she wishes to be.

Kendall was having a hard time already. People who only need her money, fame, and power scattered to hurt her. She wants a break. She needs a break. Time passes by, a new boy in town came. Handsome, smart, gentleman, rich, powerful, and a bit of a pervert I guess. As he enters Kendall's world, discovers new things, is he gonna protect her from the people who tends to hurt her or hurt her like everybody did?

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