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Hallway - Sleep Disorders Institute; absolute silence, the clock on the wall shows 3:30 a.m.


Robert Miller and Sylvia are in his psychiatric clinic. The place is cozy: a table next to the window. In the center of the room are two chairs, one in front of the other, and in the corner a small sofa. Robert is a middle-age man with black and gray hair. Sylvia is tall, thin with black hair; she’s 36 years old. They are sitting on the chairs facing each other.

“I don't believe anything else,” Sylvia says.

“Relax,” Robert says.

“It must be nice to be a psychotherapist.”


“You don't fall into traps.”

“No one is immune darling.”

“Hmm, maybe...” Sylvia says. She continues: “I don't believe in love anymore” - Beethoven’s piano sonata #14 1st movement begins in his mind. - “All I see is indifference, vanity, pride-”

“Never underestimate love. Believe me, that's what makes the difference,” he says.

He gets up, walks toward the window and opens the curtains. The sun brightens the room. The light reflects the color of his eyes. She admires his face.

“Do you have time? Wanna talk some more?” he says.


“There are some doors that probably shouldn't ever be open,” he says and walks to the chair and sits back down, “no one knows where the mysteries of life can take us.” Beethoven’s piano sonata #14 1st movement ends.


Hallway – Sleep Disorders Institute; absolute silence, the clock on the wall shows 6:00 a.m.


Nightclub. Robert is twenty-seven years old; he has the appearance of a teenager. He’s friendly and outgoing. He is sitting at a table, laughing and talking to some people. On the table is a bottle of whiskey and some glasses.

“I used to believe in general love; a more impersonal society,” Robert's voice echoes from the present day throughout his clinic.

A beautiful Italian-American woman, with long black hair approaches and kisses him in the mouth. Moments later, Robert is at the table talking to a couple of lovers. The conversation is lively. They talk and laugh.

“My God you’re a psychotherapist,” Robert’s Friend tells him.

He looks at her wryly: “Relationship is a pure shortage.”

“You have a cold heart.”

“It's just a physiological need.”

“One day you’re gonna fall in love with someone.”

“Love's nothing but cheap feelings,” Robert says.


Robert is at psychiatric clinic. He is sitting on a sofa next to a Woman. She has tears in her eyes.

“The most important thing is to believe in you. Loving yourself overcomes any challenges. You, believe in yourself a little more. However, don't turn this into selfishness,” he says.

“I Know... believe me, I'm trying.” She hugs him.

“Everything will be okay.”


Day, New York’s park.

Robert and Stephanie embrace each other as they walk. She is twenty-eight years old, tall, long straight brown hair; a beautiful woman, sensual and with a sweet expression. She looks at him with much desire and admiration.

“Yeah... right, you could show a little love,” Stephanie says.

“I love everybody,” Robert says.

“Women want exclusivity,” Stephanie says, “I want you for myself.”

He looks at her and smiles. He tenderly kisses her on the cheek. She gently touches his mouth with her fingers.

“It wouldn't work,” he says.


Her eyes fill with tears.


Robert and Sylvia are in his psychiatric clinic.

“Sometimes evolution and pain walk together,” Robert says.

“I don't understand,” Sylvia says.

“You’ll understand.”

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Day. Broadway, New York.

Robert and a Beautiful Woman talk and walk together. Many people walking by. He is talking a lot. She is very excited.

Moments later, the couple is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where a Young Woman is standing, with her back to them, in front of a painting by Paul Cézanne called "The Abduction"; she is seduced by it. Her brown eyes are focused on the image. Her name is Julia!

Night. Robert is in the bedroom of his apartment with the Beautiful Woman. She is lying in the bed, totally seduced by Robert. He's on top of her; he holds her arms in a dominating way, pressing her against the bed. He puts his right hand on her back, unzips her dress and gently slides it off down her legs leaving her down to her underwear.

“I had long dreamed about this moment,” Beautiful Woman says.

He kisses and touches her body.

Day, New York’s street.

Robert walks down the sidewalk and into a bookstore. Over the door, is a sign written: Brian’s Bookstore. At the entrance, there is a small balcony. A lot of book shelves and a few books lying on the floor. Brian is forty-five years old, thin, tall, black man. When he sees Robert, he warmly welcomes him.

“Hey! Where have you been?” Brian says.

“Working my friend,” Robert says.

From the back of the bookstore, a Female Employee approaches them.

“Oh my God, where have you been?” she says.

“Hey baby! You’re always looking better.” Robert kisses her.

“He hasn't changed a bit,” she tells Brian.

“Come on let’s talk to a little,” Brian says. He looks at her: “Can you take over for a while?”

“Sure I can boss.”

Brian and Robert walk to the back of the bookstore. There are three tables and some chairs. They sit at one of the tables.

“Joanna’s having a party,” Brian says.

“I don't know-”

“Come on! Everyone loves your revolutionary mind.”

“Hmm... All right.”


Robert and Sylvia are in his psychiatric clinic. He, for an instance, stares at the horizon as if he were in another place.

“That decision changed my life forever.”

“What happened?” Sylvia asks.


Night, there’s a party at Joanna's apartment. The place is big and refined. Many guests: the noise of people talking, drinking and laughing in the apartment; some people around the buffet. In the background, there is a soft Jazz sound. Robert quietly walks by some of the guests. Stephanie appears and hugs him from behind:

“My platonic love.”

“You look gorgeous,” Robert says.

They gently hug. She holds his head, and kisses him on the face several times. Some guests walk beside them. A Male Guest approaches and asks Robert:

“Hey man, how are you?”

“Cool, glad to see you.”

Robert and Stephanie go for a walk and greet some guests. As they walk Julia draws his attention; he remembers her in the Museum:

“A Young Woman is standing, with her back to them, in front of a painting by Paul Cézanne called "The Abduction"; she is seduced by it. Her brown eyes are focused on the image.”

He can't see her face. Julia’s got her back turned towards him. She has shoulder length straight black hair.

“Hey guys!” Joanna says.

Robert looks to the side and sees Joanna. She is twenty-eight years old, tall, black and has long hair. She is a very sexy and beautiful.

“I wanna present you some people,” she says.

She presents a couple to Robert and Stephanie. They greet each other and start a conversation. A waiter passes by them, and Robert grabs a glass of whiskey. The group smiles and continues talking. Robert shuts himself off a little from the group and begins to observe the people around him when once again he sees Julia. She has her back to Robert; she is on the other side of the room talking to a group of guys. People stare at her, as if they were seduced or dominated by her mind. She motions with her arms and speaks with great resourcefulness. Stephanie notices Robert's interest for Julia, and she observes them both.

Robert walks toward Julia. As he walks he greets some guests. When he approaches her, he observes the group, but she is still with her back turned to him.

“It’s all connected: Western philosophy is influenced by the Orient. The similarities of most ideas are perceptible,” Julia says.

Robert is intrigued and keeps looking at her. Across the room, Stephanie doesn't interact with the people anymore; she only keeps her eyes on them. A person notes Robert’s presence and greets him. Julia turns around: She is twenty-seven years old, Caucasian, short, brown eyes and with an extremely seductive and dominating look. For a few moments, Robert and Julia stare at each other profoundly; they freeze, and admire one another.

“Hi! My name is Julia, Julia Phillips.”

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She stretches her arm to shake his hand. He remains paralyzed and staring at her.

“What a beautiful look... So gorgeous seductive,” Robert thinks.

She smiles.

“Sorry,” he says.

He stretches his arm, and they shake hands.

“My name is Robert Miller. Nice to meet you.”

Stephanie appears on the scene: “Excuse-me,” she tells Julia. “I wanna show you something,” she tells Robert. She grabs his hand and pulls him to another place.

“Sorry. We'll...” Robert tells Julia.

Julia smiles, “that's all right,” she tells him.


Robert is at his clinic. He is looking down at the floor.

“That was the first time that I ever heard of her name... Saw her face… I have never seen one look so pervasive, seductive and dominating like her. I felt a powerful force within her,” he says.

He takes a deep breath and looks up.


Next to the bar, Robert is drinking and talking with Joanna. A few guests are in the apartment. Next to them, Julia is talking to a young woman. Robert and Julia exchange glances. Brian is across the room talking to a woman.

“You can't take your eyes off of her,” Joanna says.

“Who?” Robert asks.

She looks at him with irony: “Who?”

“I don't know... it seems that I’ve known her for decades.”


Julia is talking to a couple. They are entertained with her words.

“She causes a fascination to people,” Robert says.

“And Stephanie?”

“She's already gone.”

“That's not what I asked.”

“Why the question?! I’m a free man.”

“Stephanie thinks that you’re hers.”

He points to Julia: “Where did you meet her?”

“She’s Mary's friend. I met her at Brian's bookstore,” Joanna answers.

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14 1st movement begins in his mind.

Julia’s speaking, laughing, and easily interacting with people at the party. She literally “steals” the scene. She is talking – so sexy and sensual.

“She was so mature and at the same time so mild and delicate, God…” Robert's voice echoes from the present day throughout his clinic.


Day, Julia’s office. She is sitting behind a desk talking and leading a meeting with some executives.

Night, auditorium. Julia’s in a convention talking to a great audience.


Day. New York’s square. Julia’s talking in a gentle and joyful way with two elderly men.

“That personal magnetism. There was something special about her,” Robert's voice echoes from the present day throughout his clinic.

(Back to party - 2000)

Robert is drinking whisky in the corner. He's looking at Julia. She is talking with some guests. She glimpses at Robert.


Robert’s Psychiatric Clinic. Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14 1st movement continues in his mind. Sylvia looking surprised.

“I could have gone somewhere else. I could have ignored her... no, I couldn't. Unconsciously, I was unable to do this,” Robert says.

“Why is she so special?” Sylvia asks.

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14 1st movement ends.


Night, Joanna’s apartment. Sitting on a couch to the left are: Julia and Joanna. To the right are: Brian and Robert. Everybody is drinking, except Julia.

Julia tells Robert: “Rational egoism. I don't know... doesn't sound good.”

“It's just a concept,” Robert says.

“Sorry, but that's cheap philosophy,” Julia says.

“Ayn Rand there's nothing cheap about her.”

Brian and Joanna look at each other.

“Have you changed your mind about astrology?” Joanna asks Robert.

“Nope, not yet. What the universe destroys, psychiatry repairs,” he says, looks at Julia: “She is an astrologer.”

“I know,” Julia says.

“What's your sign?” Joanna asks Julia.


“You don't look like Aquarius,” Joanna finishes.

“I'll have some more drink,” Brian says.

Brian goes after beer.

Julia smiles gently and asks Joanna: “Why do you think that I don't look like Aquarius?

“You have an intensive and penetrating look. More reminiscent of Scorpio or a sign in the fire element. It probably is in your moon or in your rising.”

“And Aquarius?”

“Originality, eccentricity... you enjoy being with friends, but prefer the privacy for those moments of reflection.”

“Huh... that's right. Sometimes I'm a little restrained.” Julia looks at Robert, “What's your sign?”

“Gemini with the moon in Taurus and rising in Cancer.”

Julia looks at Joanna, “So?”

“An eternal youth.”

Day, Brian’s Bookstore. Robert is at the counter. He talks to Female Employee:

“I promised to Brian that I’d look at some books.”

“Make yourself at home.”

“Thank you.”

He slowly walks between the shelves. He picks up a book: he looks at the cover, reads a couple of pages and puts the back on the shelf and walks again. Unexpectedly he grabs a book with a picture on the cover: Venice under fog, with emphasis on a gondola. And the following words: “Thomas Mann - Death in Venice and Other Tales."

“Hmm, the movie is excellent.” He walks toward the back to the bookstore where he sees a partial view on a table – Julia’s sitting at a table reading a book, three books in front of her. She is wearing a white shirt with the collars turned up. Her hair is in a ponytail, and she’s using reading glasses, giving her a younger look. She stops reading. She notices his presence.

“Hi!” she says.

“How are ya? May I?-”

“Sure, we’re no longer strangers.”

He sits down in front of her and starts flipping through his book.

“Great choice,” she says.

“Yeah, I saw the movie.”

“Is it as good as the book?”

“I haven't read it yet. I only saw the movie.”

“You haven't read Death in Venice?”

“I sense sarcasm,” he says, smiles, “I just appreciate good movies and music. I'm not the intellectual type-”

“You're psychotherapist!”

“That's different. It’s my profession… I love philosophy.”

“The fact that you like movies and music already makes you intellectual. Excuse-me.”

She grabs his book, and looks at the cover, and flips through some pages, “this book is great. I'm going to watch the movie.”

“When you watch it, make sure you pay attention to the music.”

An hour and a half later…

“What about your profession? Which doctrines do you follow?”

“… Freud, Adler, Jung, Klein, Wolpe and others. Always seeking to apply the best in each one.”

“You read a lot!” she says ironically.

He feels embarrassed.

“Jung... I think the collective unconscious idea interesting. It's an interesting way to connect with God,” she says.

“I prefer to stay connected with the universe.”

She smiles.

“What do you know about collective unconscious?” he asks.

“Deep feelings on universal petition. There are strong connections between physics and psychology.”

“Good answer.” He is impressed.

“They are traces of connections to something larger.”

“He approaches her,” Like what?

“The sum of all consciousness.”


“Could be… God, universe, creator, supreme conscious.”

“In other words, we’re small parts of a God? Like atoms and molecules. Or...one big universe full of consciousness; creators and creatures, each on a different level of evolution-”

“On the way to light, on the way to love,” she says.

Again, he is impressed. “Very interesting ... but for now I can only say that the collective unconscious is derived from individual experiences and collective manifestations.”

She thinks he's funny, but is impressed. For a moment, they look and admire each other.

“Let's take a bit of a walk, what you think?” she asks.


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