The Blue Shirt


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Summer, Summer



“Of course not!” Squealed Burr, Burr giggled and sounded like a girl. Burr snorted, “Burr! It’s not that funny! I wouldn’t tell him!” Alex said, “I don’t want to be laughed at! Also it’s not that funny!” The air was so fresh, It was summer, The sun almost setting down to rest and also Burr and Alex. The meadows so green and so soft, Burr picked around in the grass. “You know Alex..” Alex turned around and stared at Burr who looked so scared about something. “I hope the war ends, Just think about it!” Alex and Burr laidback on the itchy grass.

“What do you think will happen Burr?” Burr scratched his head, “Of course there will be more peace, I guess..” Alex nodded. “What about you Alex?” Alex got up and looked at the blue dark sea, “Our families will be free..” Burr stood up and hugged Alex and whispered in his ear, “They will Alex!” Burr and Alex held hands and walked all the way to their own house. It was finally a new day, The sea still blue, and outside, fresh for a new day. Alex was laying on the bed and was stared up at the ceiling, “The stars, Mom..” Alex closed his eyes and got up, opened his eyes and walked down stairs. “...I can’t keep doing this! Alex how many times do I have to call your name so you can come and eat!” Yelled Grandma. 

Alex yawned and grabbed his plate with some bacon, Eggs and sausages. “Grandma..” Grandma wasn’t really in the mood to talk to, She was a busy women with no one to help her because Alex was a “busy” boy with his Friend, Burr. “Is it okay if I play with Burr again in the water?” Grandma nodded and stared at the window, “Alex, Have you heard that..” And before she could finished someone knocked on the door, Alex rushed out of his seat and wished it was Burr. It was only the babysitter named Hannah, “Oh Hello Hannah, You may enter..” Alex let Hannah pass in and his night was ruined! Usually Grandma would let him outside ‘till Burr was gone, When Hannah was home, everything change..

“Hello Darling! Remember that Burr and Alex can stay as long as the want outside until one of them leaves, And Alex...” Hannah kept smiling at Alex, it was kind of creepy. “Grandma, I’m going to go change..” Alex ran up the stairs and took a final stare at Hannah and saw her staring at him, That sended shivers down Alex’s spine! Alex grabbed the same shirt he was wearing last time he hanged out with Burr, It was a plain blue shirt but on the back it said, Burr and Alex; Friends forever! Alex loved that shirt not just because of the back, His mother would always wash it and hold it in her hands. Then his casual pants he wore all the times. He grabbed his shoes and before he could walk through the door Hannah stopped him.

“Alex, Where are you going?” Alex looked around and said, “Just going to go by the water, I need a little bit of fresh air..” Hannah knew he was going somewhere else. “Aren’t you going with Burr?” She questioned, What’s the point of lying now?  Alex sighed and walked out the door, Hannah came out of the door too and chased after Alex. “Dang it! She’s following me!” Alex quietly ran into Burr’s backyard and walked through his back door. He quietly standed their hoping Burr or his stepdad would notice, then he saw Burr and his stepdad fighting. “Son, You aren’t really going to hangout with that Kid!” Yelled His stepdad. “I am! And Don’t call me Son!” Burr walked as far away he could, “Son! I don’t want you with that kid!”  

  Burr looked around but still didn’t spot Alex, “I’m sick and tired of this! AND WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT MY LIFE ANYWAY!” Yelled Burr. Watch your tone! Son!” Burr finally looked him in the eye and said, “That’s it! Call me Son one for time!” Alex could see Burr almost crying, Burr grabbed his shoes and ran out crying.

(Authors Note: You guys tell me what you think about this! Btw Burr and Alex are both 14 years old and also I’m not finished, Just seeing of what people think of this)

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Tell me what’s wrong, Burr..


“Burr!” Alex yelled and ran out of the front door, “Burr! Burr! Come back!” Alex tripped on a tree root and fell on the floor, “Alex?” Alex got up with dirt on his hands. “Burr..” Burr looked down to the floor and said, “Do you ever wish, That everyone wouldn’t control your life?” Burr sighed. The Sea still Blue, The air still fresh, But the day not. “This isn’t the first time..” Burr looked up at the sky. The sky was filled with stars it was finally dark, That wasn’t very long. Alex finally sat right next to Burr and asked him a question, “Burr..” Burr faced Alex and said,”What do want Alex? I’m not that important! Aren’t I, Your just my friend because you just want to be nice!” Burr Yelled in his face and he picked himself up and ran.

“Burr..” Alex’s voice cracked and He dropped down to the ground, I didn’t know he felt like this! Alex slept on the floor, Cold, Hard dirt. The morning, It was Fresh, New and the Blue water still there. “Burr! What happened last night!” Alex got up and saw that there was a note in his hand.

Dear Alex, 

I’m sorry I left, you maybe find me near the beach. I’m sorry for last night and what I said, I know you are trying to be my friend and not just try to be kind. Me and my stepdad had a fight, maybe you might know about it. I just didn’t feel like I was his son, My family is gone Alex! Understand, Understand! Wouldn’t you feel the same way?

                                                        Truly yours, 

                                                    Burr Aldan..

“The beach? Fine, I’ll go..” Alex walked all the way to the beach, It wasn’t that far away but still, Burr was over there doing some random thing! “Burr!” Alex ran and ran and fell into Burr’s arms. “You wore the blue shirt? I came here because first, You love the beach and swimming! But also this wasn’t near your house..” Burr Explained. Alex nodded and took of this shirt and jumped into the water. “Burr? Aren’t you coming in..?” 

“Yes, Yes..” Burr said, He took his glasses and Set them safely on the ground and took off his shirt. “Burr! Come and see this!” Burr was slowly walking toward Alex then suddenly a wave hit, “Shot! Alex! I can’t see anything!” Burr was afraid of the water and taking off his glasses. “BURR!” Burr fell and couldn’t swim, he fell. Alex, with all his strength picked up Burr and dropped him on the beach ground. 

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“Yesh! I have to give him CPR..” Alex got to Burr closely and carefully put his lips on his, “Alex!” Alex got quiet, “Um, Here have your glasses back..” Burr put on his glasses and Alex’s face was red. “You big dummy! You could have died! We’re going to give you swimming lessons!” Burr got up and looked at the Blue sea, “Alex, You kind of kissed me..” Alex looked away and got his shoes and blue shirt. “Alex? We’re you going? Did I mess something up?” Alex quietly left and didn’t look back at him..

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