On Lockdown


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On Lockdown

 A short story by HelloImABookworm


"Good evening officer. How are you?"


The officer just grunted in return. He looked well... unusual. But what else can you expect with this new breed of technology-enhanced policemen? The officer at my doorstep had a large build, little to no neck at all, and beady black eyes that seem to be pouring into my soul.


"Ma'am I'll need to see your identification card."


I nodded, "Just a second officer."


I ran inside my house and rummaged through my drawers for a while. Finally, at the bottom of my knick-knack drawer, I found my card. It had all of the basic information that every citizen of the province of Norhia needed to present when needed to. I went back to the officer and handed him my card. I braced myself for the impending interrogation. My officer skimmed through my card and stared at me with his beady little eyes.




"Ashlyn Belles."


The officer grunted. "Age?"






"Librarian's helper and daycare attendant."


Final question...


"Name of guardians that are watching over you?"


I fidgeted with my shirt, "None sir."


The officer wrote something down on the clipboard he was holding and returned my identification card to me.


"Just to let you know ma'am, we're still on lockdown."


I nodded my head and the officer walked down my doorsteps and on to the next house he had to visit. I went and sat down on my couch wondering when this will end. 



For the past few days, I've been locked in my house alone. The tedium of being locked up and not being able to do anything was finally getting to me. It wasn't just me that was exasperated, though. Other people were too, it was all over the news. What I saw when I opened the blinds made my stomach churn.


Just moments after my interrogation with the officer, hoards of new police officers came pouring in all directions. I closed the blinds quickly. They had started patrolling. 


I don't even know for sure why the whole province is in a major lockdown. I remember on the first day that the lockdown started our leader, Travis Samson, sent up a broadcast for all citizens to watch. Samson stated that the reason that the province is on lockdown is because of the rebels. The rebels have started attacking important buildings in Norhia's main square a year or two ago. Only recently had they started to subsequently attack The Capitelle Building, where all of Norhia's important decisions are made. 


After Samson's broadcast went out my neighbors sent me a video chat. As I imagined it, they were rolling their eyes at the broadcast. They think that the only reason that we're on lockdown is because Samson has the power to do that. I think what they're saying is all rubbish. 


I took a small peek from my window. There were still hordes of officers outside on my street. I rolled out of my couch and sighed. I took a deep breath and marched up towards my room with an expression that could scare even the rebels away. I've made up my mind. I'm getting out of here. 


I waited until the dead of night to leave. I packed all of the essentials that I could possibly need. A few days worth actually. I don't know how long I'll be out there. I took one last look at my childhood home. While I stifled a tear, I picked up my messenger bag and opened the back door. I looked around. The coast was clear. I closed the door saying one last goodbye to the place that I had called home. I then walked out and disappeared into the night, never once looking back. 




Originally published 11:05 pm on January 9, 2017



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