The Boy With Sparkles In His Eyes


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                   4 Years Ago


There was once a boy

With sparkles in his eyes

Because he was free

He could just be himself

He was allowed to be himself



Maybe even sassy

But that was just him

The first to make people laugh

The first to make sassy comments

He didn't care what people     would think of him

The happiness of other people was most important

The people he cared about the most

Genuinely smiling

With sparkles in his eyes...


A train whistle brought me out of my trance. I put down the book I was reading and looked at the clock mounted on the wall. Ugh, where could that little rascal be? It was slowly nearing the time that the train would come and yet he wasn't here. It was slowly nearing the time when the train would come and take my best friend, Louis T. Walker, away from me.


My other best friend, Porter Baynes, was also leaving to go to the same destination as Louis. The airport. Where they would be whisked away to the auditions process for The X Factor: USA. I can't lie and say that I'm not happy for the both of them. Louis and Porter are so incredibly talented that it was only logical for them to enter in The X Factor. But I also have to say that I'll be incredibly lonely without them. 


Porter has been my best friend and next-door-neighbor for years on end, it was only until we were 12 when we started to drift apart due to Porter's distance. When Porter left, Louis came. I can't lie and say that Louis was an angel when in fact he was the opposite. When we were younger, Louis would constantly torment and play pranks on Porter and I. It wasn't until sixth grade when Louis finally got some common sense knocked into him. The whole time Porter was gone, Louis befriended me and became my new best friend. We told everything to each other, not caring what each other thought at the time. We soon started to form a sibling like relationship, and I can't say that I didn't like it. 


A chuckle broke my train of thought and a pair of hands then covered my eyes, "Hey love, whatcha thinking 'bout so early?" I smiled. It was Louis. I uncovered my eyes and turned around to face him. Even though I was happy to see him, I put on an annoyed expression. 


"I'm thinking about how late you are. You and Porter's train is going to be here in minutes! If you didn't just come here then you PROBABLY would've missed it." I huffed. He's never going to change will he?


"Aww, c'mon Kaitlyn. It's barely 8 in the morning. If I didn't have to go on this stupid train then I'll be right sleeping about now."


I smirked. "Aww little Louis didn't get his beauty sleep, did he?"


Louis gently shoved me, "Oh be quiet you."


"Anyways you have to go on that train. You and Porter have been waiting for this moment for ages. Just sleep on the train. Your family and I will be just fine. Don't worry about us, have fun." I sniffed. They were only going to be gone for a few months, right?


Louis pulled me in for a hug. I melted into his embrace and rested my head on his chest. "I'm gonna miss you Lou."


The train whistle sounded, "I'll miss you too, Kaity."


Louis let go of me and looked over my shoulder. "Oi! Baynes!!! Here it up over there, huh! The train's coming!!!" 


Porter rushed over to our side. "Couldn't be any louder could ya' Lou?"


"Ohhh... I could've been MUCH louder Port-A-Potty." Louis chuckled.


Porter turned bright red and kicked Louis in the knee. "Oh stop it will you?"


To which Louis replied,

"Never Baynes."


I rolled my eyes and stepped between the two. "Both of you stop it. You guys are 16 year olds for goodness sakes! But here you guys are acting like little toddlers. Did you even say bye to anyone?"


Porter picked up his luggage, "I said bye to my family already. They had to leave real quick ya' know. I'll facetime them when we get to the airport."


I turned to Louis. "I said bye to me family too. Me mum had to leave. Something about an appointment with a couple of me sisters so we just had a good peck on the cheek. She was just here you know. She left when I came over to you."


The train whistle sounded again, this time louder.


Porter shifted his gaze towards me. "Hey Kaitlyn, so I just wanted to say that you've been an amazing friend to me for all these years. There are no words to describe how I feel right now. Lou and I'll be back in a couple months you'll see. You'll barely notice that we're gone. I'll call you every so often to talk. You treat yourself right, alright? I'll miss you." Porter put down his luggage and hugged me. I put my arms around him and sighed. Man, I'm gonna miss these two. 


"I'll miss you too Porter."


He smiled. "So I'm gonna go stand by and wait for the train, alright Louis?"


Louis nodded. Porter gave me one last hug before walking into a crowd of people. I sighed, and a tear went down my face. I really didn't want them to go.


Louis turned to me and gave me a small grin. "Don't cry, love. We'll be back in a jiffy okay. I promise I'll call you every other day if you want me to. Who knows? Maybe I would win this thing and become famous."


I wiped my tear from my face. "Yah sure Louis. Call me. Every single day, okay? Okay?"


Louis smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek, "Yah yah, I hear you alright."


I looked at Louis straight in the eye. "Now Louis be careful. You're an amazing person. I don't want you to get bullied by some obnoxious idiots who don't know what they're talking about. Alright?"


"Yah yah. I'll be careful. Wouldn't want little Louis to get hurt. Anyways, take care of yourself. Have some fun."


The train whistle sounded. It was here. Louis went over to me and gave me one last hug, "I'll call you every single day. I'll be like a bee. Always pestering you until you want me to stop."


Now to be clear, at the time I thought this question was quite reasonable. Now that I think about it, it was a ridiculous question. It didn't matter though. In the end his answer came out to be a lie. "Would you forget about me Louis?"


Louis tilted my chin up to his eyes. His breathtaking gray eyes that always seem to sparkle when he's happy. I swore I saw a sparkle in them at that moment as he was looking down at me. "I would never ever forget about you Kaitlyn Grailles. And you must never forget that."


The train whistled one more time, signaling that the doors would close soon. Louis gave me a squeeze, and bent down to pick up his luggage. 


Louis got up and looked me in the eye. "See you soon, Kaitlyn." He gave me one last smile before heading into the train. 


The moment Louis got on, the doors closed. The train gave one final whistle and started its journey to the airport. I went back to the bench that I was seated earlier on and retrieved the book I was reading. I gave it a squeeze and started to walk home.


That was the last time I had spoken to Louis.



Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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Chapter One



Today had started out like any normal day. I woke up from my alarm clock, brooded over what to wear, and then I somehow managed to get to school without being late. I was currently in my second year of college, and I can't lie and say that I'm not doing well. I'm majoring in design and English and I even managed to get a few of my books up in an ebook store. Many teachers have told me that I'm well on my way to be the valedictorian of my class. 


After a few of my morning classes, I went to my usual spot for a break. The library. It was a free period. Our regular teacher was out with some sort of sickness. (Some people said that it was explosive diarrhea. I just rolled my eyes at that.) While I was walking, I noticed that a lot of people were staring at their phones. What was even weirder was that the people that I've known for years were giving me pitying looks and glares. Both of those actions made me feel queasy. I mean, it's not a rare occurrence to see people just staring blankly at their phones. I just thought that more people will be playing some sort of game or something. It WAS an extremely nice day at out. What I couldn't explain were the looks that people were giving me. I'm not THAT popular in this college. Sure yeah, I'm seen as the future valedictorian and a really outgoing person, but those things don't explain the looks.


What I heard when I walked into the library seemed slightly weirder. The library was full of whispers as if everyone was gossiping. I'm surprised that Ms. Gawkins, our librarian, didn't whack everyone on the head with a book already.


I walked around the library trying to look for my best friends, Lloyd Metalia and Alexandria (Alexia) Garnett. Alexia has always been my friend, even when Porter and Louis were my best friends. She was always the popular, outgoing, and daring kind of person. We had started to hang out the summer that Louis and Porter were gone. Lloyd was a different kind of story. He moved into the house across from me in the middle of our junior year. Boy-next-door if there ever was one. He fits into that classic cliche (almost) perfectly. Louis lived in the house next to me, and he always wanted to see who moved into the house across from me. Well, someone does live across from me now. Louis just never saw him.


I finally found Alexia on her phone in the table near the back of the library. We always sit there, it's a nice place to get away from the rest of the world. I dropped my backpack into a chair in the table and sat down across from her.


I was grabbing a book from my backpack when I said, "Hey Alexia. How's your day? My day's seeming kind of wacky."


Alexia didn't look up from her phone. "Good."


I looked at her strangely. I put my book down on the table. "Okay then. Where's Lloyd?"


She finally put down her phone and looked at me weirdly. "What? Oh, sorry. Were you talking to me?"


"Uh yeah, where's Lloyd?"


"Oh. He's taking an extra class today. Something about business, I think."


I chuckled, "He better be taking a class in business. He wants to be a businessman!"


Alexia laughed. A loud "ping" then sounded. Alexia's phone was going off. Some madman texter that person is. That's sure a lot of texts. Alexia stopped laughing and unlocked her phone. I heard her breath stop. "Oh my gosh."


She widened her eyes and started rapidly tapping on her phone. Another "ping" then sounded. Another text.


I was starting to get worried. First, everyone was glued to their phone screens, then all of the pitying looks and glares, then loud whispers in the library, and now this?!?!


"Alexia, what's going on?" I tried to reach for her phone, but she turned away. She started scrolling on her phone as if reading something.


"Alexandria Garnett, I'm telling you if this is a prank." I shook my head, "What the heck is going on?!?!"


Alexia turned her face back to me. She looked as if she had seen Death right in the eyes. "I'm so sorry, Kaitlyn."


My breath hitched, "What happened?"


She gave me her phone, "Don't freak out please."


I looked down at her phone. What? It's just some news article. Probably about some random celebrity. I took a better look at the headline, and what I saw must've been the worst thing that happened today.


Louis T. Walker, Singer from Famous Band Just Go Up, Going on Break and Staying In Hometown


I think I'm gonna throw up. "WHAT?!?!?!






Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed reading that. Please comment any thoughts. Thanks!!


Published on January 11, 2018 6:00

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Chapter Two




Louis T. Walker, Singer from Famous Band Just Go UP, Going on a Break and Staying in His Hometown?

Is the star-studded hunk, Louis T. Walker, from the famous band Just Go Up, going on a break or is he leaving for good?

A few days ago a source has told "The Latest Scoop" that Louis has been seen leaving the famous band's mansion at nightfall carrying a rather large duffel bag. Some sources have suspected that Louis will be going to stay with his girlfriend, Alivia Rote, while the rest of the Just Go Up boys are out in the recording studio.

We here in "The Latest Scoop" have a different theory though. All of us can agree that Louis is the "accidental" star of Just Go Up. I mean no one can deny his perfect voice and the fact that he got the golden buzzer on his audition.

We can't lie though. All of the boys are stars in their own right. With each of their unique talents and traits, how can you not fall for them? There's Harrison Cooper- the resident "hot and rich snob", Laurance Michaels- the so-called "casanova" and the boy who laughs at everything, Maven Travester- the more quieter boy (or a mute as some call him), Porter Baynes- the always serious boy-next-door, and our star on today's article Mr Louis T. Walker- voted as the best voice in the band and an expert prankster.

Although the Just Go Up boys have come across as a squeaky clean boyband to some, a number of us here in "The Latest Scoop" have to disagree. There's the Harrison and Laurance scandal, which in the eyes of their adoring fans, is just a lie. Mr. Travester has been accused by some to be cheating on his long-time girlfriend Teresa Chester. Little Porter "apparently" has no dirt on him, but Mr. Louis T. Walker sure has been getting a bad rep the past couple of days. Nobody, even his ever so loyal fans, can defend Mr. Walker with his little skirmish with the paparazzi. Now what can you say to that Louis?

Now, I bet most of you are begging to know. What DO we think is happening to Louis right now? Is he leaving the band? Is he going on a break? If so, where?

Well, we got the scoop here. A source close to Louis has told us that he's planning to stay in his hometown for a while to "sort things out". Well, we can't blame him for his supposed break. He's been in a bad bubble the past few months. The real question is, will this "break" ever end? Will Louis decide that Just Go Up just isn't for him? Has he finally struck rock bottom, and he just can't go back up?

About the Author: Isabella Cheeter is one of "The Latest Scoop's" most talented and well-known journalists. Isabella has blasted into the celebrity world as she interviewed some of the world's most famous people. Some of these people would be Teresa Chester, Alivia Rote, Cole Symon, and the Just Go UP boys.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust as I read the article. Who does this woman think she is? Just because these people are celebrities doesn't mean that she could just gossip about them like that. And they call this celebrity news site credible? It seems like a whole lot of lies to me.

I wonder though, is Louis really going to come back here? It's been ages since I've last seen him. Four years to be exact. I've always kept in touch with Porter even though he's been touring around the world with his band. I mean, you just can't throw away YEARS of friendship just because you won't see that person from time to time. Every time Porter and I would talk on the phone or Facetime, he would always mention Louis. In the beginning years of their fame, I still asked about Louis and how he was doing. I even tried reaching out to him a numerous amount of times. He never answered my calls and he never responded to my texts. The past two years I did my best to push him to the back of my mind. He wasn't here anymore so why should I think about him? I feel safe to say that I've moved on.

I tore my eyes away from Alexia's phone and looked up to see her staring at me. I snapped my fingers in front of her eyes and held my hand out to give her back her phone. "Hey Alexia, you there?"

Alexia blinked her eyes and awoke from her stupor. She grabbed back her phone and put it back in her backpack. I sat back down in my seat after having a little meltdown over the article that I just read.

"So, are you okay?"

I blinked and I looked at Alexia. She had a noticeable frown on her face as she looked back at me.

I slightly shook my head. "No. I'm not okay."

I mean, how else am I suppose to answer that question? The boy that I had considered my best friend thinks that he can just waltz back into my life after being gone for four years straight. That some pretty messed up stuff right there.

Alexia took my hand and squeezed it, "You'll be fine Kaitlyn. I promise that I'll be here for you. I can't speak for Lloyd considering that he's a weirdo, but I think that he'll be here for you too."

I gave Alexia a small smile and squeezed her hand back.

Alexia got up from her chair and smiled right back. She gathered her stuff from her chair and started to walk away from me. I just stared at her back in confusion. Where was she going?

She soon noticed that I wasn't following her when she turned around and went back to our table. She just rolled her eyes at me, while I stared at her still clueless. Alexia shoved her phone in front of my face where I could clearly see the time.

"Get the hint, slowpoke? Come on! I'm hungry and it's lunch time!!!"

Oh... Sometimes I think my brain temporarily leaves my head and goes on vacation. It's lunchtime!!!

I laughed out loud. I gathered my things from the table and put it into my backpack. Alexia and I playfully hooked arms and walked to the cafe that we were meeting Lloyd at.

The second I walked inside I was bombarded by the scent of coffee and biscuits. I spotted Lloyd at a table near the window and sat next to him while Alexia sat across from him. Lloyd felt our presence and closed the book that he was reading. He sighed and looked at us in the eyes.

"Why am I always in the dark about this stuff? What happened now? Why are you guys acting so weird again? Come on!!!" I whacked Lloyd on the head with my HARDCOVER book. Lloyd whacked my book back and rubbed his head. "I'm serious Kaitlyn. What happened?"

Me and Alexia just shrugged our shoulders and gave him a smile.

"Well, I'll get the usual. You guys order for yourselves!" Alexia stood up and got into the already long line to order.

I laughed. "Well, Lloyd. We better order now; then you get comfortable. This is one interesting story to tell."


Author's Note: Thanks again for reading!!! Hope you're enjoying it so far!

Originally published at 11:48 pm January 18, 2018

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