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Once there was this young beautiful girl that  she were very smart her name was Lisa She lives with her parents in North England her family were different then the others. Very strict and stupid. All her family didn't go school so they don't know to write or speak English. They were very embarrassing Lisa didn't want to go no where with her parents, Lisa has dated before and didn't last for long every guy Lisa had dated never lasted. Lisa said I am wasting my life and my time. She stayed single for a while she turned 16 and she said I like girls now to her best friend. I don't like men no more I want to start fresh. She said girls your both the same and like the same stuff you could last with a female with men no way Lisa said. She started to date girls and one day she thought I want to change my gender. lisa was a lesbian for couple years. At 18 she wanted to change her genger to a male. She didn't want to be a lesbian no more. But still liked girls and dated a lot. She said I'm changing my gender. She sat down and started to think. She needed a lot of money to change her gender and top bottom surgery. She needed a lot of money. Lisa didn't have money no job no nothing. She thought about telling her parents so they could support her. Lisa sat down with her parents and told them that she were gay and wanted to change her genger asked if they could support her. Her parents said no. Lisa dad was yelling telling her no if she were going to change her gender. That he was going to kill her and Barry her in he's garden. Lisa left alone. No one wanted to support her. She begins to cry . Everyday and every night her parents didn't care thought her were crazy. Lisa parents didn't care about her they cared more about how will they family think of her and embarrassing. They thought about how other people will think of her.

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The worst

her parents were very strict Lisa left like she wanted to hang her self up one day. So she could get away from everyone. She sat on her bed and started to think. Why kill my self when i could just get my own house and make money and do what I want She said. Then she started to think again, Lisa knew what was going to happen if she were going to leave. Her parents would call the police and lie something that she has done so they could take her away. They have done that in the pasted to her. She left sacred and upset because she didn't have anyone, because everyone she knew left. She didn't no what to do anymore but things has begin to clam down a little bit. She kept everything to her self. That's how things kept clam in the house and with her parents. She said I need to do this by my self. 

This were my story 

 based on true story 

Lisa bogdanovic I'm 18 years old

Still living in its parents but soon I will be getting my own house
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