Weird Things That Have Happened


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 This honestly isn't that weird, but I don't want to forget it so I'm writing about it. We were in Florida, and we were staying at a condo that my grandparents own. There are tons of condos in this neighborhood, and we share a joint clubhouse. My sister and I wanted wifi, and the only place we could get it was at the clubhouse. So we went there a lot. Like, sometimes twice a day. We saw some odd or funny things, such as certain old ladies playing a game. One of them shouted "Ya got me, Barbra!." Another odd thing was when there was an old man who came in. 

He sat down. He was super sweet, so I wasn't creeped out. But he was wearing these sweatpant shorts (obviously pulled up to his waist), a dress shirt, and sandals. He said, and I quote "Hope you don't mind if I catch my breath from doing my exercise." I don't know what that was all about, but you know. This next one, though, tops it all. My sister and I were walking into the clubhouse and talking about this stupid game called my Boo. We thought there was no one here. But we walked into the room and saw this guy. He was staring at us, and slowly brought his finger up to his mouth. We nodded, walked to our couch, and tried not to crack up. The thing is, though, he had headphones on, and was listening to music. How did I know? Because I could hear every word loud and clear. From the other side of the room. And he was telling US to be quiet? And the last thing was that he literally had 4 cans of beer while we were there. And he had a freaking cooler of them waiting for next time. So yeah. :)

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