Take Me To Hell


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 The motorcycle was going at 230 mph. I would've been dead by now, but in the land of the dead, everyones already dead. Once I approached the gate, I took out my hydra and I blasted two bullets into the demons. 

They collapsed and I slowly open the double doors, filled with blood, flesh, and bones. It looked like an M.night Shlyaman movie. ( I can't spell his name correctly.) 

Once I stepped inside, I noticed a lady in a white dress. She turned to me and I got a flashback. I thought it was Serah. She ran off and I chased after her, determined not to let her out of my grasp. She disappeared behind a cloud of white fog. 

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 I heard the bells chiming and I quickly duck into a car. I quickly lock the door, just as the white fog crawls around. I call it " Demon juice". It's a terrible name so I'll think of something later. 

As the car starts to flip over, I press my boot on the accelerator and it launches forward. I drive out of the fog and I crash into a church. 

It's kind of ironic, considering I'm in hell. 

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 As I jumped out of the now wrecked car, I headed inside the church. Once I opened the door, I heared the bell ringing again, demons appearing from underneath the pews, and me reloading my hydra. 

I blasted one right in the head and I shot the other one right in the legs. It fell down when I took my knife and stabbed it in it's left eye. Not like it hurt. 

I rushed up the stairs, trying to get into the attic. The door was blocked by something on the other side. I had no choice. As the fog crawled up my body I opened my eyes.. and I re opened them. 

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