The Lurking


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 I rush down the hallway, blood pouring down my leg as I rush into the research room. I quickly lock it, but the thing starts pounding on it extremely hard. I start to barricade the door and just as I turn around, it pops out of a vent. Lunging at me. It chases me around the room, until it corners me between the glass and the tables. It opens it mouth revealing hundreds of rows of teeth. I yelp out instinctively, as two more appear out of the vent. It hoists me up by my neck, and as I struggle to kick back, It opens it mouth and starts to bite into me..*****************************


March 13,2009 

Objective: locate Thomas Herdison. 


" Do you have the equipment?" Noah blares through my headset. " yeah." I nod, even though I know he can't see me. " If anything goes wrong, use the gun." He says silently. I give an affirmative mhmm, and I zip up my red dress with a slit on the left side. I need to look dazzling. He prefers young girls like me anyway. I shudder at the thought of him touching me... nevertheless I get to kill him after figuring out who's selling classified information from outside my corporation. Carin.Inc is a very private organization, who often needs information, and will get it either way. And so, they send me and hundreds of other assassins on separate jobs to do the dirty work. My mission tonight is simple: interrogate him, kill him, then get the hell out of there. Nothing should ruin this. I'll need to be extra charming though. Lucky me. 

As I walk down the millions of stairs in my death trap( heels) I spot him on the east side. " Noah, I see him." I don't want to arouse suspicion by talking to myself, so I type Morse code on my mic. " can you intercept his conversation?" " yeah." I hear a short wire disconnecting and then I hear the bastard talk. " well, I'm meeting with Steven tonight to discuss the new weapon. It will surely be a big deal for a while, but money talks... so I'll think we'll be good for a while. * chuckles*" I stop in front of the middle of the room. I flip my dark red hair to the side, exposing my toned shoulders and purse my ruby red lips forward. I then do my catwalk towards him. Over the years, I've come up with a technique called " bon appetite catwalk" it makes any man I walk back give a second glance, I need the attention as I do it, so then he'll notice. As I get closer, I see his power hungry eyes notice me. I give him my smirk like smile, and he excuses himself to walk over to me. " I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting," he says with a smile. I don't feel any attraction to him, I'm just really good at creating a facade. " I don't believe we have. But the night is still young," I say with my french accent peeking out. I found it's hard for men sometimes to refuse an accent. And that's what I wanted him to do. Grovel for me. " maybe we can discuss our meeting... in private." He suggests suggestively. It takes all I can to refrain from shuddering, but I plaster a fake smile and follow him to the rooftop. As we make small conversation in the elevator, we finally make it to his office on top, and he lets me in. Once inside I'm already thinking of how many ways I can kill him. I can get creative too, considering he has no guards around. He pours a glass of wine for me and him. And I cautiously sip it. I've learned now to take free drinks now and then. But I spit it out discreetly in the gabarge can next to me. " So, recently uh... oh pardon me, but I don't know your name.." " Alex," I reply.  It was a lie. Noah's the only one who knows my true name. But I had it redacted on all my files. " what a pretty name for a woman," he chuckles while lighting a cigarette. " Anyway my developers and I have come up with a new type of medicine. It makes you faster, smarter and, improves your chances of living past 100," he says while blowing a puff of smoke out. I slowly crane my neck so the smoke doesn't hit me. " anyway, if you get on board, I bet we can make a lot of money. So, what do you say?" He extends out his hand. " what's the negative side of the medicine," I ask. His face goes a bit pale and he sits back down awkwardly. " supposedly, it stops all respiratory organs. But it's a bunch of a bullshit believe me." I began tapping codes on my mic again. " did you hear this!?" " figure out where the research is!" " where would the research take place? I'd like to donate," I say abruptly. He sits down his cigarette and leans in closer. " we've decided to do it on a luxury carnival cruise ship. It's the perfect cover. But you'll have to be ready in four days. We sail off to Eastern Europe to deliver the medicine, we'd be extremely rich!" He exclaims. I plaster a small smile on my face, and the say the next two words." I'm in." " great when can you-" I lunge at him, planting my RP9 into his back. " what the hell are you-" Bang. I can hear him choking, until he stops moving. 1....2.....3....4....5....6. He finally stopped squirming. 

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March 13,2009

Objective:Get on the luxury cruise ship and interrogate anyone who has more information.*******************************************************

As I clean up the blood on the floor, while reloading my gun, I reconnect my wire to Noah's server. I ended up losing it as I was planting a bullet in his back. " Noah, can you hear me?" I ask I wash my hands off with sanitizer. " yeah. Is the deed done?" Yep. He told about some cruise ship, heading to Eastern Europe to sell the drug. I need you to place a scan on any ships that are sailed to leave New York in 4 days." " okay. Give me a sec." I take a gallon of gasoline I was hiding up the waist of my dress and I pour it all over. I need to dispose of the crime and possibly any other witnesses who saw me go up with him. I can't have them recognize me. But if an assassin does get arrested, they're often bailed out depending on the bribed cops. But if it's a rookie, then another assassin will take that assassin's rank. I can't afford to get caught. There's too much at risk here.***************************** 

" Did you finish packing?" " yeah. I'll still be in touch." As I bring my luggage into the cab, I'm given a lecture from Noah. " Remember, don't give anyone any information on the case. And don't forget to get a sample of it. " " you got it dad," I say as I smirk. Once I reach the dock, I'm in awe at the ship. It's white and blue decor are covered in gold lights that shine in the darkness. I'm a bit confused as to why people on getting on, then I remember it's a cruise ship. None of them suspect a full on underground laboratory is lurking beneath their feet. " The man you need to find is Louis Shore. He has one of the passcode to lead you underground. Pretend you're a potential buyer, and use your seductive persona. He's married, but his last few years have been on the rocks." I flip my hair to the side and I purse my chest forward. He'll be putty in my hands. " I scanned the ship. He's currently in the dining room, so head to your room, change into your sexiest outfit, and head to the dining hall. Also he likes redheads. " I hear Noah chuckling as he says the last line and I can't help but chuckle too. It's refreshing to laugh a little. As I head into the dining hall, I take a moment to look at the scenery. There's about a million other people on this ship and they haven't even took the time to look around. I get closer to Louis, and he starts to notice. " you're Louis shore,right?" my jersey accent shining though. " Yeah I am doll. How can I help ya, huh?" I purse my chest forward showing my cleavage. " I've recently heard about a new drug with supposed recuperating abilities. I'd like to donate to this research." He furrows his eyebrows, and slowly pulls me into a corner of the hall, admist the millions of citizens on this ship. " We're currently heading tonight in the laboratory. Head to the engine room and make a left. Don't go right, or you'll find yourself heading to the observatory deck. Once you reach a painting of Queen Victoria,use your finger to trace for a padlock. Put in the code:4-5-8-2-1-3,and the painting will reveal an elevator. Once you get off, walk through the tunnel. Until you see two armed men. Tell them the code. And I'll explain the rest from there." Without another word I nod, and I head off pleased with myself. " I did a scan on the ship and the laboratory is currently occupied by about 340 people. 200 of them scientists. The other 140 are potential donators," Noah said through the headset. " I'll have to get some rest. Let me know if anything goes wrong." " Got it." Little did I know... something was going to be wrong. 

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March 17,2009

Objective: Head to laboratory without drawing suspicion.


I wake up in a daze. It's a bit quiet outside. " Noah, can you hear me?" I hear a bit static and then I hear his voice. " It's okay. It's time to go as well. So get dressed in your suit,pack your guns, and wear a coat over it." I silently get out of the bed, take a shower, get dressed, strap my guns to my waist, and I head out. I creep along the wall, until I dash for the elevator. I take to the second floor, where I head out through the back stairs, into the cafeteria, where it's all quiet. I tip toe into the bilge of the ship, where I take an elevator to the engine room. Once I turn left, I enter the code Louis gave me, and the painting moves up. I head into the elevator, and it descends. Once I door opens I headed through the dimly lit tunnel. I approach the two guards Louis had mentioned, and they give me a certain look. " 4-5-8-2-1" I repeated. They politely step inside and I head inside the laboratory. As I head inside, I'm given a few stares, by then they're dismissed once I see Louis walking over to me. " Hello, Alex. Nice of you to join us tonight. Come,I'll take you to the research room. He pulls me by my arm, and I resist every instinct to not break it. " we've developed a new name for the drug. We decided to call it " La Relance". " Why French?" I ask, as he leads me into a room. The room is filled with men and women in lab coats, who were seen taking notes on it. " We thought it was fancy." He said with a grin. " Anyway, the drug's toxic levels is a bit dangerous at the moment. So we're keeping it encased in a tube, until we can somehow find a way to get rid of it." I notice a vent in the tube. That was a bit odd considering, he just said it was toxic. And having a vent right above it....oh shit!


I quickly draw my weapon, but I feel the cold temple of his python pressed to my temple. I slowly let go of the trigger and he motions me to the corner of the room. " look, it's nothing personal..Alex. But, now that we have more than enough of fuel research, we don't need anymore donators. You've heard too much as well. So consider this a mercy killing." My instincts kick in, and I slap the gun upwards. I deliver a kick to his abdomen and I punch to his jaw as he crashes. I grip the gun in mid air and I aim it at the scientists. They all shiver in fear.. until they pull out their pistols. " Drop it," one of the men ordered. It won't be long until security rushes through. So I'll go out atleast. I aim at the nearest scientists and I plant a bullet in his throat. I use him as a shield and I kill two more in front of me. The other 10 fire back, shooting hastily. I take down another four more, until I hear eight more guards rush in. I'm really trapped this time. So I do something that I'd  ultimately regret. I aim my Remington at the tube and shoot it. It explodes and the gases sweep into the vent. I start to get dizzy, and I crash to the floor. Then I hear a scream. And several more, before I see a silhouette. It's some type of humanoid thing. But I get extremely nauseous. And then and there I pass out. Mission failed....



March 18,2009

Objective: get the hell off the ship!

*******************************I rub my head groggily as I process the room. I feel for my wire, when I realize I've been disconnected. I switch the server back on, and I attempt to contact Noah. " Noah?! Can you hear me?!" But to no avail. I struggle to get up and I trip on my heels. " God damn it!" I yell. I examine the room. The tube is broken, and still spewing toxic. I grab my pistol and I hurriedly rush out. Outside the room is a horror show. The walls are encased with blood and bullets. I head back to the double doors when I hear a groan. I quickly turn around to see a large blue humanoid figure reaching out to me. It creeps closer and I raise my gun, ready to pull the trigger. It stops and raises a finger. "!" It shouts. It opens its mouth revealing hundreds of sharp teeths. I quickly take off, with it following close behind. It wastes no time in catching up to me. And I rush to open the elevator button. As the door opens I jump inside and I furiously push close. The thing is shut out, and I regain some of my stamina. As the doors open back to the engine room. I quickly aim my gun. There's my blood, and more leading up the steps. As I head back into the hallway, I hear my groaning. I see three more of these things, and they chase after me. I lay a bullet into one of their kneecaps, causing them to fall onto each other. I rush up the staircase leading to the cabin area. One of them pounce onto my leg, scratching me. I quickly shoot it in the throat, and it collapses. As I open the doorway leading to the cabin it's blocked by fallen luggage and debris. I head up another floor, which leads me to another dark hallway. Then I hear those things chasing me. I rush down the hallway, blood pouring down my leg, as I rush into the research room. The thing starts pounding on the door as I barricade it. I turn around to see it pop out a vent, showing a row of sharp teeth. It grabs me by throat and lifts me up. I instinctively yelp while the other two pop out of another vent in the row. The thing brings me closer to its mouth, ready to bite. As it gets closer... I hear a gunshot. I'm automatically brought to the floor. I hear two more bullets, and I as I look up.. it's Louis! 

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