Through The Blinds


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 " Is that the last of the boxes, Matt?" I ask as I step out of the front door. " yep," he nods. I instinctively rub my belly as he and the other movers bring the rest of the boxes. " Be careful. That ones filled with glass." One of the workers said to the other one . I head upstairs to somewhat constructed bedroom. I ordered the crib yesterday for our little one, so we can sleep with it everyday. Once the workers left and me and Matt fixed up the house. That's when I heard the doorbell rang.... and I never regretted opening that door so much. 

I opened the door to a friendly looking man. He had glasses, a fancy polo shirt, and a nice smile. " welcome to the neighborhood!" He said with a genuine smile. He had me a basket filled with food and items as Matt appeared behind me. I swear i almost saw him lose his smile. " is this your brother?" He asks, politely. " Nope. Husband." Matt replied. " well that's nice to know, anway I'm Joseph and I often do this " welcome to the neighborhood" thing. It's a good area and I hope you guys stick around for a while!" And with a smile he walked off down the street. " Nice little guy," Matt said with a chuckle. I laughed as well and we headed back inside.  I opened the basket which was filled with food, and a blue teddy bear. It was cute of him to do that, but kinda weird. I took it and I placed it on my shelf. " Joseph seems to like teddy bears," I mutter to myself. 

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 As I head back downstairs, I see Matt placing the tv on the stand.  " oh! Be careful," I warned him. He grunts affirmatively, and I head to the kitchen for some pickles. Being pregnant makes you crave some serious stuff. I hear the doorbell ring, and I open it to find a young woman standing on the doormat. " Hello! I'm Katie I live right across the street and I wanted to see the new neighbors. So we hope you enjoy it." She said with a small smile. " nice to meet you," I said with a smile back. She turns on her feet and heads right across. I close the door, and I help Matt put the bed together. 

After I finish helping him unpack the majority of the house, I lie down. It gets a lot harder to do simple things, considering I'm about to push a baby out of my- well I don't need to explain that. " Nate! I can't get up!" I whine as I struggle to push up. He jogs in, and grabs my arms and gently lifts me up. " Do you need anything else?" He says with a purr at the end. I slowly shake my head no, and he heads into the bathroom. 

I look up at the teddy bear, Jospeh gave us. It's really nice, and would make for a good snuggle bear for the baby. I love the things eyes as well. They have a little shade of red in them to. So unique...

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 " Babe, I'm heading to work!" I hear Nate  yell downstairs. I yell an " okay!" And the door shuts. I hear his car pull out of the driveway, and I head into the kitchen to get some pickles. As I put them into a bowl, I hear the doorbell ring. 

I open it to find Jospeh on the doormat. " Hi, um? I don't think I got your name." I let out a quiet laugh. " Takebe." He starts smile and I return one. " pretty name. Anyway, I figured we could just talk like normal people." I'll admit, I got a bit uncomfortable letting him in, but we were new to the area and i wouldn't mind getting help. 

Hours seem to pass by as me and Joseph talk about life in general. " well Joseph this has been fun but..." he doesn't seem to catch on, and I adjust my seat a little. His eyes seem fixated on me. " I don't want to leave you," he mutters. " you said something?" He shakes his head slowly and quickly gets up and leaves. " That was weird," I mutter to myself. 

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