Clare Watson Part II


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 Hello my lovely new journal.Oh I can,t believe It,s gonna be a year since I first started writing...I mean writing a journal.

Life has changed since then....Aaron Anderson,s my boyfriend.

Should I introduce him once again?He,s the school,s most popular,and handsome boy and this year he, gonna graduate.Charlie Anderson his twin brother and my very good friend is now going out with my friend Lona.

Anna and John are going pretty well.Life,s going smooth,But Aaron is graduating!!And I don,t think he,ll like to date me after that...Oh God what do I do??

This thing is eating me up...Arrgghh!!

Okay,Everyone,s telling me it,s alright but it,s not.Aaron Anderson is the most handsome guy in the whole United States of America,or The whole New York!!

 Okay that,s too much,Well he,s the the most handsome and hot guy in  American Tigers High School,He can get anybody...Like anybodys even Taylor Swift..Well no...She,s way too older than him,But she dated Harry Styles!!

Oh Gosh!What am I upto?? Why am Even writing this stuff?

Okay...Anna just entered in my room.

“Hey,what,s up Clay?”She jumped on my bed.

“Nothing..Just writing,It,s Monday tomorrow...,”I replied quite recovering from my....Um...Whatever.

“Yeah,It,s Monday...Can,t wait to see John,”She signed.

“Did,nt you see him on the weekend?”I asked.

“No he and Aaron were having other plans....”

“Other plans?Aaron told me he was busy on the weekends,”My hearthad started beating like crazy.

“Yeah they were preparing a project to complete,”

Oh Thank Goodness,What,s happening to me????


Anna just noticed me writing in my journal.

“What,s up?You seem tense?”

I,ll tell her later.


She shrugged and started talking about John.

That,s her favourite topic,I tell you!And I,m sick of it,still it,s natural.

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 My love just came and kissed me.That felt better and made me forget my every worry.But the news he told me next was enough to take my breathe away.

“I was just looking up the best colleges in New York and I,m stuck on one,It seems pretty nice,”

Pretty nice...Why?WHY?Because there are better girls than me there,is that so???

Okay,lets calm down....Good it,s Okay,It,s nit gonna happen.

Soo instead of panicking I smiled and said.

“Good for you,I,ll miss you,”Which seemed to be good because he smiled,too and hugged me.

Just as we were pulling apart,Charlie and Lona arrived,following by John and Anna.

“Hey,Clare,”Charlie hugged me.That was normal,it,s not like he,s in love with me anymore,and that we still remember that we have been in a relationship and had been sharing quite passionate kisses,but still He was Charlie Anderson and he was a cool boy,So we never minded it..And that made us really good friends.

And he loves Lona Wentworth.And they are very happy.

John and Cal are gonna graduate,too.We,ll be quite alone after they leave,that,s why  juniors dont,often hang out with seniors.

It,s too cold and I,m in no mood to take a class,specially when it,s chemistry.

Aaron,seemed to be noticing me,from the past week,that I have been writing in my jiurnak quite wildly.So today before going to the class he grabbed me by my waist ,looked in my eyes and asked.

“Babe,I,ve been noticing you,ve been quite tense since I don't know,Wassup?”I totally  melted and I was just gonna tell him when we were interrupted by Mrs.Ronald,Our physics teacher.

“Clare?Aaron?You are supposed to be in class,Right?”She was a lenient teacher,soo no problem.

But it feels weird being held by the waist and all by your love  in front of a teacher,but as Aaron is the most favourite student of all the staff,He just smiled.

“Yeah,right,We were just moving,”And kissed me on my lips infront of her!

I was red with shame but,Mrs.Ronald smiled and walked away.

“Now tell me,”He asked me,again.

“Nothing,I,m getting late,”With that I kissed him and walked away.

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Just as I was writing this,while eating my chicken mayo burger,Lona came from my behind and read everything.

“You are still thinking over that?”She asked,But I shushed her because Anna was walking towards us.

“I,m gonna tell her,Now,”I wanted to stop her, But it was too late.

“Wassup?Why do you look so......Sad?”She asked while sitting down beside me.

“Nothing,I was just......!”But Lona ate up my sentence and completed it.

“She,s wotried to death over Aaron,He,s going to college,and she thinks he,ll not date her once he does graduate!She thinks he,ll date those college girl,She,s sooo silly!”

“Oh well,Clare,What maked you think that?I,m not thinking like this,Nor is Lona,So why YOU?”

“I don,t know,I love him soo much!”I gave up and burst into tears.

“Hey,Hey now,Clare look,We love our guys,too,And we believe in them,And Aaron loves you madly,Clare,”Anna,s little speech helped a little.

“I believe him too,But..I feel...,”I did,nt have time to complete,because Lona nudged at me and pointed at the direction behind me,I looked to see Aaron,Cal and John coming towards us.

Okay,Eww time,because I know John and Cal are gonna snog their girls like mad.Okay,Aaron and I do too,In public we do it like humans.

“Hey girls,Wassup?”John slid beside Anna and Charlie pushed Anna on his lap. 

Come on,You guys...But you know Cal is really cute and soo is John who just kissed Anna softly.

Aaron just came and took a seat beside me.

He did nothing.


He did,nt even said Hi.

So I tried to make an effort.

“Hey?”I looked at him,He was forking his pasta.

“Hi,”He said and went straight back on chewing,

“What,s up?”I asked,this time squeezing his hand,softly.

“Nothing,babe,”He smiled. 

“What should be up?”He asked.

“You seem,Strange,you were alright this morning,And now.....”

“You hide things from me,You don,t tell me what,s bugging you?”

“Oh Ron,It,s Nothing,I,m sad because you,re gonna graduate in a few months,that,s all,”

I lied a little!A little!

“Really?Is that the matter,?”He asked.



“Okay,Soo wanna hang out on Saturday?”

Oh this again,It,s been a year,and I,m still a virgin,Aaron,s been trying to get me to it,but I,m too shy.

“Umm...Aaron...,I,ll think,”

It,s not like We never hanged out,We do every Saturday.But,when Aaron says

“Wanna hang out,”

It means S.E.X!!

And I,m thinking and thinking from the past year.

“Okay,”I knew his mood had changed,But I knew he,ll be fine.


You said that again??Are you insane? — Anna

What do you mean?

You know what I mean,I heard it!You said you,ll think.If you don,t do it now!He,ll definitely date someone..........

Don,t say it!

Come on say Yes!I did it already it,s fun!

Okay,Okay.Oh God.

Lona did it too,Now you are left!

She did?Oh No,I,ll....okay.

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