Dean And Alice.


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 He was The Bad Boy of the school.

She was a pretty girl.

He never took life seriously.

She took life seriously.

Main characters...

Alice Robins:The beautiful,and shy girl of the school,Who actually has no family,accept for a loving aunt and uncle,and their childern.

She knew what love meant,And unfortunately she felt for the wrong person.

Dean Wilder .The bad boy of the school.Handsome and good looking as he is,Still he is an image of horror to the ones he hates.He slept with most probably a hundered girls,and never looked back at them.

He never believed in love,but at last he did.With the most unfortunate person.

"I can never ever fall in love with anyone!"He stated,Looking serious.

"Yo man!That,s not gonna happen,one day you will fall in love!"Will grinned at him,he shrugged and winked at a girl who just passed.


"I don,t know,What,s life about?Please,I don,t wanna talk anymore,Dean,"She stood up,but he caught hold of her hand.

"No,Please,Listen to me,Alice,"He pleaded.

She shook her head,and let tears fall freely on her red cheeks.But his grip was very strong,She can,t escape this time.

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Chapter One.

His phone started ringing.He shot his eyes open.

"What the....Holy,"He sat up and attended the call.

"Hello,"He said in a rough voice.

"Who,s there,Baby?"The blonde girl sat up on bed,too and asked.

He kept on talking.His mood had changed.

"Okay,bye honey,See you,"He hung up and looked at the girl.

"Who was that,you just called,Honey?"She demanded.It was seven  in the morning.

"Ella,"He replied and got out of the bed.

"Ella?Why do you even talk to her?"She got out too,And started putting on her clothes.

"Shut up,Anne,Will you?"He said in a bored tone.

"I thought you loved me"

"Aww..jeez!Come on!Me in Love?What a joke!"

"I,m leaving"

"Yeah,Go on,And fuck somebody else!"He shouted,And went back into bed.

Handsome and smart as he was,He was also a player and quite rude.

On the other hand,She was up,She could,nt go to sleep.

"Hell!"She groaned.It was Saturday,She wanted to enjoy it with her friends.

She looked at her side,And picked up the photo of her dead parents.

She smiled,And got up.

"I better call Aaron,He,ll be up,"

And he was.

"Wassup?Did you have a bad dream?"He was asking.

"Yeah,Kindda,Guess whom did I saw?"

"Who,Me?I knew you loved me!"

"Shut up,Ass!"She scolded him.

"Aww,That hurts,Well go on,"

"I  Saw   ......Dean Wilder!"She told,dramatically.

"Come on!You,ve gotta be kidding!"

"I did,Oh My,He,s such an ass hole,"

"Well,He needs a lesson,but nobody can teach him,It,s enough,with hatred towards you,And For nothing!Just because you hang out with me,His ex Friend!"

That was that,Aaron was his ex friend,They had been fighting over something and that ended their friend ship.

And he hated his friends too,Most of all,Alice Robins.

"Soo what,s the plan for today?"She asked.

"We are gonna hang out,You,me,Jess,John,Amy,Reece,"

"Good,That,s gonna be fun,Why not go to the club?Tonight"

"You are getting sexy day by day,Will your aunt be fine with this?"

"Shut up,Aaron!And yes,She,s a dear"He started laughing and they hung up.

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Chapter Two.

 "It,s gonna be fun!Yeah.....,"She hummed.

Everyone agreed.

"One..Two...And three,Enter!"Reece said,And they entered in the club.

"We gotta go,and find someone to fuck!"The boys raced to where some hot girls were dancing.

"Am gonna get some drink,"She walked towards the bar.She looks hot tonight.Aaron thought,while eyeing her,They were very good friends,but she never even guessed my feelings,He shaked his head and went straight flirting with a girl.

She did looked hot,As well as pretty.A brunette with green eyes,She was well known in her circle,just because of her beauty.

Wearing a low necked shimmering shirt,showing her belly and a mini skirt.To show her perfect legs.

But her mood was spoiled after nearly ten minutes.

"Hey,Beautiful,"The bartender looked at her and smiled.

"Hey,can I get some beer?"

"Beer?Oh..Okay"He turned to get her drink.

Once she gulped it all down  she winked at the bartender and stood up,She turned and bumped into someone,who was 6 feet tall,and very handsome.

"Oh"She went blank.

"Wait.Wait,Don,t tell me you are here to spoil my night,Gosh!"He looked at her,

"Will you shut it,It,s a free country!Dude,stop!"She barged  past him.

     "Dean,Babe who was That?"A girl came out form nowhere,and asked.

"Somebody,I hate,"He answered,much to her amusement.

She sat down in a corner,Trying to calm down.

"Fucker,Just spoiled My Night!"She hissed.

"Whoaa!Wht happened?"Aaron sat down beside her,putting an arm around her.That action was disliked by her.

"Dean Wilder!"

"Yeah,He,ll be around,I know,Come on,Smile,"She smiled, and much to her anger,He kissed her.

But she pulled away,

"Hey,Aaron,Now..It,s not like that,Buddy!"She stood up,and made her way to the door,Passing the sweaty bodies of the dancers.

But,That Saturday night was gonna be the worst night for her ever.

Once she breathed in the cool air,somebody came to just spoil her.

"Ohh,.....Whoaa,look at her,"He slipped and arm around her while his friends,gathered around.

"W..Who are you?"She stuttered.

"Lets make a deal,You,ll spend this night with us,And we,ll pay you?'

"Shut the fuck up!And let me go,"She shouted.

But that was too late,Because a hand reached out and unzipped her shirt and ripped it off her body,She was wearing a bra,yet she was half naked.

"Noo.Oh God,,No,Please!"She started crying and shouting.

But the hand reached for her bra when all of a sudden,He was knocked on the floor,the others,leaving her right on the floor crying and wrapping her arms around her,Ran away at the sight of him.

"Go to hell,you fuckers!"He shouted,Then rather hesitatingly sat down and handed her shirt to her,

She looked up to see who was there.

Dean Wilder...

"Ohh.....,"She started sobbing again.

He helped her put on her shirt and wrapped his arms around her,forgetting his hatred towards her,He carried her to his car and drove her home,Rude as he was he was also soft hearted.

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Chapter Three.

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Chapter Four.

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Chapter Five.

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Chapter  Six.

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Chapter Seven.

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