Sing Me A Love Song


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Chapter 1

 Hands holding on to each other like their holding on for life. I watch the couple, they're acting like their the only people in the whole world, and in a way, they are. They are so in love it's crazy. Love is never like that, it's not easy to find and once you find it, you have to hold onto it with both hands. 

Love is so precious, it's like glass. You can't force love and you can't make it up.

The couple walk past me and I swear it's like their living in a movie, they are so perfect ,it's creepy.

I walk on by myself, I don't stop until I'm out of the park. The skin on the back of my neck pricks up with goosebumps and my stomach flutters with butterflies in a sense of uncomfortableness, it takes a long time for me to work out why, I feel like I'm being watched. I turn around and scan the area for people, but there's no one. So why does it feel like I'm being watched?  

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 For all the people who need a sprinkle of pixie dust. ✨

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Chapter 2

 It's freaky, eerie, even. I know I'm being watched , yet I can't see anyone, I sigh, it's probably just my over active imagination getting the best of me. I shake my head, trying to get rid of the feeling but like an itch I can't scratch, it doesn't go. 

I walk, run, try everything to get rid of it. Whoever is following me is sure stubborn, they're not gonna leave me alone anytime soon. I wait until everyone around me goes away, until it's just me and whoever the hell is following me. 

I turn around lightning quick, but there's no one there. "Show yourself, I know you are there, you're not exactly subtle." I say hoping someone will pop out of the shadows. 

I wait and wait, but no one comes, I start walking away. Something lands on my shoulder. A hand. I look up into a pair of violet eyes, just a normal person, wait, no one has purple eyes, do they? 

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