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Chapter 1

 Love. Just that one word can mean the difference between life and death. It can cause happiness but at the same time  also cause pain. It's so powerful that most people believe it's the only thing keeping us alive. Well, not me, I don't believe in love, no happy ever after.        

Well, that was until last summer, back when I had no clue what having your heart      broken even felt like. 

I was only 13 with a whole life ahead of me, I just didn't  know it yet. 

Breeep.Breeep.Breeep. My  alarm clock goes off, signaling the last day before the school holidays. We'd studied for so long and now we'd finally get a break from it all. 

Hurriedly, I twisted my hair into a high ponytail and ran  out of the house as fast as my legs could carry me. I couldn't be late today, today was the last day of school and I'd  promised Kayla , my bestie, I'd get to school early so she could try and talk to her crush, Sam, and she said she couldn't do it without me. 

"Briar!" Kayla screams when I get close enough to hear her. I turn around and spot Sam coming towards us. "This is your chance!" I say, happily.

"Hey." Sam says when he approaches us. "Hi." I say and I nudge Kayla who says hi whilst staring at her toes. "Well, I was wondering  if you two would like to, um,come to the cinema on Friday night?" Sam asks, nervously running a hand through his golden brown hair. Spotting an opportunity to get them closer, I say "Sorry, I'm busy, but I know Kayla would love to go with you." "Ummmm, errrr, that would be awesome."She mumbles and Sam walks away grinning.

"I can't believe you just did that!" She squeals. "Well, you did want a date with him, and now you've got one!" I say cheerfully. 

The bell goes off cueing the next lesson and the day flows by and before I know it ,I'm walking out of the school gates and into town.  

I walk into the park and sit down on a bench. I take out my notepad and start doodling a couple in the distance. I watch them. They are walking hand in hand, like they are the only people in the world, they don't care who can see them, they just care about being together. I sigh out loud, why can some people find the perfect person so easily whilst some of us just have to pretend to be happy alone?

I finish drawing the couple and I study the figure who has just walked into the park. It's a boy about my age. I watch him as he walks closer to me. I try and draw him but I don't get very far when he walks over to me. What the hell? He sits next to me and I sigh, he literally just came and sat down next to me, no biggie, right?

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 For all the people who need a little luck in the love department 😘

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Chapter 2

 I stare up at him through the corner of my eye although he's totally glued to his phone. I start drawing his face, long ,dark eyelashes framing piercing crystal blue eyes. He has charcoal colour hair and high cheekbones. He's the best looking boy I've ever seen.

He looks up from his phone and I blush as I realise he's staring at me. His eyes look down from my face to the notepad. My face gets even redder - if that's possible. Great. Now the cutest boy I've ever met is going to think I'm a stalker, he walks into the park and some random girl starts drawing him.Weird much? I slam the notepad shut and stand up, I don't look back. I'm walking out of the gates when a hand grabs my wrist.

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Notes from the Author:

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