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Jenny has been living on her own for three years. She is bound to protect the one thing her father left behind when he passed away. Her mother does not support her protecting the old house. Her idea is that her daughter needs to move on, go to college, and meet a guy and have fun, not live in debt. Her mother decides to hire Tyler, a boy with a sense of fun. She sends him to "help" with Jennys bills and be a house mate.  In hopes that Tyler can Persuade Jenny to move on,  Jenny may just move on to find something else she want give up.


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Chapter 1


"Hey Hun, long time no see." My mom says greeting me as I walk into her large house new beachfront house for the first time.
"Yeah," I say, walking into the door.

I don't have much words for my mother. Not after what she did to my dad. I had lived in my dads house for three years ever since I turned 18. I got a part-time job to help, but my hours got cut back, so here I was asking the old woman for money. I was going to anyways. I don't like asking much from people, specially my mother.

"Why are you here? Your surly not here to patch things up." She says as she leads me into the living room.

It's large and everything is leather. My mother use to hate leather, guess that has all changed. Up until now I have willingly not spoken to her, she cheated on my dad while he was on his death-bed.

I got hunches, directly after my dad died and she started going with this guy named Jim. I didn't have hard proof until she left her email open one day. There was an email from Jim asking if she would be able to sneak out and meet him.

I confronted my mom, but never mentioned the email. She denied it. She lied to me. I take a seat on the leather chair. I smell the mix of fresh leather and cinnamon insense. My mother takes a seat on the sofa across from me, she crosses her legs and places her hands on her knee.

"I need to borrow some money." I say getting it out.

"Honey," she says. "When are you going to move on and go to college? Come live with me and Mike. We will pay for you to go to college."

How tempting. Come live with her and fiancé number three. I rather not. Even if it means living like the rich and sophisticated. I work hard to keep what my dad spent most of his years working hard to save. I was not going to lose it.

"Mom, you know I can't. I won't. Dad worked his tail off for that house. I can't leave it behind."

"Your loosing money. You need to have; fun, get married, go to college, get a career, not spend your time on an old house in the woods. " she says it all with a smile. A smile! How dare she?

If it wasn't enough she continues. "Your dad would have wanted you to be happy."

I stand up, now angered. I point at her. "Don't tell me what dad would have wanted!"

"Hun." I walk away from her I can feel her following me. I can't stay she doesn't support me. She does not care about the house.

"I should'nt have come." I place my hand on the silver doorknob, that will get me away from this women.

"Come live here!" She pleads.

" I rather be on the streets!" With that said I leave out the house, slamming the door behind me.

I can see Mike walking up the marble steps. I guess he's  getting home from work.

"Hey, leaving so soon?" He says as he comes closer.

"No not soon enough." I brush past him, his shoulder rubbing against mine. I get into my old run down truck and put the key into the ignition.

Im going to save dad's house no matter what it meant. If I would have to prostitute, so be it. Hopefully it didn't come down to that though. I watch the glistening waters of Sandell Beach. It reminds me that it is so much different then the wooded area that surrounds my house.

My phone in the passenger seat vibrates. My mothers name is lite up on the screen, I hit ignore button and throw it back down.

I pull over near an abandon house. Somebody once upon ago gave up on this house, now it's withering and falling apart. I sit down on a bench near it and close eyes briefly, taking in the crisp fall air. I'm not much of a church goer, or godly women. I hadn't been to church since I was eight.

But now I needed anything and God seems like a likely option. I pray solemnly and quickly, "Lord please let me save my dads house." I don't even bother with amen. I fill a tear fall down my cheek. I hope God answers my prayer.

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Chapter 2


The pretty rich lady was right, this house is old. A piece of crap as far as I could tell. I looked at my surroundings which besides the house, were trees, and the mile long dirt road I just drove down to get here. I keep telling myself that this is a mission, a mission that would make me money. All I have to do is show my dad's boss AKA the rich lady that I could handle it. It was simple, convince her daughter to get over the old house and live life.


She didn't tell me much about her daughter, just that she was around my age and emotionally attached to a house. She didn't even tell me why she was attached. Looking at it I had no clue why anyone would be. I got out my car, the dew wet grass sticks to my Nikes'. 


Each step I take onto the faded brown porch creaked and called out to me. Maybe it is warning, that what Im getting into was going to end in all kinds of bad. I raise my hand to knock on the door, but before I could, a cute brown haired beauty steps out. Looking at what she's wearing it's clear that she had just hoped out of bed. Her hair was thrown into a messy bun and she had on shorts and a T-shirt.


"Who are you?" She asks.


I suddenly realize that i'm still staring at her. "Um, im Tyler. I came about the ad in the paper. It said you were looking for a roommate?" There you go Tyler, just like planned. 


"I didn't put an ad in the paper?" The surprised, confused look on her face is sort of priceless.  I chuckled a little and hope she didn't hear me. I'm  actually going to go through with this.


"It said Claudette Henderson. Is that you?" I knew it wasn't, but I had to be confused as much as she was. Her mouth formed into an O shape and she spoke. "That's my mother! Do you have a copy of the ad with you?"


"No, sorry. I will pay rent and split other bills." I don't have a job, but it's okay because in addition to the money the rich lady was paying me she would be giving me the money required to pay expenses until I convinced her daughter to leave this shack. She would pay for me to live for now, and what I need. But, the real prize is at the end, $10,000 to get her daughter out and about. The lady was head of a big design firm, and 10 Grand is probably nothing to her, but for me it's Heaven.


I could see some consideration in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm not looking. My mother likes to take control and this is one of those times. Have a good day." She Begin to shut the door but I can't  let her. I stop the door with my foot and she gives me an angry look, that some how makes her even more cute. 


"Sorry for the inconvenience. I want to make it up to you, come get breakfast with me?" I hope I still have the money I borrowed from my dad a few days ago. That was another reason I needed the money, so I could stop borrowing from my dad. This was one time that my dad had connection to someone I could use. Even though she had come to me with the idea.  I know I had to get in and live in that house if i'm going to actually pull this off.  She hesitated briefly before answering. "Okay."


I then remembered that I had my suitcase already in the back seat of my car prepared. "What about you go get dressed and I will go start the car. She nods then turns and walks back into the house. I run fast and grab all the stuff in the backseat and cram it into my trunk, as i was closing it she walks out, and when I look at her my mouth drops.

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