That's Just Life


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This book is written by a 14 year old student who just wants to show her stories to the world.

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Chapter 1

“That’s just life!” my mum yelled as her tears welled up and bottom lip quivered. I guess she was right. You’re born, you do your part in the world and then you are simply useless. I’m not gonna do a big build up to tell you the devastating news, I’m just gonna say it. My grandma is dead and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

You might be wondering how she died in the first place so I’ll explain. She had two strokes. First one happened at the bus stop, she recovered quickly. Second one was horrible, I know this because I was there but I wish I wasn’t. That might seem self centred but I would rather not have flashbacks every night and wake to a sweat covered bed.

I remember it like it was yesterday, so hauntingly vivid. We were in the living room watching TV. My grandma got up to get some chocolate. She collapsed in the hallway. She lay on her back and everyone rushed to her side, like bees to a bowl of honey. When I saw her face, I burst into tears. The droplets lined my flushed cheeks, like the wrinkles of the elderly. One side of her face looked distinctly drooped and older than the other half. After that all I remember is blurs of ambulances and stone-hearted figures snatching my poor, weak grandma away.

I remember walking slowly into class and sitting down. All I could see was my grandma. Trapped in a Stygian coffin within a horrific, neverending nightmare.

“That’s just life!” My mum yelled. I guess she was right. You are born, you struggle through the diabolic horrors waiting to be discovered. Then you die from a disease, car crash or a fire, burning you to ashes.

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