Before The Beginning


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In the very beginning there was nothing, people might say. Well, not so, I will take you into a dangerous and fascinating journey, if you want. Oh, by the way my name is Twindle, the most beautiful princess you will ever know. My kingdom was destroyed by the Bartlebies, they are evil under their adorable look.

  The Bartlebies are like rat creatures but worse, they have long dirty claws, no mouth but a screechy howl of a dog, big eyes that are three different colors, but turn black when they turn. Their bodies can turn into other things but they are so quite its so frightening that you cant come out at night, they usually come in a pack of ten or more, which makes them indestructible.

Because of the riot we lost our homes, which means we have very little to live off of. In the war, I lost my father, it was a miserable state for my mother and I. After we lost father mother got ill, when she dies I become the Queen of Dreams Eye, but that would be bad for my people and myself. My mother already told me who I should marry, to become king, but I denied her wish. Vedu Oaks is too a very nice man, he fought with my father but in his past he did so much wrong in his past. Lord Rock Down banded his from loving in Dreams Eye unless he fed his eyes to the creatures, which he did. He had like this sixth seance then helped in the war.

let me tell you about myself, I have long silk pitch black hair, with black eyes, some say my hair is as soft as a well sanded piece of glass. I am a risk taker, just like The Gat Brothers. The Gat Brothers are Martial and Zeke, they will do anything to impress Bobby Jane, Diamond Silver and me.I used to have a thing for Martial until he got pulled down by The witch. but Zeke on the other hand had a thing for Diamond for the longest time until the annual festival.

Bobby Jane and I have been friends every since we were born, but when we fight its because of my royalty bet less then five minutes we make up, its fantastic what type of relationship we have. We are all friends, with our own special ability.

All together our strengths are powerful, Martial has the ability of fire and telekinesis  , Zeke has the ability to change forms because he is half angle and half human. Bobby is telepathic, and Diamond has the looks to get us through anything, and I am Divergent. We found this out when we were little, but we kept it a secret until now.


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Chapter 1

Now you kind of get the picture, so lets start at the beginning, before my farther died. It was four days before the war, it was a nice day, the winds were rough enough to shake the buds on the tree tops, so I ran outside to be free until father woke up. I ran and ran until I got to the top of the hill, so I could see everything.  I span in circles until I fell on my knees and when I fell I heard someone call my name,

"Twindle, where are you?...Twindle!" The voice yelled, I opened my eyes and then I saw Jeffery, he is the commander of the midgets, he was elected the leader when elder John passed 16 years ago. John was so young, he was only 115 years old, he only had 165 years left. Everyone in the kingdom had a different life expansion.

When Jeffery got to me he was out of breath, trying to tell me something in between deep exhales. I grabbed an apple on a tree near by,  was, "The prince... your...engaged..." I told him to sit on a stump near by and catch his breath. I start eating trying to figure out what he said. All I could really could figure out what he said.

He repeated himself after he had enough of breath. "There was a letter from the Prince , he wants you to respond tomorrow to accept your marriage proposal, your getting engaged, Yay!" I swear I head a shocked expression on my face, I went back inside. Mother looked at me dissipated but happy, I just wanted to know what Prince?

I felt like I was going to cry, I felt it because that meant soon I would become Queen, and another kingdom would merge. I had a messenger horse  tell my friends to come immediately, as soon at they came to me they already hears, the word really get around here. I just wanted to say no, I didn't was to say yes, in anyway.  I looked at Martial nut he looked away in anger, but not at me. I read what he was thinking, he knew I did it, he just let me.

"I want to hurt this man, whoever it is..." Then he blocked me, 'no' I accidentally said out loud. They all looked at me strangely, Bobby pulled me to the side, reading my mind. I gave her a look and let go.

"You know I hate when you do that to me..."  I say looking away, out the window.

"Why did he say that..? I don't know probably if you marry someone you will move, and become Queen..." Bobby said looking out the window also. I wont let that happen, I will stay the Princess as long as I can. When we when beck Diamond broke out in tears, and they weren't happy ones either.

"You know where the kitchen is, go get something to munch on, ha ha I shouldn't say that, boys go find something to eat. Ill be right there." I say going to my special room where I keep things my parents shouldn't know about. Going up to the room I heard Mother and Father arguing, and it wasn't good.

"Curse you, you disobeyed my!" Farther started.

"Do you want them to hear you?" Mother interrupted.

"Who cares anymore?!" Father spoke, the next thing I heard was a loud and hard smack. I think Father hit Mother, after I heard footsteps I ran to the room. That was horrible, that fight, I never heard one so bad before. But I still entered the room to make my call. I found out from some how finding the letter it was Prince Wilson. I  sent my message stating I sill not marry The Prince not now not ever.

I galloped back to the kitchen and fixed some beverages connect up some cookies. I wanted to tell them but my soul felt worried.

"was that you yelling or what?" Zeke asked.
" no that was my parents arguing about something, why?" I replied
"because I want some action blood etc.!" He added.
" hey, don't talk about stuff like that one right eating, and yes I mean don't talk about blood, Zeke!" Diamond interrupted.
" So... Which one is it?" Marshal asked.
" which one is what?" Bobby blurted out. He's probably talking about the Prince.
"Wilson..." I said. 
" well he's lucky." Marshal whispered under his breath. When I turned to get some water, from the corner of my eye I say him fiddling with the crystal cup. 'Do you want more?' I thought, and he thought ' No thanks.'

Martial got up and put his dishes I the sink, and said, " I'll be in the library if someone needs me." Then left before Bobby could say 'okay' eyeing me with a smirk.

A few minutes later I went up to the library finding Martial on the ledge looking out fiddling with a pen. It looked as if he was writing but there was no paper.

" Hey,  what are you doing?"  I say walking towards the window.

" I was just thinking about.. You... Actually about the marriage."  He says looking in the distance.

" I wasn't even thinking of marriage, I didn't say yes. I don't want to get married to him. He made that decision for me, but I just can't... Not yet." I say hanging on the small pillar near by, feeling the gentle breeze on my skin.

" Well, that's not exactly what I heard." I says with confusing looking at me.

" What did you hear exactly?" I ask.

" I heard that you two have been dating for a long time and you pregnant so you two are getting married for the sake of the baby." He says.

" Wow, for one I'm not pregnant and two I don't even like him, where did you hear that from?" I said pulling away from the pillar.

" A lot of people, I don't have a problem with it, it's just..."  He starts to say until he stops.

" Just what?" I say questionably.

" Just nothing..." He starts to say looking away.

" Let's get to the others, I'm going to tell them."  I say, walking towards the bulk doors are glass break, my eyes automatically look at Martial. We both bolted out the door and and hopped over the flight of stairs, running into the kitchen finding Zeke looking at a broken vase. Out of all possibilities that something bad it was Zeke.

" You two look like you just ran a marathon." Zeke said in a jokingly voice, I went over to him and hit him like a punching bag. " What was that for?" He whines after I stop. I went to the kitchen getting some water, Mother came out not trying to look at me, while I was getting some ice for her face.

" Mother look at me.." I say holding the ice.

"Why?" Mother says shyly.

" Because I know your the one who got hit." I say walking towards her, as he looks at me her whole entire left side of her face was swollen. I sit her down in a near chair  putting the ice softly on her face.

"It was just a small slap, it was nothing... You know that I have sensitive skin..." She says putting her hand over mine.

" Shh... Just let me help you." I say, Everyone thought my family was perfect, so did I but I know something was going to happen, I sensed it. "Mother.." I said with promise and respect.

"Oh dear, I never wanted you to see me think this, with hatred  in my heart." Mother says, I didn't see no hatred, but appreciation, not to me or Father... Then who? I don't have the capability to reach down more without anyone else here. My ability too weak without them.

A few hours later, Jhosiphina came over to my area. He told me that his cousin Brnard is coming and he needs me to help him. He cares for his cousin Brnard but he is very headstrong, so our plane was to keep him busy for 2 hours, as we get a welcome home party. Brnard has always had a crush on me. How do I know? because he kissed me on the cheek and told me, and hes still not married. He is like a multi-millionaire and he would buy me. He brought me a 24 carrot diamond ring and I still have it. Things between us is a little complicated but he knows he just want to buy himself into royalty.

I invited Jhosiphina and my fair friends over for dinner. So, mean while, before dinner, we played Spass, it's a game where the players reflect a light off of a diamond in four directions making all four cross with the others players light to make a new stream of color. The first one picks up a card and does it, or makes someone else do it, but a player has only three chances to pass. It is extremely fun having everyone playing along and having issues getting the right color.

So while we play Spass, Mother and Hellen cooled a sweet sauced cow thighs, sweet potatoes and broccoli. When we were playing the fumes from the kitchen made their way into the living room, through out the whole entire house. As I heard my stomach growl There was a zing that rang out through out the house, telling everyone that the food was done.

We ate the delicious meal and afterwards we ate lamb tongue, the whole entire meal was delicious. We were all so full, no one cared to walk home. once again everyone stayed over. once everyone was ready to fall asleep we were all awake, trying to sleep but we couldn't. Se started to create images with our hands on the wall, once we all noticed the time we all tried to sleep.


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