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Chapter 1

The cell phone buzzes in my pocket, surprisingly I take it out and look, it's Christian. I was about to slide my finger to open it when my phone turned black, my eyes wonder around the room looking for my charger. When I found it I quickly plugged it in, I ran down stairs thinking 'Man there should really be a phone upstairs.' I ran to the phone and called him taking panting breaths.

"Hello, I just called your phone what happened?" He said in an irritable voice, Christian is a very nice guy I've known him for many years, ever since we were in middle school really. He is respectful but he can flip out in a blink of an eye.

"Christian my phone died, I wasn't ignoring you believe me." I said sheepishly, I just hate when he gets uptight like this, but he known sometimes how to handle it around me but he still does it.

"It's okay it's okay it happens." He said trying to calm me down, as if I sounded like I was crying. He always tries reverse psychology, which never works.

"Okay, I'm calm at this moment. Umm why did you call anyway?" I said.

"Oh, yeah I wanted to know if I could come over so we, sorry I mean If I could come over to study if it's okay?" He said kind of nervously.

"Yeah it's fine I'll see you soon okay." I said, wondering 'Why he couldn't just put that in a text?'

"Okay." He finished then hung up, he leaving me dumbfounded listening to the annoying sound, I hung up on my end and said to myself. 'Why didn't he say goodbye, he's acting a bit weird...'

'Dam I need to clean up....' I thought to myself. I go up to my room to get dressed into a regular tank top and jeans but then I looked at my bed. I finish fixing up my room then I got dressed and did my long black hair. Back down to the living room to fix the couch and organize the books, but then I heard a familiar sound, (GROWL) I look at my stomach. "Geez, I'm usually never hungry at this time, it'll have to wait." I said out loud fixing the carpet. I organized everything then looking around as I head to the kitchen my stomach growls again, I opened the fridge wondering what to make. "Omelets rice sounds good right now." I take out the eggs and put them on the counter, almost dropping them the doorbell rings I rush to the door and, of course, open it. I was opening the door to a lonely boy who looked up and smiles, 'He doesn't usually look like this what will cheer him up?'. I gave him a hug letting him in, we both look over to the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" I said curiosity, holding my stomach.

"You know I'm always eating, what you making?" He says with a smirk on his face, chuckling at my stomach.

"Food, oh you can get ready in the room okay." I said then he nodded.

"Done finally" I thought to myself perfect, I just need... I reach out for the towel to wipe my hands and brought with me, to my room. I open my door not trying to make noise because in the crack of the door I saw him sleeping, he must have dozed off waiting for me, I  put it down on the desk. I was walking over to the door as I heard him say.

"It's okay..." Christian said, I stop and look over at him looking at me.

Christian looks up at me from my bed. His big brown eyes staring straight at me, I froze not knowing what to say next. He got up grabbed my hand and said.


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Chapter 2

" I..."  
As he started to talk the doorbell rang and we immediately look at my door then each other in confusion.. I take my hand from him walking towards the brown old door. I put up my hand stating that he should wait in the room, I walk downstairs wondering what that all about, opening the door to a little girl selling Girl Scout cookies. He bought some cookies and we went back into the room, taking out our books and eating cookies. For a while I noticed that Christian wasn't paying attention, he just gazed up at me with a confused smile. After a few minutes of trying to get his attention, I close my books and set them in the floor.

" Christian, is something wrong, you've been acting strange..?" I ask as I pull on his wrist.

" I'm fine, what's wrong?" He says as his usual response. We start to go back to studying when I start to feel tension between us.

" You know you don't have to be here." I say braking the silence. He nods as usual, not looking up at me.

"Is it my imagination or am I getting smarter..? I think the glow from your electric personality must be energizing my brain as well as my heart. I aced my statistics test on Monday--even after we were out so late on Sunday night... " he starts to say.

" You are getting smarter because we've been studying so hard." I interrupt.

" I've noticed something recently--I'm happy. My attitude at work has improved. My attitude about life has improved. I smile most of the time and sometimes I find myself humming as I walk down the street. Other people have noticed it too and asked me what's different now and what has made me so much happier. The answer..?" He added some more.

" Because your retarded retard, but that's why I like you. You should definitely know this by now." I interrupted again. He starts to turn red as he pulls my wrist towards him.

" I..." he says quietly.

" You, need to study because we both know that you didn't ace the statistics. So, let go of me." I say trying to pull away from his grip, he pulls me onto the ground crawling on top of me. My heart starts to race, I look into his mild brown eyes. I see his face come closer to mine but I face my head to the side ignoring his intentions.

" I'm sorry." He says as he blushed deeper, shuffling off of me. He starts to stand up but I grab the sleeve of his shirt, looking up to him.

" Stay, or your going to fail." I say. He looks down at me, with embarrassment written all over his face. I let him go as he takes his books, and shoves them into his bag. He starts to pack and leave in silence, until he stops at the door.

" I'll text you tomorrow..." he says as he leaves. Out side the window I hear a heavy downpour. I get up and was about to run after him but he was no where in sight.

Saturday morning I woke up to a text saying.
" 'I'm sorry' doesn't begin to express my regret for acting badly. What I did was wholly inappropriate. I think I have exhausted the choices in the thesaurus, calling myself every name in the book ("stupid" and "jerk" stand out above the rest). I've tried to think what I could have done to have messed up even more, but I can't think of anything. I was able to get tickets to that football game you wanted to see on Saturday night. Let's go have fun and forget that this ever happened. I'm hoping I can pick you up at 5. Will you please give me that opportunity? I'll call you Friday night. Please say you'll go."

" Christian, you just had to pick the football game, ugh!" I yell out loud, rolling over starting at the ceiling. I continue my day thinking about his text. After dinner and a long hot steamy bath, I started to write 'Okay' but I feel asleep before I sent it.

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Chapter 3

Friday right after school Christian calls me as I leave the front doors, seeing him at the bottom of the stairs. I answer the phone seeking up behind him, surprising him. Which was funny, he was more nervous then ever. He was studdering and blushing, he was acting so cute. He was just confirming about the game. 

"Who wouldn't want to go to a football game in a huge stadium. It reminds me wen I was younger, the good days. Come on let celebrate the Test scores!" I say pulling his arm heading towards 7/11. As we walk in I walk to my favorite section, passing a young man who looks sorta fimiliar speaking french, but I dint pay much attention. "What flavor do you want?" I ask grabbing two large Slurpee cups. He points at the strawberry and I get the blue-raspberry.  I pay for them and a pack of donuts and we start walking around town.

"Today was fun." He says as he finished his drink.

"Yup, it was. Haha, I dint know what you were all embarrassed about before, its not like anything happened." I say as I open the donuts.

" Besides you didn't reply to my message until Wednesday, true there isn't anything." He says with a smirk.

" Heey, its not my fault that I fell asleep without hitting send, The bath was just so relaxing, or wait... was it a shower..? No, it was most differently a bath." I add.

" I know, I know." he says then laughs taking a donuts.

" Well, I'm going to get going okay, Ill see you tomorrow!" I yell after finishing our convocation and food. I wave good bye and head home.

The stands are filled with men, women, and children waving their hands and homemade signs. The cheers coming from the crowd make it hard for me to hear. I smell the hot dogs, popcorn, and pizza being sold at the concession stand. The marching band has just left the field with the tuba player's last note still ringing in my ear. In the fourth quarter with my team in the lead by five points, the scoreboard shows six seconds. What an emotional scene the the player threw the perfect spiral to my favorite number and caught it and made the touchdown. We all scream jumping up and down as the marching band plays their school fight song. It reminds me of the days when I use to be in the marching band myself, everything was hard work. The band and the cheer squad support the team, a family a one. I'm so glad that Christian brought me here, but he only did it because he thought I was upset. I wasn't upset just surprised by his actions.

" Thank You So Much!! That was so much fun! I cant believe I won! YAY!" I scream jumping up and down.

" I'm surprised for a girl you understand football and get all excited for it." He says with a smile.

" Don't underestimate me mister." I say with a stricter voice but a smile we both get out stuff and head up the stairs when someone taps on my shoulder.

" Excuse me ma'am but I believe you dropped this." a fimiliar voice says, I turn around seeing one of my favorite movie stars holding out my sunglasses.

" Thank you so much... Uh, your hat just fell." I say taking my sunglasses and pointing to his hat on the ground.

" You can have it, if you want Its been giving me issues all day." He says handing it out.

" Sir, I cant possibly do that..." I say as photographer start to gather around.

" Could you, do my a favor and get me away from these people?" I hear him whisper loudly in Christians ear. We both nod and get him get out. It was kinda upsetting how a human being cant enjoy there personal time by themselves.

"Thank you so much, may I ask you your names?" he asks us.

" I'm Starlin and this is my friend Christian." I say with a smile, Christian just stands there dumbfounded, I elbow him softly. " Don't stare that's rude, hes just a well known human being." I whisper to Christian.

" Do you mind if we can have lunch, If your not too busy, I would like to know such a kind couple such as yourselves." He says.

" Oh... We are just friends, not more then that." We both said at the same time. He laughs and we get some lunch at a simple fast food restaurant. We just talked like we knew each other. It was like a dream too, It was funny when He asked for a picture, and hot the other way around. My day just couldn't get better. After we say our good byes to the actor we when t back home.

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