Inner Self


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Chapter 1

My heart beats fast; I can hear it pounding in the silence. The darkness around me creeps in; the oxygen is getting less making it hard to breath.

"Where am I?" I screamed, and then it echoed.

"Where do you think you are?" said a from my left, it sounded like a little girl,

"Remember me, do you know who I am?" she added.

A white speck of light came below me and then disappeared, as if I was flouting. My body felt fixed, but I could lift up my arms and move my legs but couldn't feel anything.

I tried to follow the voice, but each time I do I turn my head she moves from corner to corner. When she does move she chuckles as if it's a joke.

"It's not funny anymore, tell me who you are!" I said trying to make her stop.

"Seriously," her voice coming closer. "Eyes as black as the skies of hell, hair as soft as silk." she paused, what for I don't know?

"Why you silly little thing, why are you talking in riddles I just want to know who you are, why won't you tell me who you are, stop talking in riddles tell me the truth." I asked politely.

"Think about the things I just said... You heard of these before... When you were younger perhaps or maybe now, if you want to know who I am you would've already known by now. You have these memories not me ,I'm one of your memories seriously you don't remember me?"

"No I don't remember you if I did why would I be asking you this?" I added "I don't know maybe your one of them one of the scary people, please say you are not one of them please please please." Then she started to cry.

Some kind of machine came towards me trying to put a needle in my neck I kept on screaming and screaming and screaming until I cannot scream anymore because my lungs hurt. The pain of fluid going into my body was like the weirdest feeling ever so scary to I kept on screaming but I don't exactly know what I was saying because I was talking in riddles to.


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Chapter 2

From the distressing pain it hurts so much that it went way. I fell into a deep deep sleep that I can't really awaken. When I did wake up from a deep sleep I feel dizzy, lightheaded when I opened up my eyes it was the real world I looked at the time and I was late for work. So I dashed to the front door and got all the supplies that I needed. I ran outside to go catch the next bus because my car was wrecked from the car accident three weeks ago that my friend got into.

My heel hitting the ground to get another spurt of energy, gasping for another breath. When I did get to the bus stop the bus was right about to leave. I finally got the bus, and when I did I heard the little girls voice call for me again.

"You know who I am." Then she started to hum.

"Stop now!" I said after she tried to catch her breath.

"Okay, but remember the tune it will always be in your heart." then the voice faded away.

I took my head phones which was purple, dark purple, and put them over my rainbow monkey hat and played the radio. The music was so soothing though that weird dream was it real, I shrugged my shoulders. My phone buzzing in my left packet on my sweat shirt. So I pulled it out, this time I could actually feel it, so I looked at the caller's name and it was my mother. Then I took off my head phones and answered the phone.

"Yes mother." I said with a chuckling tone,

"Hi my sweet one, how are you this fine morning? Aren't you supposed to be at work? Where are you? Are you okay? Are you safe?" she blurted all these questions at me all at once.

"Mom I'm good this morning, I'm going to work, I'm on the bus going to work, I'm doing good, and yes I am safe does that answer all of your questions" I said trying to remember what she said.

"Yes so why aren't you at work again?" she spoke softly.

"I had a weird dream last night then I didn't hear the alarm go off and my car is wrecked because you know why."

My mom is side director of my boss and company; she is always caring about me and my brothers and sister.

"Mom," I added." The bus is going into the tunnel so I'll see you at work k k." Then I quickly hung up. I thought to myself," Does she know something I don't?"


After mom called I looked outside and I saw a flash of the darkness, like in my dream, I quickly blinked and it went away. When the bus got to my job entry I got off and smiled at Jesse, he works for me, but with me it's weird. So he smiled back and walked with me. When we got to the elevator I stood in front of the two doors and Jesse pushed the button to go up, I sighed silently so he wouldn't hear.

"Are you okay?"

"Ya, it's just ... weird dream, hard to explain okay."

He just nodded and pressed the button again, this time he seemed irritated. He kept on pushing the button like he doesn't want to be around me. I have no idea what could have happened the last thing I remember talking to him about was the uninterested double date that Nicolas and Mitch set up for me. They are my closest friends yea they are gay but it doesn't matter to me at all.

So When I went to the bar I was looking around and I spotted Mich with someone and I saw Nicolas coming out of the bathroom and I was totally surprised so I just stood there And then Nicolas went up to them and started kissing Mr. Unknown. Then the Manger my other friend Austin yelled my name and ran over tome and gave me a huge hug, I go to his bar a lot.

"Who you meeting here cuz you dressed up."

"I had a double date today but i don't know if the date was for me.?." I said in a questioning voice.

"Why?!? Did someone screw with you, cuz you know what I would do to them!.!" Austin started to shout.

"No no no I was meeting my friends here, Nicolas and Mitch you know. But I think my date is gay. Sooo I'm going to go to them, OK. And no stalking, you here me." I started to go over to them and my heart froze so I looked like drunk while I was walking because I was trying to keep my balance.

While I was walking they stopped, I finally got to the table and I sat down with a stunned look on my face. And the night went on like that.

So I said out loud "He was gay nothing happened."

"What are you talking about?"

"My blind date, Yea I should have known when I walked in I say them all making out."

The elevator doors opened and I walked in before he said anything. We stood in the elevator in silence complete silence half way up (I worked on the top floor which was the 48 Level) the elevator stopped. In silence I went to the closest corner and sat down. A tear came down my face I was not scared or anything just a tear. Jesse came to me squatted down and wiped the tear of of my face.

He said " I always wanted to this so don't do or say anything." He whispered and lead towards me...

The bell rang and the elevator started moving again. We got to my floor and got off; of course my mother was waiting by the doors. She opened her arms and gave me a hug, but gave Jesse a harsh stare.

We started walking to the big office and I glanced over and gave Jesse an I'm sorry for that look. And he nodded OK. I looked up at the clock and I was in that elevator for 2-3 hours. Then I took a seat closest to the trash can near the window, that was not my normal seat but I felt really sick in there.

"You two OK in there, like y'all were in there forever, like yeah, like what did y'all do, like a lot of stuff can happen 2-3 hours?" Said Mr. Like, seriously that's his real last name. The day when on having conferences and being asked those questions.

That night I when home and I put on the TV and fell asleep.

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Chapter 3

"I was waiting for you" The little voice spoke again.

"Why are you doing this to me? I never did anything to you and I don't know who you are." I said softly.

"Tomorrow you will have to buy 12 red roses with black tips, lay them on your floor in an X pattern. Then burn them if you don't you will never remember the tune, you need the tune to fulfill your duty. Every day there is a task you need to complete to get the full force."

I felt my feet touch the frigid ground, my body felt free like I could move I just stood there until I saw a light flash behind me.

"What force what are you talking about? Tell me then I'll do it to get rid of you."

"It's not for me it's for Ad..." A deep man's voice spoke to interrupt her.

"STOP! Stop right there don't you dare finish that sentence. "

I wake up in a panic, I was gasping for breath I sat up quickly and was dizzy. I calmed my breathing I looked at the time midnight, "How wonderful" I thought. I got up still dizzy going to towards the kitchen when the doorbell rang. "Who in the hell could that be?" I thought now walking towards the door. Without making a sound I looked out the window confused. A body lying on the porch and a car driving away, I saw some of the license plate and grab my phone out of my bra and dialed 911 while opening the door.


My call didn't go though, I opened my door and the man wasn't breathing. I look at the bloody face.

"Oh... My... God!" I was stunned who was dead on my doorstep. Crying I called the police.

"Help 1318 Loner Street please come now there is a dead body on my steep." I said calmly not knowing what to do, 3 minutes later the cops were at my house. I told them the Information that I knew they told me that the government is involved in it because of the license plate. One of the Questions that stuck in my head was "Do you know this man?" he looked familiar but nothing rang a bell besides Jesse, If it was him he should have been dead because of what he did on the elevator. But I did not know for sure if it was him. I do still feel him touching me, no I didn't like it but I have no choice to say anything, I have to keep everything quiet, But I'm not that kind of person.

I called up Lee after the cops left because I trust him with all of my heart, when he arrived I had him sit down and I told him everything even the things I wasn't supposed to. After I told him everything he was shocked and He told me that he is there for me. Ever since I was little I always trusted Lee, because I always knew He was there for me. I asked him to stay just In case something tragic would happen again, Of course, he did stay. I kept on apologizing for dragging him to my house to listen to me rant, but he just said "Anything for you." Then we fell asleep on my bed talking, sadly I Mentally woke myself up so I could check everything and fall asleep on the couch.

The Next morning I woke Lee up with a lovely cup of coffee and some pancakes. We chatted for a couple of good minutes and then he left for work. I realized when I fell asleep again I didn't have that stupid dream. What's going to happen next? I thought and thought nothing really it's just a dream.

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