It Was Him


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Chapter 1

"No!" She screamed, as he came towards her. A light blinded her, from his left hand he held a blade. She was cornered in her own living room, as he came closer, and closer. As the vintage clock struck 11 the neighbors could hear screaming dying down. As the wicked man broke one of her bones in her chest trying to get to her heart, he heard people yelling trying to get in. When he got to the heart slowly the blood dripping on those hands drop by drop he could feel last beat of her heart best his own hands.

  I was fixing my makeup in the lady's room and I thought to myself.. Why in the world why would you say yes if he did ask? I was walking towards my table when I heard a loud racket. I turned to my left and someone yelled to get my attention.

  "Hey you, what is a hot girl doing in a place like this?" I could recognize that voice anywhere, it was Jessica and the girls. I went over to the table with a huge smile on my face.

"OMG, I haven't seen y'all in forever, what are doing here?" I said with a stunned look on my face.

Jane put her hand in front of my face. The first thing I saw was something big so I kinda pushed her hand away from my face, then my eyes focused. A huge green diamond ring was on her finger.

  A huge screech came from my mouth and I started to jump, everyone was the same way then I stopped and put my hands out then everyone calmly sat down.

  " I don't know I haven't thought about it."

  I know my face changed, not because of her answer but because a really hot guy waved at me from outside the window. I, of course, waved back and he came in and came towards me.

  "Is that him?" I asked, she looked around and shook her head, now I'm very confused, unless he wasn't waving at me. So now I look around waiting for someone to go towards him.

  He came up to me ( I was still standing) and with a lovely, strong, manly voice he said, "Hello, may I talk to you alone please." So I nodded my head and went to a free table.

  "Hello, sorry if this is disturbing or something but I could not take my eyes off of you, you are the prettiest thing I ever laid eyes on." He said nervously.
  "Well, thank you for that lovely compliment." I said looking into his dreamy eyes.
  "Could you answer this, why would a lovely person like you talk to a guy like me?" He said kinda smoothly.
  I look back to the girls and I have them a glare and said to him,"Why wouldn't I..." My mouth was open to say another word but his watch went off, so I didn't go on. He got out of his seat and gave me his arm so I could get up.

  "Where are y'all going?" Asked Natalia. I shrugged, and asked him the same question, and he said my place.

  I backed up and said "No we are not, I don't even know you." My voice trembled at the end of the sentence. Then he grabbed my arm and said "Yes we are!"
" Is there a problem here?" A kind gentleman asked, he looked about my age. And he said no but I nodded my head.

  "My wife and I have to be going, are you coming?"  The gentleman said boldly and put out his arm for me.
  " Yes I'm coming" I said and we both left, I had know idea who the gentleman was but all I know is that he put out a huge fire.

  I got in to his car and we went down a couple of blocks down and turned. "Thank you for getting me out of there." I said shyly.
  "It was nothing, I just didn't want a beautiful woman like you to get hurt. By the way I'm..."

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Chapter 2

"Morning," I said while yawning.

"Morning, how did you sleep?" Stephen asked, and gave me a hug.

"Pretty good I guess, I saw the girls yesterday and this guy came and talked to me and this kind gentleman saved me from him I thought I was dreaming, OH I gotta call hi," I said walking towards my phone.

"Will I ever meet him? You know I care about you right?"

"Of course I know that you care and love me Stephen, but I don't know when you're going to meet him, first let me call him and see."

I pick up the phone and look at his number and carefully type the number in. One ring, then my heart started pounding, Stephen put his hand on my shoulder then walked away, so I calmed down. He picked up and I said.

" Hi, it's me Ivy from yes..." I started to say.

"Oh yes so what you this afternoon?" He interrupted.

"Um, hold on let me check." I put the phone on my chest and asked Stephen.

"Hey, you do we have anything to do this afternoon?"

"Um nothing, yeah nothing at all but you wanted to go shopping."

"Oh yeah, do we have time for that tomorrow?"



I put the phone against my ear and said.

"Nothing I'm totally free, why?" I looked at Stephen with a very weird look.

"Because I thought we should meet tonight, you should bring someone it's my treat, do the movies sound good?"

"Sounds like a date, oh I got someone ringing so I'll see you tonight then," I said with a huge smile.

"I'll pick the movie and you and the special someone up at your place, bye."


I hung up the phone and asked Stephen   If he wanted to meet him tonight, and like always he said yes.

The doorbell rang.
"I hate when people do that they didn't lose their buckles to knock." Stephen said in his nice dark blue tuxedo.

He opened the door and introduced himself and said that I would be down in a minute, then started talking.

I was wearing a dark purple strapless dress that goes down to the knees with black dress shoes and A black shawl. I put in a necklace my sister gave me and I went downstairs. The boys were staring at me like they saw a ghost.

"Do I really look that bad, y'all look y'all just seen a ghost and your spirits just left your bodies?.?" I said walking down the stairs. Stephen swallowed and nudged him. And he said...

"Well, um... No, it's just... You look more than words can say... Um, hopefully, that made sense?.."

I giggled and got the house keys and locked the doors. " How are we going to do this? I could sit in the back." I said.

"No, I will sit in the back you sit in the front with your date," Stephen said. I blushed and got in the front seat.

"So What do you wanna go see?"

"Anything surprises me. Adien, don't worry Stephen is my brother, why do you look so worried?" I said.

"No reason, you two look just like very close but I was and am not worried," Adien said while driving.

We arrived at the movies and got some candy. We took our seats in the empty room it was only the three of us, 6 from the back and 8 from the front my usual. We sat and got ready while watching the previews I had an urge to do something weird.

"I am so sorry we got all dressed up, it's just we don't have opportunities to do things like this and when we or just I go out people always think me and Stephen are married or something. It just freaks me out." I said looking into Aiden's beautiful brown eyes.

"It's alright but you look astounding." He said looking back at me then blushes. I smile back and we all watched the movie. I the middle of the movie I felt the ground shake and heard a rumble. An earthquake, Stephen just held my hand like usual.

Adien looked scared like he didn't know what to do. " Keep watching it will pass we'll be alright okay. Both of you do you understand?" Stephen relaxed his hand a little bit and Adien nodded, which meant, of course, okay.

One the movie ended we got into the car and went to 7 eleven and got something to eat. We got back into the car and I thought we were going home but he took a left and not a right. We came upon a huge house, it looks like there was a party, not one like drunk teens out in the front yard and people making out, but it was a huge house with a butler and everything so fancy. He was such a gentleman and opened the door. 

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Chapter 3

We went inside the butler took my jacket and put it on a rack, being an independent ordinary black woman it was weird for someone to do something like that, I was perfectly capable of putting my jacket on that hanger. After we he took my jacket Adien offered a drink to me and Stephen and I declined the offer for that moment, but Stephen had a beer.

I asked Adien" Why are we here, I'm not upset or anything but why are we here?"

"It was a surprise i know we just meet you and everything but I like you... I know it's childish but I kinda wanted a date but I was too scared to just say I wanted a date with you."

"I didn't really know i'm sorry that i brought my brother, i'm so embarrassed i am so sorry." I said stunned.

"Please don't feel bad it's my fault, i am the one sorry, please don't cry neither..." " I am so stupid."He added but said quietly.

I gave him a kiss on his warm, smooth cheek because i knew he wanted more and i know i couldn't give it to him. I really don't want to hurt him but i had a feeling this would happen.

" We can only be friends nothing more... I need to go I'm sorry" I said strongly.

"Please stay for a few hours it's not that late plus your a adult you don't need to go to school' you can have a little fun can't ya." ha said

"I don't like repeating myself" and i got Stephen and my jacket and got in the car. I felt like something bad was going to happen something really bad. I couldn't stand that feeling anymore he would never ask me because deep down i know what he'd say.

I sat in the back with Stephen, but Aiden was taking a while I think he was still in there so me and stephen decided to take a cab back home. when we did I was done trying to make friends and trying to find a Relationship that would never happen it just seems like 'crazy' people are drawn to me, I have no idea why. I fall asleep and the next thing I knew I was in a hospital bed with Stephen by my side. Him holding my hand trying to talk but there was a tube on my throat and so I just moved my hand as calm as can be, still wondering why I was here. Stephen said he would be right back and he got the doctor with a white coat but blue scrubs, the doctor wasn't my regular one and he was telling me what happened. I had a seizure then had a stroke after I got to the hospital I went brain dead for a while but came back. I started to worry why this had happened I don't remember anything of it.

Stephen told me that mom couldn't come and Tessa and Alex was stuck at the airport due to the weather. All of this was happening way too fast, I still don't understand. They said I went brain dead for a while that's not good and a stroke and a seizure they run in my family but I never had any conditions of any one of those things. I put up my hand so I could have a break and think because I couldn't talk. When I looked away I slowly closed my eyes and feel asleep, I felt to sleepy that I dozed off.

A few hours later I woke up and the doctor checked me out and took the tube out, I knew not to talk right away because of precious. I waited until the other doctor, with a white coat but with grey scrubs, came in to talk with was a good hour and she asked me questions like what was my name and where I was from etc. I knew they had to ask these questions but watching it on television is so much different from reality it's a whole lot scary.

A few more doctor with green, red, black and purple scrubs came and did a few other tests on and with new. The hospital has a color on which level you are on and by the first doctor, who was a Neurologist, I knew this was serious. They answered every question expected one which was what caused these issues?

The doctors had no idea why this happened, but after a few days of tests and such they let me go.

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