The Coming Of Isaac


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Prologue: The Last Hope


    Run... In that moment that was all he, Acheron, could think to do. He had failed, the book had been destroyed and all promise of peace had been lost. The book that had, for so long held the history and the secrets of the defiled ones, that had for three thousand years kept them dormant, was destroyed. The darkness, that was the coming war loomed over his head like a black cloud. He must find a way to stop this and their was only one small chance that he knew of. Its name was Isaac, and unknown to him he was the only chance his world had in its struggle to remain alive.

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Howard Spencer

I'm new to tablo so let me start by saying i'm fifteen and I love to write. I was wondering if anyone could proof what I have so far on "The Coming Of Isaac" and maybe give an opinion. Thanks

Chapter 1

    "Isaac! Get over here and clean up that slop you left in the barn. For if I have to clean up after you one more time you will be black and blue once I am done lashing you."

    --You see, Isaac's mother had once been a part of his life. She had brought both him and his father unending joy but then They came... with the swing of a sword she was no more. this is when he and his father moved to the farm and began anew.--
    "Yes Father" Isaac replied with much sorrow in his voice. You see this is how it was everyday for the sixteen year old boy. He was awoke by the loud booming voice of his father, he dressed, and went about his day. As he was walking to the kitchen to get his breakfast he thought he heard a strange noise. It was almost as if some one, or something was talking to him. He stopped for a moment wondering if anything was actually there, but shrugged it off as if nothing was there. For about a year now he has heard these voices, but lately they have getting stronger, telling him things. When he would sleep he would have terrible nightmares, and would wake up... screaming. This is why his father had grown short with him lately. In these nightmares he would see only one thing... A face. A face so twisted, so vile, that he who posses it should forever burn in the depths of hell. He knew this face, only from folklore, but this was the face of the leader of the Defiled.

    "Father?" Isaac asked, "could we speak for a moment?"

    "Do you not see that I am busy?" said the father in that roaring tone he had come to know.

    "Father, if it were not of great importance I would not bother you," pleaded Isaac.

    "What could you possibly need that is so important!?" The father said, almost yelling.

    "Father, lately I have been troubled with these, nightmares and I fear something is wrong with this place. I have been seeing the face of him. The Defiled," And at that his father stopped him.

    "Shut the blinds, and do so quietly, we must make haste," whispered his father. And so it was the blinds were shut and all the lights were put out in the house except one, a single candle in the middle of the house. His father brought out a map and something wrapped in what looked like an ancient rucksack. "You must take this to my friend. He lives about two days away by horse. His name is Acheron. Son, you are more special than you could ever imagine and you, and you alone will be the end to this darkness."

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Chapter 2


   And with a mighty Burst of his voice he said to the people,

     "Come one, Come all bringeth me your hurt, your tired, your weak, and the latter for I, and I alone am the great healer of all. If you dare challenge me; for your life you shall beg!

    Their was no mercy in this mans voice, and the face, the face was so vile and twisted that one could hardly bear to look at it without cringing. It was one of them; one of the Defiled. It did not bring medicine or health, it gave the people diease. Darkness fell upon them, and they no longer wished to live. Their was no hope, or that was at it would seem...

    This was only the beginning to this plague that was the Defiled


   Isaac had been riding for about a day and two nights when strange things started to happen. His nightmares not only increased in strength but they carried on throughout the day. He would see flashes of that face, he could peer into the eyes of the beast... See parts of his past, like it knew him.

    He finally made it to Acherons dwelling but upon arrival it seemed as if nobody was home. He began to fear that his ride had been in vain and as he began to walk away he heard it. The voice. It directed him to the backdoor in which a hooded figure was standing.

    "Who are you, and why are you here?" Whispered the man in the hood.

    "My name is Isaac, I am nothing but a humble farmer and I wish to deliver these goods that my father has sent me with." As he is saying this he pulls the wrapped item out of his bag. "I have been hearing these voices, they directed me to you. Also when I sleep I see him. I feel like he is staring into my soul and I know not what to do.

    "Boy, the voices you have been hearing are me, as for the face it is not. My name is Acheron and you are more than a humble farmer. That face you see, do you know what it is? It is him taking you, taking you to where he will have control. You have a lot to learn but for now we, you, must learn how to block him from your mind. If he gains control of you, our world is lost, and what will become of us? Who knows.

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