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About Truth

What is the truth? How many truths are there? How many are your perspectives, your dreams and anxieties? Your truth will always be motivated by those boundaries, no matter how hard you try to say or prove contrary. 

Truth was supposed to be a flawless concept, but, probably, is the most dangerous one, if used by misleading people, those fake prophets, saviors of their one world and interests, their only truth, they’ll drive through a puddle of incommensurate lies, they’ll drown you and will devour your carcass to the very bones of it. 

Always avoid truth, at least the convenient one, political, protocolar, treaty. Such as freedom, there’s is only one truth, not half truth, or clouded truth. 

Truth is the only poison without antidote.

My truths are your lies. 

Inside the mouth of some people lies sound more truthful.

Because it suffers of name absenteeism, it doesn't mean a thing can’t be.

We will never be able to read the thoughts of each other. No one can stand so much truth.

It is not easy to stand for a position, especially when we are so aware of what we know.

No matter how hard they try to prove otherwise, the closest distance between two points will always be straight.

How to walk by a straight line in a rounded world?

Numbers are uncomfortable and cruel. They have too much honesty in them. 

Numbers are facts. And against facts there are no arguments.


The many faces of truth. However much an atheist may explain to a believer that God does not exist, that will always be his truth. The same value is for the atheist, although, somehow, both are afraid that one of them is right.

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About People

People are nothing but vessels, awkward, pointless navigators. On the whole, people don’t want to know about knowing. They are closed, to unbutton, mechanical beings, they do everything they are asked for without even asking why. The only things with substance they care about is either some material good, or anything to put on the plate at the end of the day. It’s in the blink of an eye that they forget about everything, so it is so easy to induce them in chronic despair, redundancy. Everything will happen again, however predictable it may be. The same mistakes will be made, over and over again, however disguised they try to avoid them.

When we deal with animals, shit is always a constant.

Sometimes we expect a breath of fresh air to reach the brains of certain people. Many times this waiting is in vain.

In war it’s not difficult to be a poet, for all words rhyme with death.

People generally don’t get much comfortable when we're too kind for them. They don’t want to feel the burden of repaying in the same way.

It's never a waste of time to talk to people except when they have nothing to teach you.

People should only stay for knowing they are free to go.

Women should dominate the world. No mother has the heart to send a child to war.

Severe are not the said foolishness, but rather how much is believed in them.

We will achieve equality only when we respect the difference.

The approach of peoples should not be made by imposed equality, but by respect for difference.

For my work I am prepared for everything, except for indifference.

Most countries only recognize their dead and are only recognized by their dead.

Sometimes it is not the fact of discussing but the opening to the discussion.

Do not be surprised that people use you and throw you away. Governments have been doing this for thousands of years.

Talking to certain people is like dog dung on the sidewalk. If we see them, we pass by. If we find them, we have to clean them from the soles.

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About Existence

Come to all the collective consciousness, so that the past will be not unearthed, rocks on the beach dug by the come and go from the unstoppable waves, relentless clock. Take the obulós coined on èlektron under the parched tongues, uncover the deep eyes, let us be only bathed in the clairvoyance of thoughts. Let the Great Ship, the one which carries all the destinies of Man, cross in peace the troubled waters of this river commanded only by Art and Beauty.

When nothing else can save you only you can do it.

I do not fear death. I'm just afraid of what she takes away from me. 

Chaos is the first natural order.

The great detour. We’ve came from inexistence and we are heading back to inexistence.

Life is a long, time-consuming process that prepares us for death.

Either we live as if there is no tomorrow, or because we know there is a tomorrow.

Humanity has a strange way of consuming its past.

How can we ask people to kill the subconscious, not to dream?


The only thing that prevails over death is death itself.

Of course I'm a fool, too. But I'm a lesser fool.

Fantastic is not only the possibility of experiencing this crazy world, but also the way we perceive it.

Life is nothing but the result of chance. We live in an autonomous and random process where some are lucky, others are not. Within the lucky ones there are those who pray. Then they sense that luck as a divine act. The unlucky ones apologize to God.

Life is an eternal wait. Now, the way you occupy it, you’ll wait more or less.

We do not want to grow old, but we spend to much of our time waiting for something. When we stop waiting, we die.

The higher the tree the narrower the branches are.

We really cease to exist when the last person who knew us forgets about us, or dies.

You will only attain salvation when you attain happiness.

Death doesn't  discriminate. However, it only chooses the living.

There is no silence. There is always a voice within you telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. Get rid of it and start living.

I may not know what I want, but I am completely sure of what I do not want.

Eternal life is the stuff from which we are made, which is constantly recycled into beings and things deposited in new containers. And so it will continue, forever and ever, beyond time itself.

If we didn't died until now, until this very moment, it can happen at any time. That’s why we have to live fully prepared to embrace this perishing condition. 

Life is a pilgrimage. If you can not go outside, take it from inside.

Incredible as it may seem, all we will carry after dying is nothing material.


We must reformulate our existence now, we need to create a single and universal law that can cover both the ‘world of things’ such as the ‘things of the world’. 

If I had die earlier it would be a shame for myself. So much knowledge I would have missed. 

If I have to, I’ll reduce my life style into the brink of existence, into a level of survival just to do what I want and like.


Life is but an immense dream, for some shorter than to others. Death is the big awakening, for all of them.


If you eat, you´ll die from what you've eaten. If you don't eat, you'll die of what you haven't eaten.


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About Knowledge

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About Belief

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